Entries by Sheryl Fink from 10/2012

Bad Call on the Seal Cull, Senators

| Posted 10.23.2012 | Canada Politics

There was plenty of evidence presented to the Senate Committee that a cull of grey seals would be scientifically risky, unethical, and expensive. Yet, on Tuesday, the senate recommended one anyway. In addition to scientists and sealers -- most Canadians are also opposed to a seal cull. First, It is unlikely that a cull in Eastern Canada would have a substantial positive effect on cod populations. Second, that the majority of grey seal diets consists of fatty forage fish such as herring, sand lance, and other small fish, and therefore they would not expect much, if any, benefit of culling seals on cod.

The Senate's Seal Experiment Is Doomed

| Posted 10.24.2012 | Canada Politics

The Canadian Senate, our Senate, has just released its report on the "management" of grey seal populations on Canada's East Coast and recommends spending millions in taxpayer dollars on an "experiment" that is so incredibly flawed that, whatever the result, it will be entirely unreliable.

Le Sénat recommande un abattage massif de phoques gris : le bon, le moins bon et le terrible

| Posted 10.30.2012 | Canada Quebec

Une fois qu'on a compris qu'un abattage massif de phoques gris ne peut pas être mené comme une « expérience » et qu'il est impossible de le justifier d'un point de vue scientifique, on en revient à la question de la souffrance animale. On exterminerait des milliers et des milliers de phoques à l'arme à feu et au gourdin, on infligerait toute cette souffrance... uniquement pour satisfaire des intérêts politiques.