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The Senate Vote on C-10 was a Crime

| Posted 03.03.2012 | Canada

Much like I can veto my best friend from buying a skirt I know she'll never wear, the Senate can veto parliamentary legislation as it sees fit. In fact, in the past, this veto power has been used pretty haphazardly, so why didn't the Senate veto Bill C-10? Perhaps it is because there is no pressure from Conservative ministers to kill the bill.

Women's Day Lesson: Don't Get Drunk and Denounce Feminism

| Posted 03.08.2012 | Canada

Last month after a few too many drinks with a good girlfriend, I uttered the four words that are unthinkable to any feminist: Women don't deserve equality. Between shots of tequila I managed to slur out my drunken explanation: The vast majority of women of our generation simply aren't fighting the good fight for equality