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Light Bulb! How to Fix Ontario's Power Problems

| Posted 05.17.2012 | Canada

Ontario has lots of advantages. We have a skilled workforce and hungry entrepreneurs. But to get our economy moving again, we need energy policies that will keep prices under control for entrepreneurs, industry, and households alike, while ensuring that the system is reliable and sustainable.

Ontario's Ring of Fire Will Fuel Our Economy

| Posted 05.22.2012 | Canada

The Ring of Fire should be a cause for optimism with the ongoing jobs crisis in Ontario. The economic impact of this discovery on the Ontario economy will probably run into the hundreds of billions of dollars over time. Let's take advantage of it.

"Maple Revolutionaries" Should Invest in Ontario Hydro

| Posted 05.24.2012 | Canada Politics

Right now, there are more than 11,000 people at Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One making more than $100,000 per year -- more than double the number in 2003. A dose of scrutiny from outside investors on labour costs like these will go a long way to improving how these enterprises are run.