Our Christian Schools Try to Be Christ-like And Christ Was Not a Bully

03/26/2013 02:00 EDT | Updated 05/26/2013 05:12 EDT

In his recent Huffington Post blog Josh Scheinert asks 'Why Do We Still Allow Christian Schools to Bully Gay Kids?'

I have met the teachers and staff at two Catholic schools and I can assure you that they are as compassionate as those at secular schools. Our Christian schools try to be Christ-like and Christ was not a bully, and would never have tolerated the bullying of any children.

And I find it very disingenuous of Josh or anyone else to imply otherwise. Does Josh really have to try to denigrate the reputation of our Christian schools just to make his point that he supports the formation of gay/straight alliance clubs in all publicly funded Manitoba schools, including Protestant and Catholic Christian schools?

Here are some good questions: Of course kids should be taught never to bully or be mean to each other for any reason, but should kids be asked to try and identify themselves as gay or straight even before they have gone through puberty? And is pushing this liberal agenda on our school kids a type of bullying itself?

I think it is best to keep the Ryerson principle for our public schools, where our curriculum is based on our common beliefs and ideals.

And I think it is best that our society respect our Christian view, as lovingly intended. In turn, we love and respect our homosexual friends, and defend and protect all their human and civil rights and want only the best for them, which is also Christ-like.

And, if we need a new agenda for our public schools, I think it is best that we take a stand against the "mainstreaming" of pornography in our society, as a betrayal of the goodness of women and children and as negatively affecting our children and our schools. And focus on teaching kids in public schools, conflict resolution skills, to help keep marriages together, because a 40 per cent divorce rate is way too high and is hurting the children.

Josh, Christians are against bullying too, and we are for sex within marriage, and believe it or not, we are on your side.