Why Every Mother Should Receive Child Benefit Payment

01/15/2013 01:57 EST | Updated 03/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Here is a true story that never made the headlines. Their marriage was in trouble, harsh words were spoken and now they feel they cannot go back. Her husband leaves. They have one child and now she finds out she is pregnant. With her husband gone and not much family support, the economic pressures to the government's free elective abortion are overwhelming. Unless, we the people, say we care, because we do.

Please advocate for a $10,000 Child Benefit Payment to every mom on the birth of a child. It misrepresents the hearts of the people for our government to fund only the elective abortion decision and not fund equally the extra daily non-medical expenses of giving birth - a program similar to the Quebec Child Assistance Payment, to help offset the economic pressures to elective abortion. Please see the link to the Quebec program.

The first reaction of some is that the above program could be too expensive. So to help build consensus, the $10,000 Child Benefit Payment to birth mothers could be limited to the birth of their first two children only. Also, the program could be set up as a one time program to start. The reasoning now, to help buy our freedom from the economic pressures to elective abortion.

This program could of course be funded in part by the savings on elective abortion. (When hospital overhead charges are applied, can any operation in Canada really cost less than $10,000.) With additional funding perhaps as a slight increase in the levy for public education as head-start funding, saying to the children, "welcome", and to the parents, "you are doing the hardest, most awesome job in the world, God bless."

The people of Canada are good-hearted people, who do not want the tragedy of back street abortions or to compound the tragedy of rape by not allowing abortion. That's why we have in Canada have abortion that is safe, legal, rare and fast (please, before the advent of blood in the fetus). But neither do the people of Canada want any woman to feel left out, alone, and that no one cares, and economically pressured into having an elective abortion.

Part of all this is that in Canada, we do recognize, build up, encourage and praise the importance of young families with children because they are doing the hardest most awesome job in the world. And this is what the Child Benefit Payment is meant to do, praising young families with children and the future, of a new morning, of a better day, for us all. Oh Canada.