Bill Moyer
Bill Moyer* describes himself as a radical solutionary working to address root problems in ways that balance resistance and resilience. Bill directs the Backbone Campaign, which he co-founded in 2003 with an affinity group of artists on Vashon Island in 2003. Moyer's theory of change work combines lessons from his background in percussion and music composition with the principles of grand strategy from the Art of War and work of Col. John R. Boyd. His workshops and presentation emphasize that our diverse struggles are part of a larger paradigmatic battle between Capitalism's commodification of everything and everyone -VS- the protection of the sacred experience of life, community, nature and our obligations to past and future generations. Bill enjoys his connection to the sacred in the woods of Vashon Island and the waters of the Salish Sea along with his wife and teenage daughter.

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*Bill is neither the esteemed journalist Bill Moyers NOR is he the late Bill Moyer (1933-2002) who co-authored Doing Democracy and the Movement Action Plan, BUT he is grateful not to be named Dick Cheney.

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Ecotopia Or Fossil Fuel Corridor? Extraction Resistance And The Future Of The Pacific Northwest

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The threatened transformation of the Pacific Northwest into an energy corridor for fossil fuels may be the region's defining issue of our time. The battles against the pipelines, coal mines and coal plants, coal trains and coal ports, tankers, fracking and LNG...

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