Bill Moyer
Bill Moyer is the executive director and co-founder of the Backbone Campaign, a movement building organization specializing in the practice of Artful Activism. Bill integrates a background in music performance and composition into his decades of work as an activist. He and his Backbone team provide creative strategic and tactical support, consultation, and training to progressive organizers and organizations, prioritizing community-based human rights and environmental justice causes. Their 'local laboratory' projects, such as their Credit Union organizer toolkit craft replicable organizing strategies for building community power. Their 'bold initiatives' projects address national and regional issues from a human rights framework. Bill's direction of the Backbone Campaign to oppose to US military adventurism, corporate personhood, and investor rights agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership is balanced by his propositional leadership for a student debt jubilee, universal principal reduction, and the protection of the Puget Sound, and keeping the Pacific NW from becoming a fossil fuel corridor to Asia. Bill lives with his wife and daughter on Vashon Island, WA where the Backbone Campaign is headquartered.

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Ecotopia Or Fossil Fuel Corridor? Extraction Resistance And The Future Of The Pacific Northwest

(0) Comments | Posted October 29, 2012 | 3:45 PM


The threatened transformation of the Pacific Northwest into an energy corridor for fossil fuels may be the region's defining issue of our time. The battles against the pipelines, coal mines and coal plants, coal trains and coal ports, tankers, fracking and LNG...

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