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Andrew Younger

Andrew Younger is a recovering politician, as well as a consultant and public speaker. He previously served as a cabinet minister and Member of the Legislature in Nova Scotia.

Andrew is a recovering politician, consultant, and public speaker.

He served in elected office for 13 years before choosing not to re-offer. He served as a Member of the Legislature in Nova Scotia, as well as Minister of portfolios including Energy, Environment, Gaming, and Communications. He also served as a municipal councillor.

Andrew has won a number or been part of teams that have won a number of journalism awards. He was also the Silver winner in The Coast's Best Member of the Legislature report (2016). In 2013 he was named a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of his work internationally and in Nova Scotia.

Andrew has given speeches around the world, and is available as a motivational speaker as well as on specific subjects such as interacting with government, energy and environmental issues, international conflict and relations, corporate social responsibility, and social license.

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Andrew published a book on the Shubenacadie Waterway in 2011 and his new book on Nova Scotia politics called Bloodsport: Confessions of a Recovering Politician is expected to be available in 2017.

Advice To Newly Elected Politicians: Hold Your Family Close

I've lived it. For every hug or kiss that warmed my heart, I missed out on hundreds more. For every time I saw my son before bed, I missed many more opportunities. Looking back, there were plenty of times I convinced myself I was doing everything I could to be present and put my family first.
06/01/2017 09:24 EDT

Nova Scotia Needs To Fully Engage With Stakeholders On Tidal Energy

The first electrons of power flowed across the seabed in Nova Scotia's Minas Basin recently delivering electricity to homes, from a giant instream tidal device. I want to be excited about it. Happy even. Instead, it's tainted by the dismissive attitude of Nova Scotia's government towards indigenous people and fishers, or really anyone in the province who raises concerns about the potential impact on their lives from these experiments.
12/12/2016 04:59 EST