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Claire Penhorwood

Media Intern

Claire Penhorwood is a recent graduate from Ryerson University's undergraduate Journalism program. She is currently working as a media intern for an advertising firm in Toronto.

Claire has written for publications such as,, and

She was born in Toronto but moved overseas when she was 10-years old. Living in Beijing, China for a year and London, England, she gained a wealth of cultural knowledge and experiences that have influenced her life and writing.

Can Love Cross a Border?

For my fiancé and I, the challenge is not planning our perfect day surrounded by our friends and family. The challenge is maneuvering our way through the bureaucracy of Canadian and American immigration, with the hopes of calling the same place home sooner rather than later.
05/28/2012 07:39 EDT

Canada's Next Generation of Immigrants

Whenever someone asks me, "Where did you grow up?", I take a deep breath and usually say, "It's a long story... do you have 10 minutes?". I then launch into the story of telling them how I grew up in...
08/17/2011 04:22 EDT

Journalistic Ethics Should Start at the Kitchen Table

If I had to venture a guess as to how many journalists have had to defend themselves -- and their professions -- to someone in the past week, I would say the magic number would be... a lot! Thanks to...
07/15/2011 10:02 EDT

Writing News For Kids: A Journalist's Education

Sitting in my online journalism class, in my second year of my journalism degree at Ryerson University in Toronto, I am told the mother of all rules for a journalist: know your audience. Keeping this...
07/04/2011 02:24 EDT