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Elizabeth Bromstein

Writer, mom, enthusiast, refugee activist, founder of the Westside Refugee Response, Co-founder of The Yackler

Elizabeth Bromstein is a writer, editor and content marketer turned unlikely activist.

She is also the founder of the Westside Refugee Response and of Humans of Resource, a social media initiative to help New Canadians find the resources they need to find work.

I'm Walking 135km With My Toddler To Prove Yoda Wrong

About ten days from time of writing, I think my three-year-old daughter is going to be a little annoyed with me. This is because at that time we'll be well into our second day of a 135km walk from our house in Toronto to Niagara Falls. I have no idea how much of this my daughter will remember or what, at this age, she will take away from the experience. But when she's older and looks back at this time, I hope these are four lessons she has learned.
09/23/2016 11:50 EDT
Robert Daly via Getty Images

Maternity Leave Without Kids? Here's What It Should Look Like

In a New York Post article that's recently gone viral, Meghann Foye argues for "meternity" leave (get it? me-ternity?), something she imagines has "all the perks of maternity leave -- without having kids." But her piece did get me thinking about what a "maternity leave without kids" would look like. So, I drew up a list of suggested rules guidelines, and now I think that this is a great idea.
05/02/2016 10:58 EDT
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

It's Our Duty To Help Refugees, Even If We Are Afraid

I'm scared that we will somehow fail the people we sponsor, or that they will be ungrateful and not very nice. I suppose I'm slightly concerned that they will actually be bad people. And I'll admit I'm a little scared (possibly irrationally) of the remotely possible Fundamental Islamification of Canada. I feel, incidentally, that I should be allowed to express these fears without being called a racist or xenophobe. But most of those are small, imaginary fears, and what refugees from Syria are fleeing are big, real fears.
12/03/2015 05:54 EST