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Over time, there have been fundamental changes in the way we age.

Age is no longer determined solely by genetic factors, but by how well we live our lives: through exercise, diet and attitude. People are not only living longer; they’re wanting to live better. Lifetime Daily was founded to be that comprehensive source of information for the burgeoning 55+ adult population

Founders Rainer Müller and Louisa Flinn have decades of experience in retirement living, health, housing and wellness, plus a passion for helping active aging adults live their lives to their fullest.

Lifetime Daily provides engaging, informative articles on health and wellness, medical trends, mental agility, eating well and enhanced lifestyles. As the ultimate source on active aging, you can expect quality and trustworthy information that is most relevant to you.

We carefully curate our stories to provide relevant, timely information and fresh perspectives, created by journalists and accredited practitioners who are experts in their fields.

We believe that as we grow older, life should keep getting better. Lifetime Daily was created to help you do just that.
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Nectarines Are Juicy, Sweet And Good For You

The differences between a peach and a nectarine can be a little fuzzy. After all, these two relatives of the almond taste very much alike. But fans of nectarines favour the stone fruit for its smooth skin and smaller pit. The cherry on top is that nectarines are nutritional powerhouses for older adults.
06/14/2017 01:41 EDT
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Health Benefits Abound In A Bowl Of Cherries

Cherries have been a prized fruit since prehistoric times. Cultivated cherries were brought from the Anatolia to Rome in 72 BC, and later became a favourite fruit of Chinese nobility and Roman conquerors (Henry VIII loved them) before they were brought to North America in the 1600s.
06/07/2017 10:31 EDT