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Michael Darch

Founding President of the Consider Canada City Alliance

Michael Darch has over 40 years experience in technology management and economic development. His interests include the increasing role that city regions play in national and international economies and the successful building of sustainable city economies in a complex and changing global environment. Present assignments include the President of the Consider Canada City Alliance (CCCA) as well as consulting on strategy for city level Economic Development Agencies.
Adam Scottie/PMO

President Obama Is Right: The World Needs More Canada

The situation in both the U.S. and the U.K. indicates disenchantment with conventional political elites. Donald Trump has been playing heavily to white voters who have seen an erosion of jobs, and for those with jobs, no real wage growth. Against this backdrop of polarization, political discontent, uncertainty and nationalism comes Canada.
07/26/2016 04:45 EDT
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Cities Hold The Key To Strengthening Canada's Economy

Through investment missions done in cooperation with Invest in Canada, the leading lights of Canada's economic development agencies have learned two clear lessons: First, the battleground for Foreign Direct Investment is at the city level; and second, the weapons employed are the relative strength of city ecosystems and talent.
06/17/2016 02:32 EDT