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Naomi Sayers

Indigenous feminist, Anishnaabe kwe, sex work activist and writes at

Naomi Sayers is an Indigenous feminist, Anishnaabe kwe, and sex work activist. She writes at and she is currently enrolled in the English common law program at the University of Ottawa. Originally from Garden River First Nation, Naomi has lived and worked in many places across Canada with Indigenous youth and Indigenous communities. She also has sex working experience across Canada, including northern regions.

Dear Justice Minister, Let's Discuss The Concerns Of Sex Workers

As an Indigenous woman who is currently studying law, you are truly an inspiration. There are literally no words to describe the overwhelming feelings I have experienced over the last couple of days. But "law student" is only one of the many hats that I wear. I am also a sex work activist, who advocates for the decriminalization of sex work.
11/09/2015 01:14 EST