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Sara Austin

Founder, President/CEO, Children First Canada: a national organization dedicated to being a strong & independent voice for Canada's children

Sara L. Austin is the Founder and President/CEO of Children First Canada. Sara is the passionate visionary behind this national organization which is dedicated to being a strong, effective and independent voice for all of Canada's children.

With over 20 years leadership experience in the non-profit/charitable sector, Sara is an expert in international human rights law, she has helped change the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children, through her leadership of global advocacy campaigns, by shaping major public policy efforts, and by launching philanthropic campaigns. She has learned multiple languages, and is fluent in the parlance of diplomacy. Her work has taken her into the top circles of power at the United Nations, government corridors and boardrooms around the world.
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Canada, The Kids Are Not Alright

Such deeply alarming and disturbing statistics reveal a magnitude of problems that affect a large portion of Canada's youngest citizens. But these are more than numbers. They represent children who each have a name, and whose lives and futures are diminished each day by preventable causes.
11/18/2016 03:14 EST