Brandie Silva
Brandie Silva is a communications consultant, writer and trainer based in Milan, Italy.

An experienced print journalism reporter, Brandie has worked and written for newspapers and online news sources that include The Toronto Sun, Brant News, Guelph Tribune, English24 (Il Sole 24 Ore) and . As a full-time observer of culture, she documents and comments on Italian and Canadian life in the areas of politics, health, relationships, dating, sex, food, wine and style on a variety of platforms: Italian radio, blogging, public speaking and short-film production.

A decade of living the Milan day-to-day and training Italian business professionals in the fine and applied art of effective global communication and persuasion, Brandie has gathered a tonne of primary research on the intricacies of contemporary ex-pat Italian life, and is currently working on a selection of short, provocative stories for publication.

Entries by Brandie Silva

The Homophobia In Italy Shouldn't Be a Shocker

(5) Comments | Posted September 27, 2013 | 5:28 PM

Barilla this, Barilla that..

I am absolutely sure that in other countries, business leaders harbour their own prejudices, they just know how to keep these things to themselves.

In Italy, at the table people speak openly about things that are taboo in other places - like politics and religion,...

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Eating Brunch, Italian-Style

(0) Comments | Posted January 20, 2013 | 10:42 AM

I just couldn't let this one pass.

Among all of the North American-esque things that the Italians here in Milano have appropriated, I think brunch has to be one of the most interesting.

It has been a number of years since the Milanese started engaging in the great North American...

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BRB: My Long-Distance Ex-Boyfriend's Disappearing Act

(13) Comments | Posted October 25, 2012 | 12:58 PM

One of the things keeping me in Italy for so long (I moved here about 10 years ago) has nothing to do with pizza, pasta, fashion or wine. It's the proverbs. I love them, I pore over them and I make note of the moments I live them out.

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We Know How to Live Healthy, So Why Not Do It?

(6) Comments | Posted October 15, 2012 | 2:56 PM

About a year ago I was standing outside a crowded bar in a famous mid-town Milan high street, crying into my phone.

I had just found out my mother had a heart attack and needed to be operated on.

Those tears were not flowing because of fear, sorrow or...

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