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Brian Simpson


Which of These 5 Travelling Personalities Are You?

Posted: 03/08/2013 10:08 am

Adventure seeker? Sports fanatic? Budding academic? What do all of these personalities have in common? Well, like most of us, they love to travel! When planning a vacation with different types of personalities it is important to keep in mind your family's, "relation to the vacation".

A good vacation has its own personality and should reflect your family members' personalities and interests. Through my own travels, and my time spent with Travelocity.ca, I've learned the most memorable trips are the ones where travellers are in their element....getting to see and do things they love.

To get the best March break experience for you and your family, I encourage you to plan your trip with your family members' individual interests and personalities in mind. Because while a week on a beach is great for some, for others, a week of skiing, or a weekend checking out museums and architecture, is just as great.

To get you started, I've put together a few personalities to consider as March break approaches, and even a money-saving tip. No March break plans yet? No worries, you can still find affordable getaways available at Travelocity.ca.

Laid-back adventurers -- Caribbean getaways are great for the whole family; it allows active kids of all ages to take in new opportunities like paragliding, snorkeling and zip-lining, while parents looking to salvage some R&R are able to have a drink or two while lounging poolside. And consider a 4-star resort or higher as they tend to have the greatest variety of activities and food choices. So spending a bit more can make the world of difference for active kids, fussy eaters, and tired parents looking to relax.

Ski and snowboard fanatic -- Whether you've got a budding Shaun White on your hands, or just a family that loves a good fire and ski chalet, consider a winter getaway instead of the traditional beach vacation. From Mont Tremblant in the east to Jasper, Banff and Whistler in the west, Canada is a winter wonderland with plenty of amazing choices for a snowy adventure.

Budding academic -- Do you have a budding academic or historian in your midst? Let their imaginations wander by visiting a historical city like Washington D.C. With a multitude of sightseeing opportunities including inspiring architecture and numerous museums like The Smithsonian, trips like these make learning fun and bring history to life.

Conflicting interests -- Are your family member's interests all over the map, literally? Cruising is a great option for family units with a wide range of personalities. From family-themed cruises, to itineraries in Central America, cruises have something for your bookworm, adrenaline junkie and sports fanatic. Not to mention giving you plenty of relaxing time in the sun too. When researching the best cruise for your family, look into available onboard activities; most cruise lines have kids programmes for kids from 3-years old to older teenagers. The little ones will jump at the opportunity to hit the playhouse with some new friends, while the teenagers can dance the night away in their own teen disco, leaving the parents plenty of time to enjoy their own vacation.

Penny-wise savers -- Attention savers! It's true, there are savings to be had when departing out of U.S. border cities. Not only can you take the opportunity to explore another city, but if there are several of you travelling you'll also reap in the financial savings of flying from a U.S. destination where airfares are often cheaper. So why not save on the "getting there" and use the savings to upgrade other parts of your trip, like a nicer hotel or resort, or maybe renting that convertible you've always wanted to drive under the sun?

Visit Travelocity.ca to check-out the low prices on these March break destinations and more.

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  • Operate Heavy Equipment

    <strong>Where:</strong> Las Vegas, Nevada <strong>What:</strong> Dig This <strong>Why:</strong> Blue collar envy may be short-sighted or condescending, but it is definitely a thing. Get to drive all those big vehicles you wanted to play with when you were a little kid in<a href="http://www.digthisvegas.com/"> America's most adult sandbox</a>. Bulldozing something is a great way to relax after losing money at the blackjack tables.

  • Get Muddy

    <strong>Where:</strong> Mount Snow, Vermont <strong>What:</strong> Tough Muddling <strong>Why:</strong> Admittedly <a href="http://toughmudder.com/">Tough Mudders </a>are threatening to overtake marathons in the race to be the subject most frequently broached by boring people at cocktail parties, but the race is still fun, especially when it happens in the wilds of New England. <a href="http://mountsnow.com/summer-activities/hiking/">Go hiking</a> afterward if <a href="http://toughmudder.com/events/new-england-2013/">the summer classic</a> doesn't tire you out.

  • Attack The Red Menace

    <strong>Where:</strong> Playa Tranquilo, Colombia <strong>What:</strong> Lionfish Spearfishing Tournament <strong>Why:</strong> We would never recommend killing animals for fun if it weren't also for a good cause. An invasive species, Lionfish are destroying reefs in the Caribbean and, in the name of conservation, it needs to be stopped. Do your part and have fun with a speargun during a <a href="http://playatranquilo.com/diving/lionfish-spearfishing-tournament/">hunting tournament off San Andres Island</a>. They weigh them at the end.

  • Try To Hit The Big Apple

    <strong>Where:</strong> Randall's Island, NYC <strong>What:</strong> Batting Cages and Driving Range <strong>Why:</strong> A visit to America's cultural capital -- a blur of museums and restaurants -- is always diverting, but rarely relaxing. To let loose a bit, head over to <a href="http://www.randallsislandgolfcenter.com/">Randall's Island</a> and take advantage of the <a href="http://www.randallsislandgolfcenter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=4">batting cages</a> and a driving range. There might even be an art fair going on as well.

  • Spring Train

    <strong>Where:</strong> Fort Meyers, Florida <strong>What:</strong> <a href="http://minnesota.twins.mlb.com/spring_training/tickets.jsp?c_id=min">Twins</a> and <a href="http://springtrainingonline.com/teams/boston-redsox.htm">Red Sox</a> Spring Training <strong>Why:</strong> Going to a ball game during the regular season is a diverting way to think about something other than work during the year, but going to a pre-season game is an excuse to not even worry about the outcome. You can keep score or not. It doesn't much matter. In Fort Meyers, cheering is loud and friendly.

  • Paddle The Snake

    <strong>Where:</strong> Idaho <strong>What:</strong> <a href="http://www.hellscanyonraft.com/">Hells Canyon Raft</a> <strong>Why:</strong> The Snake River is a particularly beautiful waterway that also happens to be, in places, ferocious. Combine that with the endemic ruggedness of Idaho, a cowboy ethos that embraces campire cooking and beers in the boat, and you've got a great way to take a relaxing ride peppered with excitement.

  • Fight A Harmless War

    <strong>Where:</strong> Albrightsville, PA <strong>What:</strong> Skirmish Paintball <strong>Why:</strong> This 7,000-acre paintball warzone attracts thousands of combatants every July with its "Battle of Normandy" event. The fields, <a href="http://www.skirmish.com/content/fields/">a variety of bunker strewn forest and open spaces dominated by two castles</a>, fill with the serious and the silly alike. The cross fire stings a bit, but there is nothing like the threat of pain to help you live in the moment.

  • Smash Stuff

    <strong>Where:</strong> Dallas, Texas <strong>What:</strong> Anger Room <strong>Why:</strong> One of the strangest companies in America, <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/20/anger-room-break-stuff-texas_n_1368242.html">Anger Room is in the venting business</a>. Customers are simply given a variety of objects then urged to destroy them. The company motto should probably be, "Hulk smash." Photo seen here is of a similar business in Serbia called Rage Room.


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