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Here's Why You'll Fall In Love With Alberta's Wilderness

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If silence is golden then Alberta's Kananaskis Country is a goldmine.

Located 45 minutes west of Calgary by car, the 4,200-square-kilometre networks of parkland and recreational area is the home to provincial wildlife; the playground for visitors and the office for Becky Webb, a communications officer stationed at the Kananaskis Emergency Services centre.

On a good day, Kananaskis, or "K-Country" as it's sometimes called, is an escape for anyone looking for peace.

"Everywhere you look, there's beauty. It's quiet. It's serene. It's a place you can think and it's a place people go to escape the hustle and bustle," says Webb.

On an off day, the chatter of communications officers, like Webb, coordinating resources whenever there's an issue in K-Country interjects the regions' natural serenity.

"I call resources for anything from bear [sightings] to backcountry rescues. Anything Kananaskis Country is responsible for is going to come through Kananaskis Emergency Services if it requires the dispatch of any resource."

But when the 20-year resident of Kananaskis isn't overseeing her region from the centre, she's outside seeing, hearing and breathing all it has to offer.

"It's an easy place to think. It's an easy place to breathe. The air tastes delicious and certainly it's a place I'm able to think and sort things out in my own life and come out with inspiring ideas as well. It's a place of inspiration."

And if clarity or inspiration isn't on your to-do list, there's still a lot to love about the area. But no one knows that better than Webb. After two years working at the camp grounds, Webb met her husband, Dwayne, and after one summer, she knew he was the guy for her.

"It was a short courtship but at the end of the summer, I knew I was interested in this fellow and within a few years I knew this was the man I wanted to be with."

Now married, the two have made Kananaskis their permanent home.

"As far as living, I've found the place for me and here I am and here I'll stay as long as they'll have me."

The Huffington Post Canada explored the Kananaskis region with Webb and found out what awaits travellers willing to make the trek to K-Country. Watch the video above for a preview.

This series is part of the Great Canadian Road Trip. Road transportation made possible thanks to Nissan Canada.

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