October 23, 2014
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How to Talk to Your Kids About the Ottawa Shooting

Sad Kid Mom Getty

A young reserve solider was shot and killed in our capital city of Ottawa by a gunman. Most of us are still reeling from this news and trying to make sense of what has happened today. But we also need to respond to our young people and help them understand what has occurred. There is much we will need to understand and process around this horrific event, but here are some tips to help you talk with your children right here and right now.

IKEA Richmond Strike Ends After 17 Months

Ikea Richmond

Squamish Stuntman Will Set Himself On Fire For Voter Turnout

Peter Kent Squamish
Peter Kent Facebook

Dalai Lama Meets Students, Celebs During Vancouver Visit

Selena Gomez Dalai Lama
Selena Gomez/Instagram

Surrey Mayoral Race Gets Uglier

Surrey Election Vandalism
Nicole Joliet/Twitter

Ottawa Shooting Suspect Appears To Have Vancouver Links

Mike Carroccetto via Getty Images

West Vancouver Spends Twice As Much As Surrey: Report

West Vancouver

Wicked Storm Leaves Thousands In Dark

Attack Paralyzes Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill Shooting

Unflattering Surrey Video Is Fake: Mayoral Candidate


Dam Construction Could Begin In 90 Days: BC Hydro

Site C

No Charges In B.C. Girl's Crash Death Involving 11-Year-Old Driver

Hands On Steering Wheel
mauro grigollo via Getty Images

B.C. LNG Tax Leads To Election Promise Backtrack

WATCH: 12-Year-Old Girl Gives Harper A Piece Of Her Mind

12 Year Old

Value Village Agrees To Pull Offensive Costumes

Firefighter Costume
Raina Delisle

RCMP 'Executed' B.C. Manhunt Suspect: Family

Danna Degroot
Darryl Dyck/CP

Delta Officer Charged With 2nd-Degree Murder In Casino Standoff

Starlight Casino

On $1/Day Transit, Affordable Housing, Punting Footballs

Meena Wong Ama
Meena Wong

CMHC Admits It Doesn't Know Who's Buying Canada's Condos

Evan Siddall Cmhc

B.C. LNG Emissions Law Greenest In World: Environment Minister

Liquefied Natural Gas Export

Squamish Nation Officials Removed After Financial Investigation

Squamish Nation
Twitter/Squamish Nation

Tories Grilled On Marine Plan After 'Blind Luck' Averts B.C. Disaster

Haida Gwaii Cargo Ship

Whooping Cough Outbreak In Nelson

Evan Kafka via Getty Images

English Law On Richmond Signs Could Violate Charter Of Rights

Chinese Sign Richmond

'Laughable' Proposal For Nuclear Waste Storage In B.C.

Nuclear Waste
Vladimir Arndt via Getty Images

Injured Squamish Senior 'Dumped' At Shelter By Health Authority

B.C. Model Charged With U.S. Ecstasy Smuggling

Krista Boseley
Model Mayhem

If You're Mad At A Business, Don't Do This


B.C. Conservative Leader's Close Call

Grizzly Bear
Steven Mullensky/Fuse via Getty Images

11 Quotes From We Day Vancouver That Will Inspire You

We Day Vancouver
We Day/Instagram

This Could Be Canada's Most Expensive Ski Chalet

Treetop Estate Whistler

Why JLo Is In Vancouver

Jennifer Lopez Vancouver

LOOK: Stupid Sexy Vancouver

Jan Kozderka

Tina Fey's Hilarious Modeling Advice

Tina Fey
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

Vancouver Man's Almost Unbelievable Tale

Roy Abraham
Courtesy Roy Abraham

A Drunk Girl, A Beloved Jacket, And The Power Of Social Media

'I'm Glad Folks Think I Look Different': Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

13 Scary Movies You've Likely Never Seen Before

Three Extremes
Applause Pictures

8 Carbs You Should Be Eating

Good Carbs
Butsaya via Getty Images

Alfonso Ribeiro Injured His Groin Doing The Carlton Dance

Alfonso Ribeiro Fresh Prince
NBC via Getty Images

WATCH: Little Girls With Potty Mouths Are The Best Kinds Of Feminists

F Bombs For Feminism

This Is Why You Should Not Stop To Gawk At Bears

Bear Trap

Top 10 Sexiest Movie Scenes (NSFW)

The Notebook Ryan Gosling
New Line Cinema

Seth Rogen's 'Prom Night' Raises $900,000

Seth Rogen Hilarity For Charity
Michael Buckner via Getty Images

Tour Vancouver's First Laneway Homes

Vancouver Laneway Housing
Urban Lanehomes

Goalie Miraculously Cures Not-So-Real Injury

Vancouver Street Artist Wants To Make You Laugh

Wolverine Vancouver

Spectacular B.C. Salmon Run Has Begun

Salmon Spawn
Jonathan Hayward/CP