June 29, 2016
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Can Government Intervention Cool The Housing Market?

Canada Housing Market Mark Blinch / Reuters

Housing markets in Toronto and Vancouver are extremely hot, and average prices are skyrocketing. Every new data release, real estate report, and housing related comment is scrutinized, debated and analyzed in painstaking detail. A red flag is raised, an alarm bell is sounded, a stern warning is issued or extreme caution is urged by both domestic and international housing analysts and economists almost daily. How does this end?

Sikh Man Uses Turban To Save Swimmer In B.C.

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Canadians' Top Vacation Destination? Canada.

Getty Images

Hike B.C. Realtors' Fines By 2,400 Per Cent: Council

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Chinese Bank Looks To Seize Vancouver-Area Luxury Homes

Jason Lee / Reuters

Hundreds Of B.C. Parrots Need Forever Homes

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Dutch Court Approves Extradition For Amanda Todd Suspect


Airbnb Could Soon Go Full Pac-Man On Canadian Hotel Revenues

Getty Images/Columbia Pictures

The Heartbreaking Inspiration For B.C. Singer's New Single


Accused B.C. Killer Charged With Indignity To Half-Sister's Body


Critics Challenge Assisted-Dying Law Just Days After It Passed

John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail/CP

Surrey Shows Its Pride At 1st-Ever Parade

Paul Hillsdon

Feds Commit $150 Million For Affordable Housing In B.C.

Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press

B.C. BASE Jumper Dead After Parachute Opened Too Late: RCMP

Andy Clark/Reuters

Accusations Against Galloway Include Bullying, Sexual Harassment

Penguin Speakers' Bureau

B.C. Mom Stood Up For Her Son After He Was Left Out, And It Worked

RunPhoto via Getty Images

17 Majestic Camping Sites In British Columbia

Glowing Earth Photography via Getty Images

Kid Who Borrowed His Mom's Porsche Just Got Into A Lot More Trouble

Ron Edgar/YouTube

We All Need A Nap After Watching These 13 Golden Retrievers Swim

YouTube/Pooch Pack Adventures

Vancouver Island Should Be 11th Province: Former MP

George Rose via Getty Images

Canada's New Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier Finally Gets A Launch Date

NewLeaf Travel

Feds Launch Housing Working Group With B.C., Ontario

Eduardo Lima/CP

Author Steven Galloway Bounced From UBC After Breach Of Trust

Penguin Speakers' Bureau

Vancouver Pushes Full Steam Ahead To Tax Empty Homes

Volodymyr Kyrylyuk via Getty Images

Budtenders Wanted: Canada's Coolest Weed Jobs

Seth McConnell via Getty Images

A City Just Recorded Canada's Worst Home Affordability EVER


21 Romantic Honeymoon Ideas In Canada

Cosmo Condina via Getty Images

B.C. Mom's Urgent Message After Baby Hospitalized With Whooping Cough

Facebook/Annie Mae Braiden

Trudeau's Not 'Scary,' NDP MPs Say

The Canadian Press


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Canadian Construction Boom Even Hotter Than House Prices

Mark Blinch / Reuters

Vancouver Home Prices Were Hotter Back When Billy Joel Was No. 1


Blame Canadians, Not Foreign Money, For 'Housing Bubble': Report

All copyrights reserved by Harris Hui via Getty Images

Liberals Reach Agreement With Provinces On CPP Reform


Vast Majority Of Canadians Support CPP Expansion: Poll


Canada's Banks Would Lose Billions In A Housing Crash: Moody's

Victor Korchenko via Getty Images

Hungry Black Bear Tears Apart Car In B.C. To Reach Food

West Vancouver PD

Rental Rates Are Falling In Canada. Here Are The Cheapest, Priciest Places


Canada's Wild Child Real Estate Cities Will Settle Down: TD

Christian Kober via Getty Images

Fixing Vancouver's Housing Crisis Could Hurt Elsewhere: PM

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Dawson Creek Flooding Forces Evacuations

Aaron Rude/Facebook

MP Fights Back Tears In Tribute To Slain British Politician


Trudeau Hands B.C. $470 Million For Transit Projects

Justin Trudeau Instagram

Bank Chiefs Put Their Mansions On Sale After Housing-Market Warnings

Sotheby's International

Emergency C-Section On B.C. Highway Saves Baby Deer

Northern Lights Wildlife Society/Facebook

Wicked Storm Drenches West Vancouver

Ryan Stelting

RCMP Investigate 3 Sex Assault Claims Against SFU Student

Why BMO Is Telling Job-Seekers To ‘Move To The City'

Stuart McCall via Getty Images