November 28, 2015
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UBC Failed Its Sexual Assault Victims On Every Level

Mouth Taped Abuse kirstyokeeffe via Getty Images

The women Mordvinov allegedly assaulted made multiple complaints at the departmental level, at UBC's Equity Inclusion Office, to Associate Vice-President of Equity and Inclusion Sara-Jane Finlay, the UBC ombudsperson and Student Conduct and Safety Services. There were likely more. Every office failed these women.

Meet The People Who Say John Furlong Abused Them as Children

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Alan Kurdi's Aunt Hopes Family Will Be In B.C. By Christmas


B.C. Teen's Vendetta Snarled SWAT Teams, Victims Across North America

MILpictures by Tom Weber via Getty Images

Supreme Court Defines People Smuggling In Pair Of Key Rulings

Getty Images

Some Of Alan Kurdi's Family Members Are Coming To Canada


How To Be A Better Listener During A Conversation

Rene Johnston via Getty Images

He Walked Down Granville Street. Now He Has Brain Damage

Vancouver Police Service

Bowen Island Goes Hairy For Movember

Jill Kenney

Ex-Tory Cabinet Minister Lands Sweet Gig

Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press

Black Friday Will Be Huge This Year. Definitely. Maybe.


Want A Raise? These Are The Industries With The Biggest Wage Gains

Radius Images via Getty Images

Justice Minister Addresses Laughs Over Women Comment In Viral Clip

Facebook/The Canadian Press

Mystery Of Mexican Workers Who Vanished From B.C. Orchard Solved


Good Samaritan Becomes Victim Of Attempted Carjacking In Merritt

Climate Change Means Rocky Patches Ahead On Canadian Ski Hills

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Teen Refugee Claims B.C. Kept Him In Solitary Confinement For Months

Helene Vallee via Getty Images

B.C. To Sign Massive Site C Dam Construction Deal


Shocking Fentanyl Warnings Hit B.C. Nightclubs

Vancouver Coastal Health

Ottawa Sues UBC Over Dentist's Alleged Misuse Of Funds

B.C. Transit Sex Offender Convicted Of 2 More Assaults

These Canadian Businesses Are Going Above And Beyond To Help Refugees


Victoria Residents Fed Up With Tent City Outside Courthouse


Cargo Ship Resumes Journey After Losing Power Off B.C. Coast

peterspiro via Getty Images

Humpback Whales Making A Comeback In B.C.

Jeremy Koreski via Getty Images

Think Canada Is Doing Too Much For Syrian Refugees? This Map Begs To Differ

Kyle Hastings

This B.C. Teen Wants Justin Trudeau To Be Her Prom Date

Twitter/Kashlee T P

B.C. Housing Affordability Worst For Single Moms, Immigrants: Study


B.C. High School Uses Snapchat To Communicate With Students

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UBC Made A 'Mockery' Of Sex Assault: Women's Group


Raise Property Taxes Or Risk Rising Inequality, Stiglitz Tells Canada


Survivor Says Giant Wave Capsized Tofino Whale-Watching Boat

Albert Titian/Facebook

Wrongfully Convicted Man Was 'Unwise' To Represent Himself: Crown

Darryl Dyck/CP

Neil Young Says 'Canada Is Back,' Praises Notley On Carbon Tax


Burnaby Loses Court Battle With Trans Mountain

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Canadians Are Leaving Warm Clothes Outside To Help The Homeless

Terri Perrin/Tara Smith-Atkins/Facebook

B.C. Sikh Community Offers Free Food, Schooling For Refugees


Homeless Man's Death Spurs Shelter To Stay Open Longer

Getty Images

Package Found In B.C. Driveway Explodes


Reporting Assault To UBC Worse Than Attack Itself: Former Student

Darryl Dyck/CP

Blast Of Arctic Air To Hit Southern B.C.

Lijuan Guo via Getty Images

Another B.C. Developer Offers Free Homes For Refugees


Glass Mansion In B.C. Will Stretch New Owner's Windex Budget

Engel & Volkers

UBC Students To Respond To Sexual Assault Claims

Getty Images

B.C. Men Hid In Hotel Room To Escape Gunmen During Mali Attack

Getty Images/YouTube

Trudeau To Show That ‘Canada Is Back' At Paris Climate Meeting

Ritchie B. Tongo/EPA via CP

UBC Athletes To Wear Sensors To Track Head Injuries

Bob Frid/UBC Thunderbirds