September 28, 2016
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Pricing Our Monarchy: The True Cost Of Having A Royal Family

Royal Family Chris Wattie / Reuters

The cost of hosting Will and Kate is three times the amount given to study foreign ownership by the federal government. Or 75 per cent of the projected revenue to come in from the Vancouver Vacant Home tax. Not exactly chump change to fly them around for a vacation.

Low Income? No Problem! Buy A Million-Dollar Vancouver Home


Amazon Launches Same-Day Delivery In Toronto And Vancouver

Mike Segar/ Reuters

Marijuana Sales Get Really, Really High On Fridays

StevenIkeguchi via Getty Images

Liberals Inch Closer To Decision On $36B LNG Project

Adrian Wyld/CP

Prince William Adds B.C. Rainforest To Queen's Conservation Program


B.C. Chiefs Refuse To Attend Reconciliation Event With Royals


Monsef Case Shows Absurdity Of Unfair Law: Refugee Lawyers


B.C. Premier's Son Roasted For Behaviour Around Royals


UN Eyes Site C Dam's Impact On Alberta Heritage Site

Parks Canada

Royals Visit Vancouver Charity For Moms Overcoming Addiction

Pool via Getty Images

Prince George Totally Snubbed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Will And Kate Tour Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

Danny Martindale/Getty Images

Will And Kate To Focus On Mental Health With Vancouver Visit


Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Touch Down In Canada

Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Elderly B.C. Couple That Was Forced To Live Apart Reunited

Ashley Bartyik/Facebook

Foreign Buying In Vancouver Slowed Dramatically After New Tax

Jonathan Hayward/CP

U.S. Treasury Accuses Vancouver Company Of Mass-Scale Mail Fraud

Google Street View

Ontario Real Estate Groups Oppose Taxing Foreign Homebuyers


Metis Toddler Taken From B.C. Foster Parents To Be Moved To Ontario

B.C. Floods Province With Overdose-Reversing Kits Amid Drug Crisis

Lucas Oleniuk via Getty Images

Remember This? 'Prince William Was The Original One Direction'


Arrests Made After Double Killing, Kidnapping In Vancouver

Trudeau's Approach To Refugees Is Good For Business: Bill Gates


Vancouver's Empty Home Tax Will Include Airbnb Units

George Rose via Getty Images

Student Files Class-Action Lawsuit Over B.C. Foreign Homebuyer Tax

Rhianna Schmunk/HuffPost Canada

Feds, Northern Gateway Won't Appeal Court Decision On Pipeline


Feds Ready To Impose Carbon Price On Provinces: McKenna

Adrian Wyld/CP

Arcane Canadian Law Barred Terminal Cancer Patient From Seeking Health Care

The Canadian Press


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Paralympian B.C. Politician Wins Her Second Gold Medal In Rio


Canadian Homes You Can Buy With A Median Income


Mountie Will Fight Luring Charge After 'Creep Catchers' Sting: Lawyer

Surrey McCatch/Facebook

B.C. Author Of 'Shoeless Joe' Has Doctor-Assisted Death


Canadian Homes Are Cheaper Than 6 Years Ago. If You're American.


Renting In Vancouver Is Impossible. Here Are 20 Other Cities' Rates


Private Land Donated To Help Preserve Pristine B.C. Rainforest

Johann Wall/Nature Conservancy of Canada

Banks Didn't Expect Vancouver Housing To Fall As Much As It Has

Frank Pali via Getty Images

Students Own Over $57M Worth Of Ritzy Vancouver Real Estate: Study

Courtesy of David Eby

Canadian Released From Chinese Prison 2 Years After Arrest

Family photo

Tory Leadership Hopeful Welcomes Support From 'Prince Of Pot'

The Canadian Press

Vancouver Homeowners May Soon Have To Pay Extra For Empty Units

Stuart Dee via Getty Images

Toronto Real Estate Keeps Soaring As Vancouver Simmers Down


Impaired Driving Charges Laid In Crash That Killed B.C. Mountie


B.C. Family Wins Lottery Months After House Burned Down


3 B.C. Cities Rank In Canada's Most Expensive Places To Rent

Richard Gillard via Getty Images

Indigenous Grit MP Breaks With Government Over Contentious Dam


Liberals Ask CRA To Investigate B.C. Real Estate Speculators