April 23, 2017
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Projecting Economic Competence Never Was B.C. NDP's Strong Suit

John Horgan CP

In election after election, the B.C. NDP either get their projections wrong - or they abandon their economic promises, mid-writ. Either way, it does not engender confidence. Tommy Douglas, among others, would not be impressed. Even a New Democrat, he believed, needs to able to say how he or she will pay the bills.

Mother-Daughter Belugas Killed By Toxin At Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

B.C. Green Party Candidate Outed As Transgender On TV

Nicola Spurling/Facebook

Feds Stand To Raise $280M From Alberta, B.C. Carbon Taxes

Jason Franson/CP

It Should Be Easier To Fire Senators: Poll


Sajjan Accused Of Being Sikh Nationalist By Indian Leader

Manish Swarup/AP via CP

Canadian Airline Receives Heartfelt Thank You Note (Yes, Really)

Joel VanderHoek/Facebook

Canada's Hottest And Coldest Housing Markets

Allard Schager via Getty Images

Vancouver Could Become Canada's 1st City Without A Downtown Gas Station

Bloomberg via Getty Images

B.C. Liberal, NDP Election Signs Defaced With Swastikas

Naomi Yamamoto/Twitter

Clark Highlights B.C.'s Low Jobless Rate Amidst Rural Struggle

Robin Rowland/CP

Mexican Asylum Seekers Apply To Canada In Record Numbers

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Missing Canadian Olympian Turns Himself Into Police, Faces Fraud Charges

Vancouver Police Department/CP/COC

Killer Of B.C. Teen Recaptured After Escape From Prison

Correctional Service of Canada

B.C. Election Sees 1st Apology From A Candidate


Toronto Rents Jump 30% In 6 Months, Other Cities Soar Too

Chris Jongkind via Getty Images

Nestle Bottled Water Travels Up To 3,100 Km. Your Tap Is Metres Away.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

A Heroin Addict-Turned-CEO Is Pushing A Shopping Cart Across Canada

The Push for Change

MAP: Canadians' Weird Online Shopping Searches


Comedian Trolls Sean Spicer's Holocaust Remarks In Very Canadian Way

Getty Images/Joshua Blanchard/ABC

Orcas Put On The Ultimate Show For B.C. Boaters

Elliot Funt/YouTube

House Price Index Sees Biggest Jump In More Than 10 Years


Dramatic Video Shows B.C. Boat Totally Engulfed In Flames

Storyful Studio/Screenshot

Buckle Up: The B.C. Election Campaign Is On


B.C. Green Party Leader Is More Popular Than Christy Clark: Poll

CP/B.C. Green Party

Half Of Canada's Millennial Homeowners Have Buyer's Remorse

Hero Images via Getty Images

5 Bodies Recovered From B.C. Snow Slide

Lions Bay Search And Rescue/Facebook

WATCH: Deer Hit-And-Run Knocks Over B.C. Man Outside Hotel

Cary McCook/Facebook

It's Now Illegal For B.C. Employers To Require Women To Wear Heels

Juice Images Ltd via Getty Images


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Men Took All Of Canada's Net New Jobs In March

oneinchpunch via Getty Images

Banks Plead With Government To Intervene In Canada's Housing Market

Canadian Press/Frank Gunn

Company Charged In B.C. Oil Spill A No-Show At Court


There Were A Lot Of UFO Sightings In Canada Last Year

Aaron Foster via Getty Images

Elizabeth May Has Had Enough Of All The Heckling


'Fatal Error' Haunts B.C. Runner At One Of World's Toughest Races

Gary Robbins/Facebook

B.C. Teen Missing For Weeks May Be With 53-Year-Old: Police


Amanda Todd's Suspected Bully Will Be Extradited To Canada

Carol Todd

Liberal MP Sorry For 'Very Inappropriate' Remark To Tory Colleague


UBC Raises Totem Pole To Honour Residential School Victims

Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press

'I Almost Died,' Canadian Olympian Says After Snowboarding Accident

CP handout

Health Warning Issued For Measles Exposure On 7 WestJet Flights

Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

‘Corrupt Elite' Laundering Money In Canadian Housing: Report

karamysh via Getty Images

Charges Laid In 2015 Vancouver Oil Spill

DARRYL DYCK/The Canadian Press

B.C. Indigenous Kids Torn From Homes Due To Underfunding: Report

Starflamedia via Getty Images

► Tories Try To Win Your Vote Before Their Toast Pops Up

HuffPost Canada

Boston Bombing Survivor Slays Vancouver Fashion Week Show

Arun Nevader via Getty Images

Crown Seeks Longest-Ever Sentence For B.C. Driver Who Killed 3

Today's BC Videos