February 23, 2017
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B.C. Government Finally Delivers On MSP Tax Cut​

Christy Clark Mike De Jong John Lehmann/The Globe and Mai via CP

In his 2017-18 BC Budget Feb. 21, Finance Minister Mike de Jong announced that the hated Medical Services Premium tax will be cut in half, as the first step toward eliminating it completely. Just one short year ago in the B.C. Budget lockup, de Jong gave an impassioned defence of the Medical Services Premium (MSP) tax.

Carbon Tax Draws Sharp Exchange At Unofficial Tory Leadership Debate


Father's Facebook Plea Lands Son Lifetime Supply Of Kraft Dinner

Vancouver's Trump Tower Has Become A Symbol Of His Controversies

Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press

Beckham Family Can't Resist Instagramming Their Whistler Trip

Instagram/David Beckham

Feds, B.C. Sign Health Deal With Funding To Fight Opioid Crisis

Adrian Wyld/CP

Here's Your Spring Forecast, Canada. But Who The Hell Knows Anymore.


Trump's Sons Are Coming To Vancouver

Getty Images

Burger King Worker Fired Over 50 Cents Of Food Wins $46K In Court

Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

Magnetic Drug Implant Erases All Your Pill-Swallowing Fears

William Shatner Helps Boy With Autism Find 'Star Wars' Kraft Dinner

Reed Botwright/Facebook

Vancouver's Average House Price Drops By Nearly One-Fifth

Stuart McCall via Getty Images

B.C. MLA, Husband Welcome Valentine's Day Baby


UBC Scientists Engineer Mice That Can't Get Addicted To Cocaine

Anthony Bradshaw via Getty Images

Why A Vancouver Penthouse For Sale Has Been Empty Since '94


B.C. Lender Sounds Alarm On China's Ban On Foreign Homebuying

Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Pipeline Never Spilled In Jasper: Kinder Morgan Alternative Fact


Convicted Killer In B.C. Looking For Friendship Online

CP handout

NDP Leadership Race Gets 1st Official Candidate


Hundreds Protest Trudeau's Backpedal On Electoral Reform

Chris Wattie / Reuters

Here Are The Canadian Cities With The Most Empty Homes

karamysh via Getty Images

'I Made A Mistake': Christy Clark Sorry She Accused NDP Of Hacking


MLA Burst Out Laughing At B.C. Premier's Hacking Claims

Victoria Mom Arrested After Passing Out In Car With Child

Victoria Police Dept Facebook

'The Prime Minister Is Spreading Alternative Facts': NDP MP

Sean Kilpatrick/CP

B.C. Highways Paralyzed By Freezing Rain, Snow


► Winter Kayaker Speeds Down A Hiking Trail In Victoria

Brad Armstrong/Facebook

Canadian-Owned Firm To Build Space Robots For Pentagon


B.C. Premier: I Jumped To Conclusions With NDP Hacking Allegations



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Cyberbully Accused In Amanda Todd Case Could Face 11 Years In Dutch Prison


B.C. Snowboarder Rips Through City Street

Keaton Haraga/Instagram

Avalanche Closes Highway 1 Near B.C.-Alberta Border


Canada Is The Fastest Growing Country In G7

Kutay Tanir via Getty Images

Small Cities Boom As Canadians Ditch Pricey Metro Areas: Census

benedek via Getty Images

B.C. Driver Pulled Over For Trying To Clear Snow In Zamboni

Colin Stuart

Metis Teen Who Took His Own Life Was 'Abandoned' By Gov't: Report

Broken Promises: Alex's Story

New Democrats Try To Use Trudeau's Words Against Him

Adrian Wyld/CP

Canadian Muslims Open Up About How Safe They Feel At Home


Jaw-Dropping Northern Lights Show Captured From Alberta Flight

Nathan Starzynski Media/Facebook

#InsideOutChallenge Reminds People Not To Be Ashamed Of Mental Illness

Yasaman Gheidi/Instagram

Snowfall Records Smashed In Vancouver Region


Former B.C. Couple Guilty In Polygamy Case Involving Child Bride


Michael Buble Says Son 'Progressing Well' In Cancer Treatment

Instagram/Michael Buble

'Feminist' PM Tossed 2 Young Female Ministers Under Bus: May

Catherine Levesque/HuffPost Quebec

New Democrats Call Trudeau A 'Liar'


Middle-Aged Canadians Can't Afford To Fill Their Prescriptions

Shutterstock / SerialCoder

Actor Eligible For Both Male And Female Categories At Award Show

Today's BC Videos