August 29, 2015
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I Support First Nations Economic Prosperity, But Not Ill-Conceived LNG Deal

Liquid Natural Gas Getty

I wish the Malahat First Nation luck in developing economic capacity in their community, but I will not support LNG in the Saanich Inlet. Furthermore, I do not support the "sellout" of British Columbia by the B.C. Liberals or inability of the B.C. NDP to take a clear position as they search for whatever position appears to be politically popular.

The Most Eye-Catching Campus Buildings In Canada

Royal Roads University

Ocean Blob Brings Tropical Fish To B.C. Coast


B.C. Health Agency Mails Freaky Reminder To Parents


This Bike Lift Might Be Coming To North Vancouver!

B.C. Police Officer's 'Alpha Male' Fitness Video Under Investigation

YouTube/Specforce Alpha

Meet The Children Of Canada's Murdered And Missing Aboriginal Women

HuffPost/Wayne Leng

Alleged Goose Killer Pleads Not Guilty In Vancouver

Cyril Laubscher via Getty Images

Fracking Confirmed As Trigger For B.C. Earthquake

Citizens of the Planet/UIG via Getty Images

Puppy-Size Oxygen Masks Help Chihuahuas Rescued From Fire

Port Alberni Fire Dept/YouTube

B.C. Kids Believed To Abducted By Father May Be In Iraq


B.C. First Nation Stakes Claim To Island Slated For LNG Plant

West Coast Native News/Twitter

Canada Grew Richer, More Equal In 2014: Survey


Teen's Body Found, Foul Play Suspected


UBC Board Chair To Leave Post Temporarily During Investigation

UBC Sauder School of Business

Only Vancouver Would See Competing Black And White Picnics

Charles Zuckerman

U.S. Wildfire Smoke Remains Thick In B.C. Interior

Matt Warnet

Convicted Wife-Killer Admits To Dismembering Another Woman


Injured Killer Whale Likely Hit By Boat Propeller

Vancouver Aquarium/NOAA

Keep Cats Away From Highrise Balconies, Warns SPCA


Mulcair Let Harper 'Off The Hook': May


B.C. Gas-And-Dash Killer In Trouble Again

Police Handout

Endangered Red Panda Dies Suddenly At Greater Vancouver Zoo

Money-Laundering Probe Targets Vancouver Real Estate Industry

HuffPost B.C.

Humpback Whale Gets THIS Close To B.C. Couple

Michelle Wigmore/Storyful

Moving Alberta Oil By Rail Under Fire By U.S. Opponents

Ken Paul via Getty Images

Supermodel Godfrey Gao Slips Home To Vancouver For A New Shoot

Velour Productions

Incredible Corn Maze Honours Terry Fox Marathon Anniversary

Hunter Brothers Farm/Facebook

Washington Wildfire Smoke Triggers B.C. Air Quality Advisories

Elaine Thompson/AP


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Jon Bon Jovi Reminisces About Years At 'Home' In Vancouver

Darryl Dyck/CP

B.C. Race Walker Surprises With Bronze At World Championships

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

This Conservative Ad Looks Fishy


B.C. Woman Who Defrauded Man For Breast Implants Sentenced Again


Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Hearings Postponed


Fracking Operation Halted Temporarily After B.C. Earthquake


Washington Wildfire Closes In On B.C. Communities

Elaine Thompson/CP

Harper's New Environmental Promise Is Too Little, Too Late: Lawyer


Dad Drives From Prairies To See The Ocean Before He Goes Blind

Dan Lundy

Parents Want Critically Ill Baby To Be Treated With Marijuana Oil


PNE Prize Homes Sure Have Changed Through The Years

PNE/City of Vancouver Archives 180-597

Scouts Canada Youth Reminded To Stay Non-Partisan


This City Has The Lowest Percentage Of Ashley Madison Users In Canada

Tetra Images - Yuri Arcurs via Getty Images

B.C. Mom's Birthday Fireworks Start Fire

KirsanovV via Getty Images

The Buck Stops With Me, Harper Says


Prof Who Collected Bottles For 25 Years Leaves $1 Million To UBC


Harper Vows $15M To Protect B.C. Salmon


B.C. Woman Charged With Torturing Labrador Retriever