November 28, 2014
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Kinder Morgan Is Showing What Kind Of Neighbours They Really Are

Kinder Morgan Protest Ben West

To really understand what is going on on Burnaby Mountain over the past weeks and months it should be seen in the context of years of frustration for those of us on Canada's West Coast sick of the attempts by Enbridge and Kinder Morgan trying to push their dangerous pipelines across the mountain and rivers communities we live in.

B.C. Couple Gets Lost, Busted At U.S. Border With Alleged Mobile Meth Lab

Crystal Meth

Vancouver Coastal Health Warns Of Possible Toxic Canned Seafood

Canned Seafood
Grace Clementine via Getty Images

2 Squamish Nation Councillors Suspended After Financial Audit

Squamish Nation
Twitter/Squamish Nation

Vancouver Cop Reprimanded For Pushing Disabled Woman

Taylor Robinson

Bolt Comes Loose During Air Canada Flight, Smashes Into Window

Air Canada Screw

Warning Issued About Illegal Basement Dentist In Vancouver

Oldest Canadian Dies In Victoria At 113

Merle Barwis

Kinder Morgan Protest Charges Dropped

Kinder Morgan Arrest Burnaby
Jonathan Hayward/CP

Whistler Rape Posters Pulled After Making Bar Patrons Uncomfortable

Rape Poster

Sneaky B.C. Health Workers Fired


Rainfall Warning For Metro Vancouver, Snow In Okanagan

Kelowna Snow
Emad Agahi

B.C. Ferry Terminal Can Only Be Built With U.S. Iron, Steel

Canada Us FlagsHUH? 

Insurance Won't Cover Vancouver Man's $100,000 Mexican Hospital Bill

Ryan Maudlen

Former Head Of BC Cancer Agency's Salary Topped Up With Donated Money

Max Coppes Cancer Agency Twitter

B.C. Antiques Dealer Pleads Guilty To Attempted Smuggling Of Rhino Horns

Rhino Horn Poaching
Staffan Widstrand

Clayoquot Sound Activists Arrested At B.C. Pipeline Protest

Kinder Morgan Protest
Burnaby Mountain Updates Facebook

Burned Human Remains Found On Langley Road

Police Tape
aijohn784 via Getty Images

B.C. Physio Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting 8 Women

praisaeng via Getty Images

Ground-Breaking Project Prescribes Heroin To Vancouver Addicts

Getty Images

B.C. Teen Needs $250,000 For Last-Chance Cancer Treatment

Kyle Mcconkey
Joanne McConkey/

84-Year-Old Risks Jail Over Burnaby Pipeline Fight

Barbara Grant
Burnaby Mountain Updates Facebook

B.C. Minister's University Scandal Emails To Be Reviewed

Amrik Virk

British Tourist Still Missing From Vancouver One Year Later

Tom Billings
Vancouver Police Department

Vancouver Aquarium Whales, Dolphins Can Fool Around Again

Beluga Whales
E R DEGGINGER via Getty Images

'It Was Sex Without Explicit Consent'

Parliament Of Canada

NDP MP Breaks Silence On Allegations Against Liberal MPs

Think You're Getting A Good Deal On Black Friday? Think Again


Mount Polley Clean-Up Will Take Years: Gov't

Mount Polley
Jonathan Hayward/CP


Pat Quinn Coach


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B.C. Couple Builds Dream Green Home With Their Own Hands

Laura Parker

Bif Naked's New Song Raises Money For AIDS Vancouver

Bif Naked

B.C.'s Best Real Estate Developments According To The Pros

Bc Building
Urban Development Institute

Meet The World's Most Controversial Supermodel

Child Model

Wild Animals Just Want To Be UBC And SFU Students, Too

Ubc Coyote
UBC Coyote Instagram

These 15 Seconds Are Hard To Watch: Imagine How They Feel

Notokay Sexual Assault

10-Year-Old B.C. Patient 'Roars' In Her Own Music Video

Zoe Music Video

WATCH: The 'Star Wars: Force Awakens' Trailer Is Here

Star Wars Trailer

Drugs Are The Reason 'The Rachel' Haircut Exists

Jennifer Aniston Friends
NBC via Getty Images

A Sick, Depraved Prank Was Played On Me, And I'm Angry

Chris Oneill Yates
Chris O'Neill-Yates/Facebook

Zoinks! B.C. Woman Holds Scooby-Doo World Record

Scooby Doo Becky Findlay
Becky Findlay

WATCH: 'How To Be A Skier'

How To Be A SkierHA! 

Grocery Stores Caught Cheating On Expiry Dates

Grocery Store Meat

Hunky Veterinary Students Pose With Animals And It's Pawsitively Adorable

Men Of Vet School
Omega Tau Sigma/Cornell University

Creed Singer Says He's Broke And Homeless

Scott Stapp

YouTube Personalities Pick The Best Of B.C.


Cuddle Parties In B.C. Are Not Orgies: Co-Founder

Cuddle Party

'AHS' Star Dislikes Being Treated Like A Baby

Jyoti Amge