September 22, 2014
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A Normal Sunday, At Last

Caffeine Sleep Kylie Townsend via Getty Images

The early afternoon sun brightens the kitchen as it shines down through the skylight; I can hear my two youngest children, managing to not bicker and argue their way through Lego Star Wars on the TV, and I'm sitting across the kitchen table from my teacher husband, typing this as he plots out his Socials 8 course for the year. This is the first Sunday in months that feels normal for us.

ID Of Suspect In Surrey Teen's Killing Remains Protected

Serena Vermeersch


Bc Classroom
Sara Harowitz/HuffPost B.C.

'One Tough Mother' Runs For Surrey Mayor

Barinder Rasode

Aboriginal 'Watchman' Opened Sacred Burial Boxes For Tourists

Tom Sewid
Katya Palladina/CP

3-Time Olympic Gold Medallist Joins Vancouver Police

Meghan Agosta

Teachers Shut Out Of B.C. Liberal Fundraiser After 'Security' Concerns

Doug Bing Fundraiser

Vancouver Climate Change Protest Draws Hundreds

Vancouver Climate Change

Phony Cops Scam Tourists In Vancouver

The Secret Meeting That Broke The B.C. Teachers' Impasse

Christy Clark

'Extreme Bully' Led RCMP Unit Where Guards Watched Jail Sex, Trial Hears

Kamloops Rcmp

Bridge Between Gabriola And Vancouver Island To Be Considered

'Neither Side Got Exactly What They Wanted'

Peter Fassbender Jim Iker

Man Arrested In Surrey Teen's Killing

Serena Vermeersch

The Best (And Worst) Cities In Canada To Move For Work

Vancouver Work
Heath Korvola via Getty Images

Teachers' Strike Ends With Bittersweet Contract Approval

Bc Teachers Strike Vote
Amanda Long/Twitter

RCMP Shootout At B.C. Lake Cabin Leaves Man Dead

What You Can Use At Costco Instead Of This Credit Card

American Express Card

The Conspiracy Of Silence In B.C. Schools Is Over

Kids Jumping
Daly and Newton via Getty Images

B.C. Grandmother Labelled Terror Suspect For..

.. Photographing Kinder Morgan Tanks

Outgoing Surrey Mayor Wants To Join Harper's Team

Dianne Watts
City of Surrey

Enterovirus Cases Confirmed In B.C.

Respiratory Virus
Cyrus McCrimmon via Getty Images

Now Air Canada Is Slapping A Baggage Fee On Passengers, Too

Air Canada Executive Pay Freeze Pensions

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B.C. Teachers' Dispute Spins Into Boycott Of Businesses

Bc Teachers Strike

Security Guard Killed On Burnaby Set Of Spielberg TV Show

Falling Skies

How A Rookie Police Officer Caught B.C. Serial Killer

Cody Legebokoff

Veteran Mediator Elevated To Hero Status In B.C.

Vince Ready

Former Fugitive 'Bushman' Runs For Mayor Of Williams Lake

John Bjornstrom

Mayoral Candidate Proposes Fee For Empty Vancouver Properties

Vancouver Condo Lights Out
RonTech2000 via Getty Images

Yup, That's A Slide In A Vancouver House

Cloister House Vancouver
Nic Lehoux

Why She Got Surgery For A Third Breast

Woman With Three Boobs
Jasmine Tridevil/Facebook

►If This Dog Can't Stop You From Drinking And Driving, What Can?

Budweiser Puppy

WATCH: Hangry Girlfriend Just Wants Her Damn Breakfast

Hangry GirlfriendLOL 
Shawn Anderson

'World's Hottest Alleged Thief' Is From Quebec

Stephanie Beaudoin

WATCH: 'F*ck It. I Quit'

Anchor Quits

TV Anchor Makes Big Exit

Seth Rogen's Birthday Surprise For Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Birthday Surprise

Alicia Keys Is Trying To 'Make The World A Better Place' With This Nude Photo

Alicia Keys
FADEL SENNA via Getty Images

Cat Makes Miraculous Escape From Collapsing Building On Fire

Manitoba Fire Cat Video

Kim K Is Latest Victim Of Nude Celeb Photo Hacking Ring

Kim Kardashian Nude Photo
Lisa Maree Williams via Getty Images

WATCH: Dozens Of B.C. Whales Leave Boaters Gasping

Whale Prince Rupert

Look Who's Got A New Job As Rapper's Weed Roller

Waka Flocka Flame Seth Rogen

Canadian Schools Rank Among The World's Best

Getty Images

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Drink Diet Pop All The Time? Stop It

Artificial Sweetener Diabetes
Chris Stein via Getty Images

Politicians Bring The Funny For Vancouver Mayor's 50th

Trudeau Robertson Nenshi

18 Times No One Asked, 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong?'

What Could Go Wrong

WATCH: Vancouver Poet Takes On Internet Trolls With Words Of Fire

This Is What A $1-Million Playground Looks Like

Richmond Bc Playground
City of Richmond