November 26, 2014
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The RCMP Were Kind And Civil As They Arrested Me On Burnaby Mountain

Bc Rcmp Kinder Morgan Mychaylo Prystupa/Vancouver Observer

When I heard about the protest on Burnaby Mountain, I decided to go up and lend support. During my first several visits there were no police in sight. That changed last Thursday when the RCMP moved in to enforce the injunction handed down by the B.C. Supreme Court. We've seen media photos and video of the physical conflicts that have sometimes developed, but those instances have been rare and it's important to keep them in perspective.

Former Head Of BC Cancer Agency's Salary Topped Up With Donated Money

Max Coppes Cancer Agency Twitter

Insurance Won't Cover Vancouver Man's $100,000 Mexican Hospital Bill

Ryan Maudlen

B.C. Ferry Terminal Can Only Be Built With U.S. Iron, Steel

Canada Us FlagsHUH? 

Clayoquot Sound Activists Arrested At B.C. Pipeline Protest

Kinder Morgan Protest
Burnaby Mountain Updates Facebook

Burned Human Remains Found On Langley Road

Police Tape
aijohn784 via Getty Images

B.C. Antiques Dealer Pleads Guilty To Attempted Smuggling Of Rhino Horns

Rhino Horn Poaching
Staffan Widstrand

B.C. Physio Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting 8 Women

praisaeng via Getty Images

Ground-Breaking Project Prescribes Heroin To Vancouver Addicts

Getty Images

84-Year-Old Risks Jail Over Burnaby Pipeline Fight

Barbara Grant
Burnaby Mountain Updates Facebook

B.C. Minister's University Scandal Emails To Be Reviewed

Amrik Virk

British Tourist Still Missing From Vancouver One Year Later

Tom Billings
Vancouver Police Department

Vancouver Aquarium Whales, Dolphins Can Fool Around Again

Beluga Whales
E R DEGGINGER via Getty Images

'It Was Sex Without Explicit Consent'

Parliament Of Canada

NDP MP Breaks Silence On Allegations Against Liberal MPs

Think You're Getting A Good Deal On Black Friday? Think Again


Mount Polley Clean-Up Will Take Years: Gov't

Mount Polley
Jonathan Hayward/CP


Pat Quinn Coach

► David Suzuki Blasts RCMP At Burnaby Mountain

David Suzuki Tamo Campos
Mychaylo Prystupa/Vancouver Observer

B.C. Teen Needs $250,000 For Last-Chance Cancer Treatment

Kyle Mcconkey
Joanne McConkey/

Langley Teen Has Laptop Stolen While Helping Epileptic Girl

Blend Images - JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Unforgettable Photos Of The Legendary Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn Facebook

Vancouver Police Shoot, Kill Distraught Man

Vancouver Police Shooting Knight
CTV Vancouver Twitter

David Suzuki Writes Letter In Support Of Grandson Who Was Arrested

David Suzuki Tamo Campos

11-Year-Old Girl Crosses Police Line At Burnaby Protest

Kinder Morgan Protest Burnaby
Mychaylo Prystupa/Vancouver Observer

Ex-Workers Claim Horrendous Abuse At Mine Owned By B.C. Firm

Bisha Mine
Nevsun Resources

► David Suzuki's Grandson Delivers Passionate Speech After Arrest

Tamo Campos

Man Who Killed Mom With Hammer Found Not Criminally Responsible

Hammer Attack
Henry Steadman via Getty Images

Richmond Protesters Blame Traffic Jams On Too Many Immigrants

Richmond Protesters

Man Charged With Keying More Than 100 Vehicles


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WATCH: 'How To Be A Skier'

How To Be A SkierHA! 

Cuddle Parties In B.C. Are Not Orgies: Co-Founder

Cuddle Party

Stampeders Coach OK With Players Having Sex Before Grey Cup

John Hufnagel
Darryl Dyck/CP

'AHS' Star Dislikes Being Treated Like A Baby

Jyoti Amge

Ghomeshi To Plead Not Guilty

Ghomeshi Press Conference
Mike Drolet/Twitter

YouTube Personalities Pick The Best Of B.C.


LOOK: The Most Epic Ski Homes For Sale In Canada

Ski Homes Lodges Chalets Canada

► Pat Quinn Remembered By Vancouver Canucks

Pat Quinn Hockey

Stress-Free Christmas Gifts For The Boyfriend

Black Man Christmas Present
LWA via Getty Images

Rent This Vancouver Penthouse For Only $25,000/Month

Yaletown Penthouse
Rent It Furnished Realty

'I Hate Thailand' Goes Viral

I Hate Thailand

Stranded 'Top Gear' Hosts Ask For Tourist Tips In B.C.

Top Gear Trail Bc
Alex Robinson/Twitter

Black Friday? Aritzia's Doing Black FIVEday

Vancouver Student Is 'Canada's Smartest Person'

Canadas Smartest Person

A Hello Kitty Convention Is Coming To Vancouver

Hello Kitty

B.C. Spot Named One Of World's 20 Must-See Places

Haida Gwaii
Jerry Kobalenko via Getty Images

Tofino's Food Scene Is Hot, Hot, Hot

Wolf In The Fog
Christopher Pouget Photography

How To Get The Best Seat On A Plane

Online Business
Daly and Newton via Getty Images