November 24, 2015
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Local Isn't Better When It Comes To How Your Food Is Grown

Farm Produce Anthony Lee via Getty Images

Modern agricultural practices are the only reason the earth can feed more than seven billion souls while still leaving any room for nature. By returning to our pastoral roots we risk setting back environmental progress while negatively affecting human and ecological health.

Wrongfully Convicted Man Was 'Unwise' To Represent Himself: Crown

Darryl Dyck/CP

Neil Young Says 'Canada Is Back,' Praises Notley On Carbon Tax


Burnaby Loses Court Battle With Trans Mountain

Jonathan Hayward/CP

Canadians Are Leaving Warm Clothes Outside To Help The Homeless

Terri Perrin/Tara Smith-Atkins/Facebook

B.C. Sikh Community Offers Free Food, Schooling For Refugees


Homeless Man's Death Spurs Shelter To Stay Open Longer

Getty Images

Package Found In B.C. Driveway Explodes


Reporting Assault To UBC Worse Than Attack Itself: Former Student

Darryl Dyck/CP

Blast Of Arctic Air To Hit Southern B.C.

Lijuan Guo via Getty Images

Another B.C. Developer Offers Free Homes For Refugees


Glass Mansion In B.C. Will Stretch New Owner's Windex Budget

Engel & Volkers

UBC Students To Respond To Sexual Assault Claims

Getty Images

B.C. Men Hid In Hotel Room To Escape Gunmen During Mali Attack

Getty Images/YouTube

Trudeau To Show That ‘Canada Is Back' At Paris Climate Meeting

Ritchie B. Tongo/EPA via CP

UBC Athletes To Wear Sensors To Track Head Injuries

Bob Frid/UBC Thunderbirds

CBSA Deports Asylum-Seeker Facing High-Risk Pregnancy In B.C.

CTV Vancouver

UBC Failed To Help After Sex Assault Complaints: Students

UBC Slammed For Revealing Galloway's Suspension

Colin McConnell via Getty Images

B.C. Landscaper Finds Out He'll Be King Of An African Tribe


101-Year-Old Woman Playing In The Snow Will Make Your Day

Facebook/Armand Foisy

Death Puts Spotlight On Province's Homeless Funding

KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

Vancouver VIPs Sleep Out To Raise Money For Homeless

Covenant House Vancouver

Therapy Dog Helps Girl Testify At Assault Trial


Truck Fire Closes Trans-Canada Near Kamloops

Driendl Group via Getty Images

Vancouver's 'Most Powerful Man' To House Refugees

Wikimedia Commons

Publisher, Writers Defend Steven Galloway After UBC Suspension


Vancouver Developers Turn 'Terrorist' Into 'Coward' On Your Computer

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Explosion At Pemberton Hydro Project Kills Worker

Steve Russell via Getty Images


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Canada Is Getting Its Very Own 'Bachelorette'

Phillip Chin via Getty Images

Vancouver Company Unearths HUGE Diamond

Lucara Diamond Corp.

Ocean Changes Force B.C. Scallops Into Make Or Break Moment

Island Scallops Facebook

Swap The Word 'Muslim' For 'Jew' When Considering Refugees: B.C. Rabbi


Bestselling Author Steven Galloway Suspended From UBC

Penguin Speakers' Bureau

Former Canadian Olympian's Disappearance Sparks 3 Investigations

COC/F.S. Grant/CP

Doug Flutie Writes Heartbreaking Note After Both Parents Die On Same Day


B.C. Officer Cleared In Teen's Crash Death


High-Speed Moose 'Chase' Investigated By B.C. Conservation


B.C. Scientist Discovers Giant Ancient Wasp Species

Handout - Royal BC Museum

Thousands Lose Power As Heavy Winds Hit B.C.

Jesse Johnston/Twitter

New One-Drop Blood Test Could Screen For Cancer

Frank Bienewald via Getty Images

B.C. Dad Who Molested Quadriplegic Stepson Extradited To U.S.


This Canadian City Is Putting Climate Change Warnings On Gas Pumps

Our Horizon

Mounties Stage Photo For Very Canadian Reason

Shelagh Machek

7 In 10 Millennials Can't Afford To Start A Family Because Of House Prices

bernie_photo via Getty Images

Ontario Brewer Stops Selling In Western Canada Over Tax Hike

Muskoka Brewery

Bear Bodies Found With Paws Cut Off In B.C.

S.J. Krasemann via Getty Images