Bruce Moncur
Bruce Moncur was born in Windsor, Ontario, and joined the military reserves in high school, during the summer of 2001. In 2006, he suffered severe injuries during Operation Medusa in a "friendly fire" incident between Canadian and American troops. After undergoing two brain surgeries and extensive rehabilitation, Moncur was released from the Canadian Forces. He recently completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in History at the University of Windsor and works as a jeweller.

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If You Use A Smart Phone In Manitoba, Read This

(0) Comments | Posted December 8, 2016 | 8:09 AM

I woke up Wednesday morning to a familiar sight, my phone was not charged. The charger outlet on the bottom of the phone does not lock in place like it did when I got the phone 2 and a half years ago. This has been happening at a rate of...

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I Helped Joe Comartin Move And It Didn't Cost Taxpayers $200,000

(26) Comments | Posted September 30, 2016 | 5:29 AM

Recently, a scandal involving the moving expenses of two of Prime Minister Trudeau's most trusted inner circle surfaced. It turns out that it cost taxpayers $200,000 to move these two staffers 500 kilometers up the 401.

This has been a common trend with the Liberal party, from...

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Bill C-221 Will Fight Crime, Create Jobs And Help Reduce The Deficit

(5) Comments | Posted September 21, 2016 | 12:18 PM

Five years ago retired MP Joe Comartin put forward bill C-290, which "received all-party support" and eventually made its way to the Senate, where it languished for three years and died after the call of last year's federal election." It became a clear example as to...

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Government Complacency Has Plunged Northern Manitoba Into Poverty

(3) Comments | Posted August 26, 2016 | 6:00 PM

brian pallister
Under the watch of Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister Manitoba is on pace to lose 128,000 jobs. (Photo: John Woods/CP)

Seeing is believing. Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies and Parliament Hill. I have been fortunate enough to have laid eyes on all of...

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Do Not Promise Veterans What You Refuse To Deliver

(20) Comments | Posted June 10, 2016 | 5:59 PM

To the Honourable Kent Hehr,

Thank you for the timely response. It was a great lesson on how to say something without saying anything at all. I do feel however, that you failed to acknowledge my biggest concern, that you and the prime minister appear...

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Trudeau's Liberals Anything But Sunny Ways For Veterans

(18) Comments | Posted June 1, 2016 | 1:25 PM

On May 9 and 10 the Liberal government held their second Veterans Affairs Canada Stakeholder Summit. We were given a definitive date on through an official email by the minister himself on April 27. Ninety different stakeholders converged on Ottawa to help the government maintain a better relationship...

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The Myriad Crises Facing Windsor, Ontario

(83) Comments | Posted May 11, 2016 | 4:55 PM

It is considered common knowledge among locals that the Windsor Expressway has the infamous distinction of being the shortest 100 km highway to have taken the most amount of time to build while costing the most money at the same time. Instead of being built all at once,...

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Canada Should 'Feel The Bern' Too

(15) Comments | Posted February 22, 2016 | 11:02 AM

On Saturday October 4th 2015, the Liberals had a rally at the Powerade Center in Brampton Ontario. The website for the arena talks about over 5,000 Canadians filling the arena -- the largest political rally since 1980.

The logistics that went into making that happen in...

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Change the Government if You Want to Thank Veterans for Their Service

(9) Comments | Posted September 28, 2015 | 1:33 PM

Over the years countless people have taken the time to thank me for my service. I am humbled by those that have acknowledged my service to this country, but it would not have been possible without the help of the union worker -- the person who manufactures the vehicles, equipment...

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Liberals Shouldn't Play Politics With Military Leaders

(28) Comments | Posted September 3, 2015 | 9:39 AM

Last week on Power and Politics, retired general and star Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie chided the Minister of Veterans Affairs "to lead or get out of the way." His tone and mannerisms were that of a general berating a captain. Gruff and unrelenting it was Fantonian in its...

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Why the Military Should Take What the Liberals Say With a Grain of Salt

(32) Comments | Posted September 2, 2015 | 8:59 AM

It is sad that in 2015 veterans have to be a campaign point in a federal election, but The Grits have had a history of promising what they have no intention of delivering.

The last time the Liberals were in power was described by former Chief of Defence Staff Rick...

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Being a Soldier Is Great, Until You Get Injured or Sick

(39) Comments | Posted April 27, 2015 | 1:43 PM

Imagine, if you will, that you are a 24-year-old soldier. At the age of 16 you signed on the dotted line, mainly because both of your parents chose to serve in the military. You have served your country for eight years. For all intents and purposes the military has been...

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Why You Should Look At Injured Veterans Before You Write Off Unions

(15) Comments | Posted March 1, 2015 | 11:37 PM

Just over a year has passed since I began working for Joe Comartin, Member of Parliament for Windsor-Tecumseh, working with Essex County veterans. With the closure of the Windsor office, a total of nine Veterans Affairs offices were closed around the country, representing $5 million in operating costs. Further, the...

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Why No One Should Join the Canadian Forces

(320) Comments | Posted January 21, 2015 | 7:55 AM

A Defence Department report recently tabled in the House of Commons "showed a shortfall of nearly 900 regular force members and 4,500 part-time reservists at the end of March due to higher than forecasted attrition and other factors."

To put that into perspective the 5,400 less troops...

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Why Artists (and You) Are Better Off Living in Windsor Than Toronto

(19) Comments | Posted January 16, 2015 | 12:52 PM

If you were take my house that I bought in Windsor for 150,000 and put it in Toronto it would cost you 500,000 to buy it.

I bought my house in August of 2012, two-bed two-bath finished basement, in the quiet neighbourhood of Riverside, perfect starter home with granite...

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Minister Fantino Must Resign to Restore Dignity to Veterans

(29) Comments | Posted December 3, 2014 | 1:02 PM

Recent events have shown all Canadians just how poorly our wounded veterans are being treated by the Harper government. From the $1.13 billion in lapsed funds, to the recent Auditor General's damning report, it seems Canadian veterans are continuing to be short-changed, neglected, and disrespected.


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Canada's Auto Industry Thrived and Died in Windsor

(13) Comments | Posted November 20, 2014 | 12:59 PM

Windsor, Ontario has recently been dealt another blow; Ford Motor Company has just announced that it will not be bringing the new small engine production line to the Rose City. Instead, it will be built in Mexico, and the 600 potential jobs that would have brought every laid off Ford...

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Giving a U.S. Company the Contract for Canada's Community Mailboxes Is Insult To Injury

(40) Comments | Posted October 20, 2014 | 2:02 PM

This week I found out that Canada Post has awarded a lucrative contract "to an American company to supply the new community mailboxes to replace door-to-door mail delivery over the next five years."

It is bad enough that the elimination of door to door mail service will cut...

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Soldiers, Don't Trust Canada to Bring You Home From Iraq Alive

(168) Comments | Posted October 3, 2014 | 4:35 PM

There are 26 Special Forces soldiers in Iraq until at least October 5 acting as military advisors to the Iraqi military. I have worked with the Special Forces on two separate occasions and have friends that are members of this elite group of men and women. CSOR and JTF are...

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One Day of Honouring Veterans Will Never Make Up For a Lifetime of Disrespect

(26) Comments | Posted May 16, 2014 | 1:41 PM

When I was asked to write about the Day of Honour I found it difficult. I knew that the sooner I finished the better, but I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. The ceremony itself went off without a hitch. The military worked within the seven-week time...

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