October 4, 2015

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There's a Way to Recover Jobs Lost to Globalization

Assembly Line Getty Images

Globalization has brought significant benefits to the global economy, including developed countries' economies. However, it has led to decrease in the manufacturing base and employment in Canada and the US. If policies that require local content are introduced, it could boost employment in the manufacturing sector.

Trans Pacific Partnership Talks Hit Take-It-Or-Leave-It Phase

Trans Pacific Partnerships
REX Shutterstock

Here Is The Estimated Death Toll From VW Cars' Pollution


For The Record, Gilles Duceppe, This Guy Was Never Head Of The BoC

Ed Norton Honeymooners
CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Canadian Factories See 'Sharpest Deterioration' Ever In Survey's History

Rbc Royal Bank

Do You Think Workdays Should Be 6 Hours Long? This Country Does

6 Hour Work Day
Shutterstock / Tom Wang

'Still Lots Of Work To Be Done' On TPP, Ed Fast Says

Ed Fast Canada Eu Trade Deal

VW Sales Dive In Canada, Rise In U.S. After Emissions Scandal


This Random Guy Bought Google.com, Owned It For A Whole Minute

Sanmay Ved
via LinkedIn

Watch GTA Co-Workers Freak Out As They Win $60M Lotto Max Jackpot

Lotto Max

Here Are The Top Destinations For Canadians Working Abroad

Hong Kong
Martin Puddy via Getty Images

Canada's Regional Divisions Laid Bare In TPP Talks

Brad Wall

Walmart Planning To Slash Hundreds Of Jobs At Arkansas Headquarters

Athena Image
Credit: Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Amazon Stops Selling Google And Apple Streaming Devices

Amazon Prime
Invision for Amazon

This Is Humanity's Most Important Year Ever

Athena Image
Kommersant Photo via Getty Images

Can You Protect Yourself From 'Peeple' App? Spoiler: Not Really

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Canada's House Price Spike Beats Almost Every Other Country

House For Sale

Let’s Kick Coal While It’s Down

Athena Image
James MacPherson/Associated Press

Icelandic Airline's $99, $149 Flights To Europe Could Start Price War

Wow Air
Wow Air

HACKED: Personal Info On 15 Million T-Mobile Customers Exposed

Athena Image

New iOS 9 Feature Could Make Your Phone Bill Soar

Ios 9
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

National Bank Cutting 'Hundreds' Of Jobs

National Bank Of Canada Logo
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Volkswagen Scandal Proves It's Time To Stop Being Passive About Our Tech

Athena Image

The Surprisingly Optimistic Reason Why Europe Is Battling Google

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canadians Might Have To Vote Without Knowing Much About TPP Deal

Ballot Box
Comstock Images via Getty Images

Canadian Expat Business Leaders Blast Voting Ban

Stephen Harper

Toronto Elevator Factory To Shut Down, Move Jobs To Tennessee

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trudeau's Riding Would Gain Most From Liberal Child Benefit

Justin Trudeau

Carney: Climate Change Threatens Financial System, Future Wealth

Mark Carney
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Why You Might Want To Switch To A Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Shutterstock / Nata-Lia

Town That Volkswagen Built Fears For Its Future

H. & D. Zielske / LOOK-foto via Getty Images

Minimum Wage Is Going Up In These Provinces This Week

Canadian Money
David G. Miller via Getty Images

Canadian Economy Grew Faster Than Expected In July

Economy Canada Gdp November 2012

Canada Rises In Ranks Of World's Most Competitive Economies

Canada Flag

Subway Employee Claims He Was Fired For Being HIV-Positive


Bought A Used Car In Ontario In May? You're Not Done Paying Taxes

Car For Sale
Thinkstock Images via Getty Images

Keystone XL Builder Reverses Course In Battle With Landowners

Bloomberg via Getty Images

How TPP Would Affect Canada's Auto Sector

Oshawa Gm Plant Layoffs


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Elon Musk: Volkswagen Scandal Proves Fossil Fuels Are Kaput

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Look: The Coolest Condos Being Built In Toronto

Water Tower Toronto
Empire Communities

BlackBerry CEO's Awkward Demo Of New Phone Won't Help

Evan Blass

McDonald's Canada To Have Table Service, 15,000 New Workers

Mcdonalds Arches

2 Uber Executives May Face Prison Time In France

Athena Image

Tesla's Model X SUV Finally Hits The Road As Luxury SUV Sales Boom

Tesla Model X
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Whole Foods Won't Sell Products Made By Inmates Anymore

Whole Foods

Here's Who The Market Says Will Win Canada's Election

Financial Market
alex-mit via Getty Images

The Age Of Surveillance At Work Is Upon Us

Athena Image
Kurita KAKU via Getty Images

What You Should Know About Canada And World's Biggest Free Trade Deal

Harper Obama

Many Large Canadian Companies Have No Female Executives

Women Boardroom
istocksdaily via Getty Images

13 Million Sold In 3 Days

Iphone 6s
Bloomberg via Getty Images

VW Admits 1.8 Million Commercial Vehicles Had Emissions Rigged

JOHN MACDOUGALL via Getty Images

Hudson's Bay Laying Off 265 People In Toronto, New York

Carlos Osorio via Getty Images

Law Courts To Food Courts: Old Toronto City Hall May Become A Mall

Toronto Old City Hall
Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

Foo Fighter Stands To Lose $$$ On This Cali Beach House

Dave Grohl Beach House

Technology Might Kill The Idea Of Car Ownership -- And That's A Good Thing

Athena Image
Mitchell Funk/Getty Images

Temporary Foreign Workers Get First Dibs Under Express Entry Program

Jason Kenney

Harper's 1.3 Million Jobs Vow So Weak It's Just An 'Observation': Economist

Stephen Harper

Here's Where You'll Find Canada's Most And Least Affordable Homes

Stephen Saks via Getty Images

Whole Foods Slashes 1,500 Jobs

Whole Foods