September 23, 2014
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Does the CRTC Have the Legal Authority to Challenge Netflix?


Last week's very public fight between the CRTC and Netflix escalated on Monday as Netflix refused to comply with Commission's order to supply certain confidential information including subscriber numbers and expenditures on Canadian children's content. While the disclosure concerns revolve around the confidentiality of the data, the far bigger issue is now whether the CRTC has the legal authority to order it to do anything at all.

Loonie Headed Below 85 Cents: CIBC

Canadian Dollar
Yvan Dube via Getty Images

Harper's Interference Set Up Netflix-CRTC Clash: Experts

Stephen Harper
Thomas Koehler via Getty Images

BK-Tim Hortons Deal Prompted U.S. Tax Crackdown: Analysts

Barack Obama
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Fish Mislabelled For 'Better Profits'

Pink Snappers
darak77 via Getty Images

Soda Giants Vow To Make Big Change

Coke Pepsi

8 Things You Need To Know From Canada's Big Bank Economists

Economy Canada Gdp November 2012

This Is The Real Income Gap In Canada

Old Young
Westend61 via Getty Images

Netflix Says 'No' To CRTC Demand

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canadians Getting Among Worst Deals In World On Wireless

Wireless Prices Canada

Is ANYONE At The Top Worried About A Housing Bubble?

Stephen Poloz Joe Oliver Evan Siddall
CP/Globe and Mail

Will Labatt Pretend This Is A Micro-Brew?

Shock Top Beer
Anheuser Busch

U.S. States Would Reap Billions In Taxes From Legal Weed: Survey

Marijuana Revenue

Battles Rage In Line-ups

Iphone Line 2014
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Buyers Re-Selling To China?

Whole Foods' High-Priced Rep Finally Catching Up With It

Whole Foods Store

Mulcair Slams 'Freeloader' Corporations

Thomas Mulcair

Economy Shifting Gears To Service The Rich: CIBC

Shutterstock / Khakimullin Aleksandr

Internet, Phone Costs Soaring: StatsCan

Galaxy S5
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Pizza Hut Delivery Gets Some Help From Local Police

Pizza Delivery
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Canada Missing Out On Green Energy Revolution: Report

Green Energy

Julian Assange Praises Canadian Supreme Court Ruling

Julian Assange
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Return Of NHL Just What Canada's Economy Needs: Moody's

Stanley Cup
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Gridlocked Toronto Transit May Get Some Private Competition

Streetcar Toronto

Canada Still Needs Economic Stimulus, BoC Says

Carolyn Wilkins Bank Of Canada

World's 2nd-Biggest Grocery Chain Admits Cooking Its Books

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Students' Finances Take A Hit From Mandatory Unpaid Work

College Classroom
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SpaceX Launches 3-D Printer, Mice Into Space

Elon Musk

Ultra-Polite Canucks Twice As Likely To Prevent Spoilers: Netflix

Tv Spoilers
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Walmart May Be Breaking The Law By Encouraging Political Donations


America's Richest States

M Swiet Productions via Getty Images

15 Super-Specific And Magical Things To Do With iOS 8

Iphone 6

Leafs Named Worst Sports Franchise In North America

Toronto Maple Leafs
Lucas Oleniuk via Getty Images

Buying A House Even More Expensive Than You Thought

House For Sale
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Iconic Hipster Beer Sold To Russians

10 Things To Know Before Buying Any Car

Car Buying

Jason Kenney Pretty Much Admits TFW Program Is Exploitation

Jason Kenney Foreign Workers

Oil Heirs Divesting From Fossil Fuels

John D Rockefeller

Obama Urged To Reject Canadian Plan For Nuke Disposal

Bruce Trail
Ethan Meleg via Getty Images

Threat To 'Precious Lakes'

BlackBerry Undercuts Apple, Samsung With New Phone

Blackberry Passport

Joe Oliver To Weaker G20 Economies: Be Like Canada

Joe Oliver

What Hollywood Hotshots Saw When The Visited The Oilsands

Leo And Chief Adam
Darren Aronofsky

Netflix To CRTC: Forget Regulation, Let The People Decide

Netflix France

The Best (And Worst) Cities In Canada To Move For Work

MaksiMages via Getty Images


Alibaba Ipo
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It Could Soon Be Impossible To Get U.S. Netflix In Canada


LOOK: Calgary Homes The Average Buyer Can Afford

Calgary Homes

Look What's Driving Up Canada's Inflation Rate

Smartphone Japan
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Peyton Manning: Legal Pot Has Been Awesome For My Pizza Business

Banks Lose Supreme Court Of Canada Battle Over Credit Card Fees

Supreme Court Canada
Getty Images

Largest Player In Ontario's 'Ring Of Fire' Looking For An Exit

Ring Of Fire
Sunny Freeman

► High-Paying Jobs That'll Leave You Miserable

High Paying Jobs Stress
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► How To Ditch Your Bank

Bank Teller
kurga via Getty Images