November 28, 2014
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What It's Like Inside the CBC, Post-Ghomeshi

Sookyin sook-yin

It's difficult to talk about what bothers you. But it's those very things that can nag and fester over time. When you're finally able to bring it up, it can come out in blurts or gushes, in anger or tears. Let's talk about the elephant in the room: Jian Ghomeshi, former host of Q. A lot of people have been wondering what it's like to be inside the CBC right now. I want to share what it's been like for me. When the Jian debacle ripped through the Broadcast Centre, it was impossible to ignore. Q, the flagship program, was torn apart and tarnished. In the hallways and elevators, people are shell-shocked, uncertain of what to do or say or how to handle it.

Toronto Stock Exchange, Loonie Plunge Amid Oil Price Collapse

Offshore Oil Rig
Maxim Chupashkin via Getty Images

..And Here's What Falling Oil Prices Will Cost Canada

Um, About Those Huge Job Gains...

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Toronto No Longer Ranks Among World's Most Reputable Cities

Toronto Skyline
Getty Images

Bell, Telus Face Lawsuit Over Rounding Up To Next Minute


Ferguson Protests Spill Over To Walmart, Target Stores

Ferguson Walmart

Hydro Company Sends Man 2 Years' Worth Of Bills At Once

Electric Meter
Getty Images/Fuse

Bell Swallows Glentel

Bell Canada

Gas Prices 'Set To Nosedive'

Gas Pump
MECKY via Getty Images

Grocery Stores Caught Cheating On Expiry Dates

Grocery Store Meat

SaskTel Managers' Kids Assembled Set-Top Boxes For $200 An Hour, Court Hears

Forget Oil: Real Estate, Construction Now Canada's Powerhouses

Real Estate

Metro Websites Across Canada Shutting Down

Metro Newspapers

How To Avoid Falling Off A Debt Cliff On Black Friday

Black Friday Walmart
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Bell Caught Planting Fake Reviews Of Its App

Bell Canada Sign
Bloomberg via Getty Images

NHL, CBC Sites Come Under Attack From 'Syrian Electronic Army'

Website Hacking
B2M Productions via Getty Images

IMF Warns Canada About Uninsured Mortgages, Overvalued Housing


Low Oil Prices? Don't Worry, Joe Oliver's Got It Covered

Joe Oliver

This Year's Hottest Selling Cars


Stop Making Your Weed Look So Good, Health Canada Tells Producers

Marijuana Bud

Cheap iPhone Supposedly Getting The Ax From Apple

Iphone 5c
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canada Post About To Turn A Profit

Canada Post Suicides Montreal

Bell To CRTC: We May Stop Investing If You Force Us To Share Our Network

Bell Canada Unpaid Interns

House Price Boom Or Not, Alberta Housing Among Most Affordable

Lynn Koenig via Getty Images

Twitter Now Tracks What Other Apps You Have On Your Phone

Twitter Apps
Bloomberg via Getty Images

TransCanada Ditches PR Firm That Urged Smear Campaign

Transcanada Keystone Safety

CRA Accidentally Discloses Famous Canadians' Tax Info

Margaret Atwood
Marta Iwanek via Getty Images

Coca-Cola Rolls Out 'Healthier' Brand Of Milk

Cocacola Truck

Canada Urged To Change Tax System In Fight Against Inequality

Ugurhan Betin via Getty Images

Walmart Workers Launch Black Friday Strike

Walmart Sign

Canada's Competition Bureau Stands Up For Uber

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez via Getty Images

Elon Musk: 'Nobody Should Be CEO Forever'

Elon Musk


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U.S. Attempts To Apply 'Buy America' Provisions In Canada

Canada Us Flags

Six Years Later, Walmart Still Hasn't Paid A $7,000 Fine For Black Friday Worker's Death

Jdimytai Damour

LOOK: The Most Epic Ski Homes For Sale In Canada

Ski Homes Lodges Chalets Canada

The Gaming Industry's Greatest Adversary Is Just Getting Started

Think You're Getting A Good Deal On Black Friday? Think Again

Toronto Mall
Getty Images

Black Friday Sales For The Techie In All Of Us

Getty Images

November Is Canada's New Holiday Shopping Month

Black Friday
AP Images for Kmart

The NHL's Most Valuable Team Is Better At Money Than It Is At Hockey

Nhl Logo

'I Hate Thailand' Goes Viral

I Hate Thailand

BlackBerry Will Pay iPhone Users Up To $600 To Switch Phones

Blackberry Passport Keyboard Buttons

Smart Set Stores Shuttering


Health Insurer Confirms It Won't Pay $900,000 Baby Birth Bill

Reece Huculak

Canada Seeing Biggest Price Hikes In The Developed World: Report

Food Prices

CMHC Makes A Big Admission About Canada's Housing Market

House For Sale

Ex-Clinton Secretary Warns Canada Following U.S.'s Inequality Path

Robert Reich
Win McNamee via Getty Images

How Canada's Auto Loan Bubble Has Become A Ticking Time Bomb

Car For Sale Sticker
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Budweiser Fires Its Iconic Clydesdales

Budweiser Clydesdales
Dilip Vishwanat via Getty Images

What Your Work Lunch Really Says About You

Harry Bradford/HuffPost