April 18, 2014
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Award-Winning Journalist

Flaherty's Legacy: The Good, The Bad & The Very Ugly

Jim Flaherty CP

Flaherty, who was only 64 when he died, was devoted to his family and one of the most popular Members of Parliament. And while his life achievements and humanity should be praised, it also needs to be said that during his time in the federal government his policies severely discriminated against the vast majority of Canadians. With apologies to Clint Eastwood, the Flaherty/Harper contributions to the economic life of the country can be broken into three main areas: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Best Jobs In Canada

Lawyer Jury
Getty Images

Wow, Health Canada Sure Hates Weed

Health Canada Medical Marijuana
Health Canada

Rogers' 2 CEOs Made How Much??

Rogers Down

Company Agrees To Telus Offer

Mobilicity Telus

(Still Subject To Approval)

One-Quarter Of New Jobs May Be Going To Temp Foreign Workers: PBO

Fast Food Counter

And The Latest Fried Chicken Joint Caught Up In An Anti-Gay Flap Is..

Kfc Lesbian Kiss

Pizza Cake May Soon Be A Thing In Canada

Pizza Cake
Boston Pizza

Northern Mine Sits Atop A LETHAL Store Of Arsenic

Giant Mine

Walmart Launches New Service


Housing Correction Could Trigger Recession: BMO

House Price Growth
chris sadowski via Getty Images

Inequality Is Just Getting Started

Thomas Piketty
FRED DUFOUR via Getty Images

What's CRA Not Telling Us About Heartbleed SIN Breach?

Kerry Lynne Findlay

Best Places To Work In Canada Are..

Google Logo
DAMIEN MEYER via Getty Images

Energy Prices Are Taking A Bite

Gas Station

Scotiabank: Canada's Long Housing Boom Is Coming To An End

Housing Bubble
Tooga via Getty Images

Bad News For Goldman Sachs

Lloyd Blankfein

Ontario Wants Out

General Motors Logo

Here Are The Jobs You'll Be Doing In The Future

Robot Humanoid
Getty Images

Barbie Is Dying And Bringing Mattel Along With Her

Barbie Sports Illustrated

Ontario Electricity Rates Going Up

Getty Images

Koch Brothers Net Worth Soars Past $100 Billion

Koch Brothers

'It Was Like Modern Day Slavery'

Mcdonalds Foreign Workers

Matt Taibbi: U.S. Has 'Profound Hatred Of The Weak And The Poor'

Matt Taibbi
Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

Why You Should Think Twice Before 'Liking' Cheerios


Canadians May Have Some Job Commitment Issues, Poll Suggests

Job Interview
Image Source via Getty Images

Teen Charged In CRA Data Breach

Twitter netpublic

Smartphone Industry Promises 'Kill Switch' To Reduce Thefts

Smartphone Theft
Contra Costa Times via Getty Images

CNN Appearances Get Canadian Fired

Mitchell Casado

Casual Look 'Shamed Canadians'

High-Speed Trading Firms Issued Subpoenas

Mortgage Fraud Lawsuits
1 of 9

Look What's Happening To The Cost Of Education In Canada

School Stack Books
Cultura RM/Nancy Honey via Getty Images

So You've Left Your Taxes To The Last Minute. Now What?

Filing Taxes
PeskyMonkey via Getty Images

'Made From Real Rabbit. Just Like This Billboard'

Hell Pizza Rabbit
Hell Pizza/Facebook

Pizza Ad Covered In Pelts

Globe And Mail Poaches Robyn Doolittle

Robyn Doolittle
miguel jacob

Average House Price Blasts Through $400K Mark

House Prices Up
Spark Studio via Getty Images

Jimmy Carter To Obama: Reject Keystone XL Pipeline

Jimmy Carter

New Beer Store Ad On Booze In Corner Stores Provokes Rage

Beer Store Commercial
Ontario beer facts/YouTube

Molson, Miller In Turf War Over Canada

Miller Genuine Draft

Uh Oh: BoC Lowers Forecast

Stephen Poloz Bank Of Canada

BlackBerry's Next Move

Courtesy of Patrick Soon-Shiong

A Phone That Keeps You Healthy

Starbucks Vows To Clean Up Its Act

Ontario Is Dragging Down The Rest of Canada, Study Says

Cn Tower Upside Down

6 Years Later, Manufacturing Finally Bounces Back

Chris Ryan via Getty Images

First Photos Of Amazon's Alleged 3-D Phone Leaked

Amazon Phone

Gas Prices Are Soaring And There's No Relief In Sight

Gas Pump

This Is The Most Sexist Thing We've Heard On Live TV In A While

Bloomberg TV

Digital Privacy Act A ‘Stunning' Attack On Privacy: Critics

Online Spying Canada

Bank Regulator Unveils Tougher Mortgage Rules

John Lund via Getty Images