August 27, 2015

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Stop Complaining About Housing Prices and Start Looking for Solutions

House For Sale Getty

My suggestion to people concerned about housing in Toronto and Vancouver is to stop looking for a scapegoat, stop searching for someone to blame, and start coming up with real, workable plans. The first step is to accept that high housing prices are justified based on supply and demand and devise a workable strategy that can either increase supply or reduce demand based on current market conditions. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Oil Prices Rebound In Biggest One-Day Gain Since 2008

Oil Barrels
Guy Vanderelst via Getty Images

Look: Abandoned Targets Of Canada Memoralized With A Tumblr Page

Target Canada Liquidation Sale
Joe O'Connal

Luxury Stores Are Moving To Canada's Suburban Malls

Core Centre Calgary
Core Shopping

Look: Top 10 Luxury Shopping Areas

The U.S.'s Highest-Paying Jobs Aren't On Wall Street..

Women Surgeons
Getty Images

How Ontario Could Lose Billions From The Oil Price Collapse

Toronto Skyline
Nathan Bergeron Photography

Ashley Madison Owner Planned App Called ‘What's Your Wife Worth'

Whats Your Wife Worth
via The Daily Dot

McDonald's Cuts Ties With Chicken Supplier After Abuse Video

Mcdonalds Chicken Prices

Here's How Outrageous The Pay Gap Between CEOs And Workers Is

Ceo Worker Pay Gap

Stocks Fly After Fed Official Cools September Rate Hike Talk

Athena Image

Toronto-Dominion Bank Makes $2.3 Billion In 3 Months

Td Bank Mortgage Rate Hike

Best Buy's Canadian Earnings Suffer Massive Decline

Best Buy

Fracking Confirmed As Trigger For B.C. Earthquake

Citizens of the Planet/UIG via Getty Images

Why Even Women At The Very Top Can't Get Equal Pay

Athena Image
CNBC via Getty Images

Canada Grew Richer, More Equal In 2014: Survey

Loonies Toonies

Canadian Cities Ranked By Wealth

Gap To End On-Call Scheduling For Workers

Athena Image
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Walmart Quits Selling AR-15s And Military-Style Rifles

Athena Image
Area 52 Advertising Inc via Getty Images

Fee Hikes Help RBC To Record-High Canadian Earnings

Royal Bank Of Canada

CIBC's Profit Jumps

Cibc Q4 Earnings Profit

Former Canadian CEO Detained In Bulgaria Over Corruption Allegations. Again.

Leonard Homeniuk
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Self-Serve Kiosks Not A Threat To Jobs, McDonald's Canada Says

Mcdonalds Self Serve
Bloomberg via Getty Images

China's Turbulent Stock Market Slips Once Again

Athena Image
Credit: Ng Han Guan/Associated Press

Burger King To McDonald's: Let's Make A McWhopper For Peace


'I'm Never Eating Oreos Again'

N.B. Liquor Warns It Could Go Out Of Business If It Loses Court Battle

Billionaire Magazine Cites Fake Gandhi Quote To Defend Insane Wealth

Billionaire Magazine

As Tuition Rises, Food Banks Appear At Canadian Universities

Saint Marys University Halifax
Public Domain

This U.S. Plus-Size Retailer Is Starting Its Global Expansion With Canada

Torrid Plus Size
Daniel Boczarski via Getty Images

Canadian Broadcasters' Profits Shrink As Streaming And Mobile Move In

Tv Set
Getty Images

Microsoft's Vague New Privacy Terms, Explained

Athena Image
Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

This Is How Much Canadians Are Spending On Back-To-School Supplies

Limited Too Store

Toxic Ingredients? Russia Is Banning Foreign Detergent Brands


Why You Shouldn't Sell Stock During A Market Panic

Athena Image
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

High House Prices Pushing Up Debt, But We've Got It Covered: BoC

House For Sale

Money-Laundering Probe Targets Vancouver Real Estate Industry

Vancouver For Sale
HuffPost B.C.

What Recession? BMO Profit Up 6%

Bmo Q4 Earnings Profit

CIBC Hints NDP Win Could Hurt Markets

Thomas Mulcair

Canada's Privacy Czar Opens Probe Into Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


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Loonie Hits 11-Year Low As China Crashes, Oil Slides

Canadian Dollar Loonie Td Bank

Instead Of A Tip, Diners Leave ‘LOL’ For New Jersey Waitress

Tip Lol

Apple Loses $75B In One Morning, Gets It Back When CEO Speaks

Tim Cook

Look: Cristiano Ronaldo Buys NYC Condo That Inspired ‘50 Shades'

Cristiano Ronaldo

China's Crash An Opportunity To 'Reset' Canada's Commodity Economy

Mining Canada
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Nine West Sold To American Owner

Nine West
Nine West

The World's Richest People Just Lost $182 Billion

Bezos Zuckerberg Buffett

Moving Alberta Oil By Rail Under Fire By U.S. Opponents

Oil By Rail
Ken Paul via Getty Images

CBC's Got Canada-Wide Technical Issues

TransCanada Inks Deals With 3 Companies Over Energy East Pipeline

Transcanada Pipeline

Ashley Madison's 'King Of Infidelity' Says He Doesn't Cheat

Noel Biderman

Currency War Rages As Developing Economies Sputter

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Harper's Debt Policies Risk Canada's Future, Ex-StatsCan Head Writes

Munir Sheikh

Japanese Retailer Uniqlo May Bring 4-Day Work Week To Canada

ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Oil Falls Below $40 For First Time Since Financial Crisis

Oil Rig
David Jones via Getty Images

This City Has The Lowest Percentage Of Ashley Madison Users In Canada

Tetra Images - Yuri Arcurs via Getty Images

DND, House Of Commons Credit Card Data In Ashley Madison Leak

House Of Commons Summer Break

Woman Gets Several Job Offers After Handing Out Resumes On The Side Of The Road

Athena Image

Oil Price Crash Sparks Concerns For Canadian Banks' Health

Canadian Banks Offshore Tax Havens

Inflation Accelerates In Canada