July 29, 2014
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International Games Need To Leave Something Other Than Crumbling Ruins Behind

Vancouver Olympics Michael Wheatley via Getty Images

Among the incentives to host a major international sporting event is the promise of an enduring legacy of infrastructure for future generations of athletes and citizens to enjoy. It seems that the global athletic events of the future will leave something other than crumbling ruins behind, as short-term sporting venues are built with social development in mind. We can only hope so much for Toronto's 2015 Pan Am Games. With a total budget of $1.44 billion, the creative opportunities for a sustainable legacy, like the athletes themselves, know no limits.

In Canada, How You Feel About The Economy Depends On Where You Live

Black Unemployed
Michael Krasowitz via Getty Images

Federal Agency After Hack Attack: Give Us A Year To Fix This

Retailers Selling Lotto Tickets Win A Suspicious Number Of Lotteries

Grocery Checkout
Noel Hendrickson via Getty Images

Harper Might Have To Compromise To Get European Trade Deal

Stephen Harper

Canada's Malls Are Reshaping To Cater To The Rich

Shopping Mall Perks

Most Airbnb Rentals Go Fine. Then There Are Horror Stories

Airbnb Vagina

OkCupid Proudly Admits It Experiments On People All The Time


Russia Ordered To Pay $50 Billion For Stealing Oil Company


More Than A Third Of Americans In Trouble With Debt Collectors

American Debt
The Urban Institute

Target Did Something Really Shady With Customers' Personal Data

Target Store

Global Nuclear Power Supply At Lowest Level Since 1980s

Nuclear Reactor
Christophe Van Biesen via Getty Images

Target Makes Big Move On Prices

Target Canada Customer Satisfaction

Oops: That Mountain On $10 Bill Not As Advertised

10 Bill Canada

Why Everybody Is Mad At Rich People

Wealth Change
Russell Sage Foundation

You May Want To Delete Facebook After Watching This Video


How Is The U.S. Beating Canada On The Human Development Index?

Canada Flag Us Flag
FotografiaBasica via Getty Images

Bitcoin Is For Crime, Finance Dept. Memo Warns


Red Lobster Desperately Wants You To Think It's A Fancy Restaurant

'Patriotic' Big Banks Profit Helping U.S. Companies Dodge Taxes

Jamie Dimon
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Rick Ross: Eat At My Restaurants, But Don't Bring Guns

Rick Ross
Dan Harr/Invision/AP

European Country To Reportedly Reject Canada, EU Trade Deal

Harper Eu
GEORGES GOBET via Getty Images

U.S. Lawmakers Got Cash From Alberta's Keystone Lobbyists

Keystone Xl Tar Sands Expansion
Bloomberg via Getty Images

This Is Your Life In Weeks

Wait But Why

U.S.'s 10 Fastest-Shrinking Companies

Hr Block
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Amazon Is Selling Customized 3D-Printed Jewelry, Toys And More

Amazon 3d Printing

Look How Much Faster You Can Pay Off That Mortgage With $100 Extra

Chemistry via Getty Images

Dollar Tree Buying Family Dollar For $8.5 Billion

Dollar Tree Store

►YouTube To Drop $1 BILLION On This: Report

Twitch Xboxone
Screen Grab

Ontario's 75 Power Companies Hindering Electric Car Development

Tesla Model S
Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images

1 of 9

This Is The Biggest Financial Worry For Retiring Canadians

Shutterstock / Mikael Damkier

As Duffy Faces Prosecution, Nigel Wright Takes A Job In London

Nigel Wright Conflict Of Interest

LOOK: Ex-Habs Captain Selling Gorgeous Cali Mansion

Saku Koivu Montreal

Lululemon's New Strategy: Take Out Patents And Sue The Competition

Lululemon Pants Shortage

Telcos Take Cops To Court Over Request To Spy On 40,000 Customers

Rogers Telecom

Now This Is A Museum Canadians Will Want To Visit

Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

Southwest Coming To Canada Could Shake Up Air Travel

Southwest Airlines

Bon Jovi's Plan To Move Buffalo Bills To Toronto Inches Forward

Jon Bon Jovi
Larry Busacca via Getty Images

Federal Deficit Half What It Was This Time Last Year

Joe Oliver

One-Third Of This City's Residents Are Millionaires

John Wang via Getty Images

..But Toronto Beats Paris

Jewish Deli Called ‘Disgusting' For Sponsoring Palestine Film Festival

NEB Orders Halt To Enbridge Pipeline Construction In Manitoba


'Preventing Poverty' Not Allowed For Charities, Canada Revenue Says


Mark Cuban Threatens To Dump Companies That Move Offshore

Mark Cuban
STAN HONDA via Getty Images

Elon Musk Is Making Good On Promises To Stephen Colbert

Elon Musk
Comedy Central

Kristen Bell's Mary Poppins Takes On Minimum Wage With A Spoonful Of Sugar

Kristen Bell Funny Or Die
Funny Or Die

Amazon's Stock Gets Destroyed

Amazon Stock
Google Finance

A Sort Of Creepy Reason To Love Costco

FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images