March 31, 2015
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After 50 Years of the Canada Pension Plan We've Run Off Course

Pension Rosemary Calvert via Getty Images

This week, the legislation that originally created the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will turn 50 years old. The stated purpose of the Canada Pension Plan was to ensure all working Canadians have an opportunity to retire in dignity. It builds on basic Old Age Security to achieve greater social justice linked to progress in the economy. But Canada has big challenges to face in the immediate future if we're to honour Lester Pearson's ambition of a fair, efficient, adequate system of retirement income for all Canadians.

What Oil Price Collapse? Canadian Profits At 27-Year High

Toronto Panorama
Panoramic Images via Getty Images

Bank Of Canada's Poloz Warns Of ‘Atrocious' Economic Growth

Stephen Poloz Bank Of Canada

What Harper Giveth, The Provinces Taketh Away

Harper Oliver

How Amazon And Online Shopping Took Away Future Shop's Future

Future Shop

LOOK: Tons Of A-List Musicians Launch Own Music Streaming Service

Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

Maple Lodge Farms Probes Animal Abuse Claims

Maple Lodge Farms

Honda Canada To Export Vehicles To Europe

Honda Car
Geri Lavrov via Getty Images

Coming Soon: All-Day Breakfast?

Mcdonalds Breakfast
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Baird Has Another New Gig

John Baird
MOHAMED EL-SHAHED via Getty Images

'Roll Up The Rim' Winner Loses Out Over Contest Fine Print

Roll Up The Rim

Amazon Testing Delivery Drones In Rural B.C.

Amazon Drones

Apple CEO: Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Laws Are Dangerous

Tim Cook

Why You're Getting Bombarded With More Beer Ads Than Ever

Amazon Now Lets You Hire People To Do Chores, Fix Stuff

Amazon Home Services

Spotify Can Now Replace Your Game's Music On PlayStation

Spotify Playstation

Target Wants To Close Its Canadian Stores Faster Than Originally Planned

Target Canada

Tesla's Self-Driving Feature Leaves Insurers Idling As States Scramble

Tesla Model S

Future Shop Closing ALL Stores

Future Shop

Fear Of An Oil-Price ‘Contagion'

Canada Flag
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

Canada's Biggest Builder Bails On Suburbs, Heads Downtown

Mattamy Homes
Mattamy Homes

Barrick Gold Hires John Baird

John Baird

Canadians Are The World's Biggest Internet Users

Internet Canada
mucahiddin via Getty Images

German Airline Could Face 'Unlimited' Damages Over Crash

Carsten Koall via Getty Images

Quebec To Block Gambling Sites, Mulls Internet Tax

Philippe Couillard

Canada Post Profit Means It Doesn't Have To Cut Delivery: Union

Canada Post Community Mailboxes

Airbnb To Ease Hotel Shortage At Rio Olympics

FelipeGoifman via Getty Images

'Princesses' Comfort Workers At Soon-To-Be-Closed Target Store

Princesses Target
Princess Parties by Simone

Tim Cook 'Deeply Disappointed' In Indiana's New Anti-Gay Law

Tim Cook Apple


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Apple's Tim Cook Plans To Give Away His Fortune To Charity

Apple Tim Cook
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

LOOK: The Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Canada

Nova Scotia House
Bryant Realty

Were You Scammed In A Phony Bidding War?

House For Sale
Vesna Andjic via Getty Images

Google's New CFO To Get $70 Million For Leaving Morgan Stanley

Ruth Porat
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

CBC Lays Off Staff Country-Wide

BlackBerry Actually Turns A Profit

John Chen Blackberry
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Salesforce CEO Cancels Company Events In Indiana After Passage of Anti-Gay Law

Tax Hikes And Fees Alpenty For Albertans

Canadian Money Wallet
Melissa King via Getty Images

5 Things You Should Probably Be Buying At Costco

FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

Where To Place Your Router To Get The Absolute Best WiFi Connection

Jason Cole

WATCH: Monsanto Rep Says Weed Killer Safe To Drink, Then Runs Away When Offered Some

Monsanto Dr Patrick Moore

Bell Apologizes For Interfering In CTV's Coverage

Kevin Crull

Poloz Defends Surprise Rate Cut

Stephen Poloz

Air Canada Ad Suggests Atlantic Provinces Are Another Country

Air Canada Ad
Air Canada

Tories' Bill C-51 Has A New Foe

Mozilla Ceo

3 More Canadian Fashion Chains Closing Stores

Eaton Centre

Joe Fresh Gets Into The Shoe Game

Aldo Shoes

It's Getting Harder To Be A 'Dollar' Store

Rick Madonik via Getty Images