April 21, 2015

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The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Plastic

Transaction klaptoman via Getty Images

Before you think this is just another a sooth-saying blog from a member of the financial community about the dangers of credit and debt, let me assure you that credit, in and of itself, is not inherently bad. It serves an important purpose and facilitates plenty of financial necessities. There is indeed some good, some bad, and some ugly involved in going full plastic.

60 Canadian Business Leaders Sign Letter Against Bill C-51

Stephen Harper

This Hiring Practice Is Shutting Out Struggling Canadians From Jobs

Mobile Bank

'Certain Irony' People Most In Need Of Work Affected

From Homeless Panhandler To Founder Of Second Cup Coffee

Frank Odea Second Cup

Loonie ‘Undervalued' But ‘Worst Days Are Over': BMO

Bmo Loonie Travel

And The Best Day Of The Year To Sell Your House Is..

House For Sale Toronto

This Country Is Ending FM Radio

larigan - Patricia Hamilton via Getty Images

Rogers Vows To Fix Confusing Bills, Improve Service

Rogers Communications

Canada's Medical Pot Users Turning To Black Market: Study

Rolled Joint
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

'Flash Crash' Trader Charged With Manipulation

Flash Crash Stock
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

How The Loonie And Oil Fared As The Tories Prepped Their Plans

How We Got Here Chart
HuffPost Canada

Fox Radio Affiliate Becomes K-HIGH, All Weed, All The Time

Khigh Radio Marijuana

In Parts Of Africa, Cell Phones Are Everywhere And Landlines Barely Exist

Kenya Cell Phone
TONY KARUMBA via Getty Images

Halifax Crash Prompts $12M Lawsuit

Air Canada Ac624

CP Has Never Been More Profitable

Cp Rail Job Cuts

Japan's Maglev Train Just Broke The World Speed Record

Japan Train
JIJI PRESS via Getty Images

Twitter Unveils New Plan To Battle Abusive Users

Twitter Logo
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Beef Prices Have Jumped 18%, And The Worst Is Yet To Come

Organic Beef
Tanya_F via Getty Images

Bad News For Ontarians' Hydro Bills

Climate Changes
John James via Getty Images

McDonald's Doesn't Want You To See These Pictures

Mcdonalds Arches

Squeezed By Low Margins, Banks Are Raising Customer Fees

Bank Fees

Uber To Face Lawsuit For Discriminating Against Blind People

Uber New York

Canadian Housing Finally Makes It To Top Of Most-Overvalued List

House For Sale
Design Pics via Getty Images

Canada's Economy Headed For Major Milestone: $2 Trillion In GDP

Canadian Dollar

Rogers Blames CRTC After Profit Drop

Rogers Store
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Happy 4/20: Willie Nelson Launches Own Weed Brand

Willie Nelson Birthday

World Finance Leaders Feeling Jittery

Imf Meeting Washington
Handout via Getty Images

Upcoming BMW Lets You Stand Outside Car While Parking It

Bmw Self Parking

Why Execs Are Ditching The Lunch Meeting For Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle
Alli Harvey via Getty Images

Canadian Miners Grapple With Security Risks In Mexico

Mining Mexico


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HBO Might Be Coming After You If You Watched Those Leaked Episodes

Game Of Thrones

Canadians Bail On Foreign Vacations As Loonie Sinks


It's Official: Cirque Du Soleil Sold

Cirque Soleil 30 Ans
Marc-Antoine Charlebois

Ghomeshi Report Shines Light On Need For Safer Workplaces

David Cooper via Getty Images

Apple Pay Is Coming To Canada: Will There Be A ‘Collision' With The Banks?

Apple Pay Data Stolen

Toronto Raptors, GM Fined $60,000 For 'Obscene Language'

Masai Ujiri Raptors Fine

Internet Bills To Rise As Cable TV Heads Into ‘Veritable Bloodbath'

Dark Computer
Artur Debat via Getty Images

Roomba's Lawn Mowing Robot Has Some Explaining To Do

Westend61 via Getty Images

Sleep Country Canada Founder's ‘Stripper School' Mansion Shut Down

Gordon Lownds

Google Search Is About To Change In A Big Way

Google Search
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

Rising Food Costs Outstrip Lower Gas Prices

Gas Pump

Versailles-Inspired Toronto Mansion Fails To Sell At Auction

40 Park Lane Circle Toronto

This House Built Into Boulders Is Way Nicer Than The Flintstones Bungalow

Arizona Boulder House
Arizona Regional MLS

Wynne Can't Guarantee Rates Won't Rise With Hydro Sell-Off

Kathleen Wynne

Bell Faces $750M Lawsuit For Tracking Customer Usage

Bell Canada

The Canada-U.S. Price Gap Is Gone

Canada Usa Border

What Criminal Charges? Feds Choose SNC-Lavalin For Bridge Project

This? Just A River Running Through A B.C. Mansion

River House Vancouver Island
Luxury BC Homes

Can People Who Don't Have $1 Million Stay In Vancouver?