April 26, 2015

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Before You Complain About Taxes, Read This

People don't like paying their taxes in part because the connection between what we pay and the goods and services we receive has been broken. Add to that a massive shift toward a consumer society in which people derive a lot of social standing from what they consume and it's an uphill battle for taxes.

Diet Pepsi Is Ditching Aspartame, But Not In Canada

Diet Pepsi

Google Fi Might Be What Canada's Telecom Market Needs

Smart Phone
LDProd via Getty Images

Baloney Meter: Did The Tories Really Pay Down $37 Billion In Debt?

Harper Oliver

TFSA Change Takes Place Immediately, Government Clarifies

Joe Oliver Balanced Budget

Jim Doak, Bay Street Personality, Found Dead In Mongolia

Jim Doak

Sheryl Sandberg: 'As A Woman Gets More Successful, She Is Less Liked'

Sheryl Sandberg

Lawsuit Accuses World Bank Arm Of 'Mission Failure'

India World Bank
Sam Siva / ICIJ

TD Latest Bank To Earn Billions And Dole Out Job Cuts

Td Bank Ponzi Scheme

You No Longer Have To Be 'Hot' To Work At Abercrombie

Abercrombie Models
Getty Images

Behold, Ontario: Online Service Will Deliver Wine And Spirits

TSX Soars, NASDAQ Hits 15-Year High

Nasdaq 5000
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

Salesforce CEO Takes Radical Step To Pay Men And Women Equally

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

This Bleak Number Shows Just How Many Albertans Have Lost Jobs

Technology Jobs

Mike Duffy's Badly Redacted Diary Suggests Illegal Enbridge Lobbying

Mike Duffy Redacted
National Observer

Google Chairman Sees $109-Million Payday

Eric Schmidt Washington
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Obama May Soon Give GMO and Meat Companies Something They've Always Wanted

Cheeseburger Meat

7 Ways To Avoid Being Ripped Off When Buying A Car

Car Dealership

Elon Musk Accepted $0 Of His Tesla Salary Last Year

Elon Musk

No New Taxes, Major Cuts In Ontario Budget

Charles Sousa Kathleen Wynne

How Sears Canada Is Benefiting From Target's Disappearance

Sears Canada Closing Stores Toronto

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Off: Report


Facebook Also Collects What You Decide Not To Post


Canada Won't Match U.S. On Emissions: Harper

Stephen Harper Barack Obama

Environment, First Nations Get Small Slices Of Budget Pie

Sunny Freeman

Deutsche Bank Will Pay $2.5 Billion To Settle Rate-Rigging Case

Credit Card Lenders 'Stomping On The Little Guy,' Lawyer Says

Credit Card
David Rogowski, AOL

Sex Was Consensual, Tim Hortons Founder's Son Tells Court

Fox Harbr Too Steven Joyce

Tories Quietly Slip Tougher Copyright Rule Into Budget

Stephen Harper


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Toronto's Incredible ‘Integral House' On Sale For $28 Million

Integral House
Philip Castleton

Canadians Are Top ‘Game Of Thrones' Pirates, And HBO Is Cracking Down

Game Of Thrones

Toronto Businessman Sues Magazine For $100 Million Over Article

Toronto Life Cover
Toronto Life

Report: First-Time Home Buyers Turning To 'Bank Of Mom And Dad'

Buying A Home
Rob Daly via Getty Images

Oliver: TFSA Changes A Problem For 'Stephen Harper's Granddaughter'

Joe Oliver
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rand Paul Yanks Ray-Bans After Complaint From Company

Rand Paul
Michael Kovac via Getty Images

Here's What's Really Scary About High-Ratio Mortgages In Canada

House For Sale

Kevin O'Leary: I Make More Money With Female CEOs

Kevin Oleary
HuffPost Live

LOOK: This Is Quickly Becoming Canada's New Tallest Neighbourhood

The One Yonge Bloor
Mizrahi Developments

60 Canadian Business Leaders Sign Letter Against Bill C-51

Stephen Harper

Starbucks Wants You To Spend $200 On A $50 Gift Card For Your Mom

Tories Criticized For Using EI Funds To Help Balance Budget

Joe Oliver Stephen Harper

This Hiring Practice Is Shutting Out Struggling Canadians From Jobs

Mobile Bank

'Certain Irony' People Most In Need Of Work Affected

Here's Who Will Benefit The Most From Budget's Tax Breaks

Family Dinner
Ariel Skelley

From Homeless Panhandler To Founder Of Second Cup Coffee

Frank Odea Second Cup

Loonie ‘Undervalued' But ‘Worst Days Are Over': BMO

Bmo Loonie Travel

Beef Prices Have Jumped 18%, And The Worst Is Yet To Come

Organic Beef
Tanya_F via Getty Images

This Country Is Ending FM Radio

larigan - Patricia Hamilton via Getty Images

Canadian Housing Finally Makes It To Top Of Most-Overvalued List

House For Sale
Design Pics via Getty Images