November 21, 2014
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Companies Must Act Responsibly When Using the Power of Suggestion

Suggestion Box Getty Images

Since trust plays a big factor in listening to what we're being told, corporations have the responsibility to provide messages that are both accurate and in the best interests of their audiences. Time and time again, however, we see the power of suggestion being used in a misguided and sometimes even destructive way.

Canada's Super-Rich Getting Richer Faster Than U.S.'s

Yachts Toronto
rgbspace via Getty Images

Those Soaring Meat Prices Aren't Just Your Imagination

Drought California Cattle
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

CMHC Data Shows Single Women, Mothers Need Better Places To Live

Condo Construction Toronto
Getty Images

Ex-Workers Claim Horrendous Abuse At Canadian-Owned Mine

Bisha Mine
Nevsun Resources

RBC Warns Of Layoffs

Rbc Advisors Forged Signatures

Canada's New 'Express Entry' Immigrant Program Has Some Worried


Think Canada Has A Housing Bubble? Take A Look At This Country

Bmo House Price Indices

Top Toronto Execs Spend Night On Streets To Raise Money For Homeless

Covenant House Executive Sleep Out
Covenant House

New Documents Show Thousands of Unreported Wiretaps By Police


Privacy Commissioner Warns Against Increased Police Surveillance Powers

Daniel Therrien

Husbands, Not Kids, Holding Back Women's Careers: Study

Glass Ceiling
Multi-bits via Getty Images

Further To Fall...


Higher Prices Are Coming

Tim Hortons Cup

B.C. RCMP Move In On Anti-Pipeline Protesters

Kinder Morgan Arrests Burnaby
Jonathan Hayward/CP

Couple Hit With $900,000 Baby Bill Just Shouldn't Pay: Lawyer

Reece Huculak

Mounties Drop Online Probes After Supreme Court Says Get A Warrant

Rcmp Car

Too Many Condos? No, Canada Needs Way More, CIBC Says

Toronto Condo Craze

Is Alberta's Flat Tax Coming To An End?

Income Tax
David Sacks via Getty Images

Feds Relied On Lobby Group's Research For Tax Policy


Revolving Door Gave Goldman Sachs Access To Fed Secrets

Lloyd Blankfein
Jemal Countess via Getty Images

Massive Graco Stroller Recall Includes Canada, U.S. And Mexico

Graco Stroller Recall Canada
Health Canada

Glow-In-The-Dark Bike Path Could Come To Toronto

Van Gogh Bicycle Path
Daan Roosegaarde/Heijmans

Mattel Apologizes For Depicting Barbie As An Incompetent Computer Engineer

Barbie Computer Engineer
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Warning: Private Webcam, Baby Monitor Footage Being Posted Online

Tetra Images via Getty Images

Yukon Pizzeria 'Would Prefer To Have A Male In The Kitchen'

Pizza Oven
Foodcollection via Getty Images

Starbucks Now Has Wireless Charging Pads


Old Navy Blasted For Pricing Up Plus-Sized Women's Clothes

Old Navy

This Biodegradable Bag Takes On One Of The World's Biggest Problems

Pee Poo

B.C. Mine Failure Would Eclipse Mount Polley Damage: Review

Red Chris Mine

Senate Report: Banks Manipulated Prices At Consumers' Expense

Goldman Sachs

Can Wood Apartment Buildings Save Toronto's Pricey Housing Market?

Wood Apartment Building
Adera via Facebook

U.S. Cities Mull Climate Change Warning On Gas Pumps

Gas Pump


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Bell Announces New Round Of Layoffs

Bell Canada Sign
Bloomberg via Getty Images

10 Of The Hottest Items To Buy This Black Friday

Xbox One Console

Just In Time For The Holidays: Layoffs At Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada

John Tory Stands Up For Uber As Toronto Takes It To Court

John Tory
Getty Images

Toronto Man Charged $1,200 For Using Internet On Flight

Singapore Airlines

The One Province With Worse Income Inequality Than The U.S. Is...

Rich Alberta
Hero Images via Getty Images

Target Canada To Ride Out The Holidays, Then Decide Its Future

Target Canada

Who's Covering Canada's Soaring House Prices? Parents, That's Who

Condos Toronto

These Are Canada's Most Unequal Provinces

Rolls Royce

Sears Canada's Downward Spiral Accelerates

Sears Canada Layoffs Job Cuts

These Are The Skills Canadian Employers Are Looking For

Help Wanted Ads

Elizabeth Warren vs. Walmart

OUR Walmart

The Good News And The Really Good News About Gas Prices

Gas Station Cars
Steve Debenport via Getty Images

Ultra-Fast Electric Car Charging Stations Coming To Canada

Powerstream Charging Station

CBC ‘In Danger Of Disappearing Forever,' Former Exec Says

Cbc Radio Canada Flag

Toronto Moves To Shut Down Uber

Uber Car
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Competition Bureau Probing Loblaws

Loblaws Job Cuts

Mazda Canada Has A Present For Its Customers