December 18, 2014
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Ditching in Droves: Why Canadians Are Dropping Milk

Dairy Tony C French via Getty Images

The decline is so striking that the Dairy Farmers of Canada commissioned a survey to find out why milk drinkers are ditching it in droves. Despite the fear-mongering and the tens of millions spent to peddle dairy, the Canadian public now sees the dairy industry for what it is. No amount of advertising will make them un-see it.

Watch Out, Telecoms: CRTC Now Armed And Dangerous

Crtc Jean Pierre Blais

Get Ready To Pay More For Your Cuban Vacation

Havana Cuba
Mark Williamson via Getty Images

Hundreds Of Worker Deaths Cast Shadow On 2022 World Cup

Qatar World Cup
STR via Getty Images

The 4,000 Kilometre Commute: Struggling For A Living Wage

Miramichi Plane
HuffPost Canada

Economy ‘Much More Exposed' To Oil Prices Than It Used To Be: CIBC

Oil Refinery Canada
Lijuan Guo Photography via Getty Images

Canadians 'Vastly Underestimate' Wealth Inequality: Poll

Paul Taylor via Getty Images

U.S. Wealth Gap Hits Record High

Pew Research Center
Pew Research Center

Fed Promises To Be 'Patient' About Raising Interest Rates

Janet Yellen
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Avon Hit With $135 Million Penalty For Bribes


Victoria's Secret Is Crazy Popular Right Now

Victorias Secret Fashion Show
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

AMC Theatres Tests Out Movie-A-Day Subscription For $45

Quebec City Mayor Racks Up Insane Roaming Charges

Regis Labeaume

Oilpatch Firms Slash 2015 Budgets

Calgary Skyline
George Rose via Getty Images

New York Moves To Ban Fracking

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Cuban Cigars About To Become Legal In U.S. Again

Cuban Cigar
Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

The Real Reason Tesla Is Tanking

Elon Musk
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

What U.S.'s Warmer Ties To Cuba Mean For Canadian Business

Raul Castro

Shopping Malls Dead? Not So Fast..

Shopping Mall Perks

Russians On Shopping Spree As Ruble Collapses

Moscow Ruble

Wanted: 50 Millionaires To Immigrate To Canada

Private Jet
Sophie James via Getty Images

A Narrow Victory For The Oilsands In Europe

Tar Sands Canada

BlackBerry Reminisces About Its 'CrackBerry' Days


American Apparel Finally Fires Dov Charney

Dov Charney
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canadians Now Spending More On Renovations Than On Houses

Here's How Much Of Canada's Rental Condo Market Is Foreign-Owned

Vancouver Condo
Rob Atkins via Getty Images

Is Shaw Really Cutting Internet Speeds In Half While Raising Prices?

Shaw Communications Q4

Why Women Spend Hundreds On Athletic Clothes They Don't Wear

Koral Lustrous Leggins
Carbon 38

Watch 2014's Best Viral Videos In One Epic Mashup

Viral Videos 2014

$1.4-Billion Lawsuit Launched Over Secret LCBO-Beer Store Deal

Lcbo Discount Feds Diplomats


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Cheap Oil May Undermine Critical Keystone XL Argument: Experts

Keystone Xl
Bloomberg via Getty Images

17-Year-Old Admits He Lied To NY Mag About Making $72 Million

Mohammed Islam


Philippe Couillard

Shale Gas Not Worth The Risk, Quebec Environment Agency Says

Shale Gas
JUAN MABROMATA via Getty Images

$26 For Orange Juice, 11.7% Jobless: Nunavut By The Numbers

Iqaluit Nunavut

Feds Lose 'Significant' Pot Battle

Marijuana Canada
John David Price via Getty Images

Why You Should Care About The Collapsing Russian Ruble

Vladimir Putin

Sweet, Sticky Crackdown: Maple Syrup Gets Tough New Regulations

Maple Syrup
creighton359 via Getty Images

Home Sales To Peak This Year, Real Estate Group Says

Home Sales

'It's Worse Than We Even Imagined in Our Worst Nightmares'

Philippe Couillard

Quebec Offer To Major Union Panned

Household Debt Hits All-Time High

Household Debt Canada Interest Rates

Uber Backtracks On Price-Gouging In Sydney Hostage Crisis


From Burger King To Donut King: Meet Timmies' New Boss

Tim Hortons Toilet Labrador Flight
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Grab A Tissue: Apple Just Released A Heartwarming Holiday Ad


How Countries Around The World Are Coping With Falling Oil Prices

Oil Price
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canadians, Americans Disagree On ‘Butts' Versus ‘Boobs'

Pornhub Boobs Butts

Nut Rage Ruins Executive's Career

Cho Hyunah

But Macadamia Sales Boom

Feds Could Take 'Steps' To Cool Housing Market, Oliver Says

Joe Oliver

Plunging Gas Prices Have Holiday Retailers Seeing $$$