October 31, 2014
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Why Capitalism Won't Leave the West

Some might describe it as the genius of capitalism; the ability to adapt on the fly according to the circumstances. Hence the drive to technological fixes in alternative energy generation, storage, and distribution. While the existential threat to the species is a clear and present danger, capitalism's ability to adjust is subject only to the limitations of the human mind.

New McDonald's Slogan Gets A Whole Lot Of Hatin'


Privacy Czar Unable To Find Out Anything On RCMP's Online Snooping

Bob Paulson Rcmp

Bell To Launch Streaming Service With Entire HBO Library

Game Of Thrones

Vice Signs $100-Million Deal With ... Rogers?

Rogers Communications

TiVo Comes To Canada!

This Looks Like The Year Black Friday Overthrows Boxing Day

Black Friday

Tim Hortons Could See Layoffs After Burger King Takeover: Analysis

Tim Hortons Cup

Transport Canada Aware Of Deadly GM Defect 8 Months Before Recall

Gm Recall
Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

Here's What The BoC Says Falling Oil Prices Will Do To Canada's Economy

Oil Price Gap Canada

Fed Ends Stimulus Program With Economy Still On Shaky Ground

Janet Yellen

Big Income-Splitting Changes Coming

Joe Oliver

Financial 'Experts' No Better At Finance Than Normal Humans

Nyse Trader Crash

The Shrimp You Buy May Not Be What You Think It Is

Shrimp Gulf
Biloxi Sun Herald via Getty Images

CRA Decides Its Threatening Letters To Canadians Are Nonsense

Canada Revenue Agency

The Staggering Highs And Lows Of The U.S. Economy Since 1999

Geography Of Jobs
TIP Strategies

Poll Shows Canadians, Harper On Opposite Sides Of Climate Issue

Stephen Harper

Here's More Proof The Financial Markets Are Rigged

Wall Street Computer

Fireball Whisky Recalled In 3 Countries Over Antifreeze Ingredient

Fireball Whiskey
Fireball Whiskey

This Device Lets You Click Your Heels To Get Out Of An Awful Date

Dorothy App Wearable
iStrategyLabs / Maggie Winters

President Of Taxi Association Compares UberX To ISIS

Uber Isis
David Ramos via Getty Images

Ghomeshi's Lawsuit Will Go Nowhere, Lawyers Predict

Jian Ghomeshi
Arthur Mola /Invision/AP

The Airplane Of The Future Is Terrifying


Report: Women, Minorities Earn Far Less In Private Sector Than Public

Pay Gap
Brigitte Wodicka via Getty Images

CBC Memo Addresses Bombshell Claims

Ghomeshi Cbc

B.C. Pipeline Opponents Block Kinder Morgan Work

Kinder Morgan Protest
Darryl Dyck/CP

Apple Pay Not Coming To Canada Anytime Soon

Apple Pay

U.S. Sues AT&T For Reducing Speed Of 'Unlimited' Data Plans

Att Ftc
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Uber, But For Kids. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Ferrari To Become Its Own Company

Ferrari Car
Dave Thompson/PA Wire

All Your Favorite Halloween Candy Is Made By Only 10 Corporations

Halloween Candy
Alissa Scheller/The Huffington Post

Air Canada's Cockpit Porn Problem Bigger Than Thought, Pilot Says

Air Canada Pilot

Montreal Woman Wins Suit Over Breast's Appearance On Street View

Google Car Street View
AFP via Getty Images

LOOK: Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Canada Right Now

Most Expensive Houses Canada

French-Speaking Couple Can't Sue Airline After It Messes Up Drink Order

New Homeowners Are Picking The City Over The Suburbs

Chris Ryan via Getty Images

Yes, Walmart's Website Seriously Had A 'Fat Girl Costumes' Section

Fat Girl Costumes

Some Good News For The CBC, For A Change

Olympic Rings
Richard Heathcote via Getty Images

Green Light For Mega-Deal

Burger King
Niall Carson/PA Archive

BlackBerry Has A New Endorsement

Kim Kardashian
Imeh Akpanudosen via Getty Images

A Toronto Landmark Gets New Owners, Massive Renovations

Royal York Hotel Toronto
George Rose via Getty Images

These Are The World's Most Livable Countries Right Now

Oslo Norway
Spaces Images via Getty Images

(Yes, Canada Ranks)

Most Millionaires Are 'Concerned' About Inequality

Mansions Miami
Barry Winiker via Getty Images

Large Minority Of Canadians Say They Will Work Till They Die

Retirement Relaxing
EpicStockMedia via Getty Images

How A Canadian Company Took Control Of The Porn Industry


Shaw, Rogers Losing Cable Customers At A Rate Of 200,000 A Year

Rogers Communications

Goldman Sachs Issues A Forecast, And The TSX Goes Tumbling

Goldman Sachs Failure Prosecute

CBC Bleeds Even More Jobs

Hubert Lacroix Cbc Bill C 60

Why Are Women Leaving Canada's Workforce?

Woman Workplace
Ezra Bailey via Getty Images

CVS And Rite Aid Shut Off Apple Pay

Apple Pay
Invision for MasterCard

Next Time Someone Says Fast Food Isn't A Real Job, Remember This

Mcdonalds Meal