August 2, 2015
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The Power of Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness Practice shutterstock

You'll worry less about day-to-day problems and focus on what is most important. As you become more mindful, you will be a more effective, successful and fulfilled leader. That's worth twenty minutes a day, isn't it?

Wages Are Falling In Canada

Empty Pocket
Roy Hsu via Getty Images

Only 'Medium' Chance Of A Toronto, Vancouver Housing Bust: TD Bank

Vancouver Skyline
Robert Giroux via Getty Images

TPP Talks Hit Last-Minute Hurdles

Transpacific Partnership
PETER PARKS via Getty Images

Companies Find A Way Around Ontario's New Debt Settlement Law

Debt Relief
Getty Images

Canada's Economy Shrinks For 5th Straight Month

jmiks via Getty Images

Union That Fought For Higher Min. Wage Is Pushing Back Against It

Los Angeles Minimum Wage
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

Goodbye, Canadian Wheat Board, Hello G3 Canada

TPP Trade Deal Proposal Would Force CBC To Exist Solely For Profit


Canada's Demands Delaying TPP Deal, Says New Zealand Envoy

Stephen Harper

Google Rejects 'Right To Be Forgotten' Order In France

Athena Image
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

Garneau: Tories' Economic Record Ruined

Marc Garneau

Tesla's Self-Driving Cars Are About To Get Smarter

Athena Image

Mortgage Lender Home Capital Ditches 45 Brokers Over Falsified Info

mattjeacock via Getty Images

IMF Rejects Greece Bailout Deal

Alexis Tsipras Greece

Ontario And Ottawa Pledge $100M For Toyota Expansion

Toyota Logo

Canadian Banks' Profits ‘Achieved At Expense Of Customer Satisfaction'

Canadian Banks Offshore Tax Havens

Oilsands Giants Cut Jobs, Slash Spending Again

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Saks Fifth Avenue Is Hiring Big In Toronto

Saks Fifth Avenue Logo
Bloomberg via Getty Images

In Canada, Dying Doesn't Come Cheap


Canada's Biggest Housing Bear Just Turned Even More Pessimistic

Bear Roaring
Getty Images/Fuse

U.S. Fed Just Inched Closer To Raising Interest Rates

Athena Image
Alex Wong via Getty Images

More Bad News For Android Users

Fiat Chrysler Faces $5.2-Billion Lawsuit In Canada

Fiat Chrysler

Feds Tell Nutrition North Companies To Reveal Customer Savings

Nunavut Food Prices
CP/File Photo

Toronto Still High On Panamania, Wants To Bid For Another Massive Event

Toronto Skyline
Photo by Seattle Dredge via Getty Images

Ontario TV Station Shows Porn .. Again

Chch Tv

Harper: High Debt Loads A Sign Of Consumer Confidence

Stephen Harper

..But Confidence Is Plunging

Bombardier Denies Report Of Major Rail Merger

Bombardier Train

Canadian Nine West Stores Stay Alive, For Now

Nine West
Nine West

Medical Pot Patients Win Right To Sue Health Canada

Medical Marijuana
Gary Morrison via Getty Images

2/3 Of Canadians Watched Pan Am Games, 345K Tweets Sent: CBC

Pan Am Games Javelin
Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

Alberta Men Guilty Of Running Massive Ponzi Scheme Sentenced

Ponzi Scheme

Why We Must Stop The Killer Robots NOW

Gawker Puts On Its Big-Boy Trousers

Gawker Logo


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Sidney Crosby Working At Tim Hortons Means We've Reached Peak Canada

Sidney Crosby Tim Hortons

People Really Splurged During The Pan Am Games

Pan Am Toronto Sign
HECTOR RETAMAL via Getty Images

Data Doesn't Show A Canadian Recession, Economists Say

Stock Money

Lawsuit Alleges Anti-Canadian Prejudice In Washington Police

Washington Metropolitan Police

Tip Top Owner Buys Jones New York's Canadian Stores

Jones New York
Dwight Burdette / Wikimedia Commons

Disneyland Accused Of Charging Different Prices To Different Nationalities

Disneyland Paris

‘We Use Other People's Money': Inside Canada's Shadow Mortgage Lenders

Russell Oliver Loan Arranger
Russell Oliver via YouTube

The World's New Largest Carmaker

Volkswagen Plant
Alexander Koerner via Getty Images

Cord-Cutting Ramping Up As More People Flee Traditional TV

Remote Control

This Is Where Canadian Water Is Selling For $50 A Glass

Glass Water
Getty Images/OJO Images RF

Why Microsoft Is Giving Away Windows 10 For Free

Microsoft Windows
TOBIAS SCHWARZ via Getty Images

'Meth Lab Not Included': Houses From 'Breaking Bad' For Sale

Breaking Bad House

Android 'Stagefright' Bug Leaves Up To 950 Million Devices At Risk

$200 Billion In Oil Projects Cancelled, Nearly A Third In Canada

Oil Rig
David Jones via Getty Images

‘Nothing In Analyzable History' To Compare To Current Crash

Kijiji Apartment Rental Scam Leaves Woman Out 2 Months' Rent

Calgary Kijiji

LG Just Introduced A New Flip Phone For Smartphone Users

Athena Image

Researchers Discover Major Android Security Flaw, Many Phones At Risk

LOOK: Canada Selling Aussie Mansion For 127 Times The Purchase Price

Canada House For Sale Sydney
Ray White Double Bay