April 21, 2015

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Snapchat Has Made Me Embrace Online Privacy

Snapchat Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

Most of what I share on Snapchat is too mundane for Instagram or Twitter, yet this is what makes the app so special. You can literally share a moment and then it goes away. I don't have to worry about what people will think about the selfie I took with food trapped in my teeth, because chances are they will forget about it as soon as the image disappears.

Beef Prices Have Jumped 18%, And The Worst Is Yet To Come

Organic Beef
Tanya_F via Getty Images

Rogers Blames CRTC After Profit Drop

Rogers Store
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canadian Housing Finally Makes It To Top Of Most-Overvalued List

House For Sale
Design Pics via Getty Images

Canada's Economy Headed For Major Milestone: $2 Trillion In GDP

Canadian Dollar

HBO Might Be Coming After You If You Watched Those Leaked Episodes

Game Of Thrones

Happy 4/20: Willie Nelson Launches Own Weed Brand

Willie Nelson Birthday

Canadians Bail On Foreign Vacations As Loonie Sinks


World Finance Leaders Feeling Jittery

Imf Meeting Washington
Handout via Getty Images

Apple Pay Is Coming To Canada: Will There Be A ‘Collision' With The Banks?

Apple Pay Data Stolen

It's Official: Cirque Du Soleil Sold

Cirque Soleil 30 Ans
Marc-Antoine Charlebois

McDonald's Doesn't Want You To See These Pictures

Mcdonalds Arches

Upcoming BMW Lets You Stand Outside Car While Parking It

Bmw Self Parking

Kraft Dinner Removing Synthetic Colours

Kraft Dinner Artificial Dye

But Will It Still Be Freaky Orange?

Canadians Unimpressive When It Comes To Climate Consciousness: Poll

Green Energy
Getty Images

Why Execs Are Ditching The Lunch Meeting For Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle
Alli Harvey via Getty Images

Apple Makes New Commitment To Fight Climate Change, But Has A Long Way To Go

Apple Store New York

CBC Decides It's Still An Upper-Case 'Q', Sometimes

Shad Cbc

Canadian Miners Grapple With Security Risks In Mexico

Mining Mexico

Sleep Country Canada Founder's ‘Stripper School' Mansion Shut Down

Gordon Lownds

Ghomeshi Report Shines Light On Need For Safer Workplaces

David Cooper via Getty Images

Google Search Is About To Change In A Big Way

Google Search
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

Rising Food Costs Outstrip Lower Gas Prices

Gas Pump

Facebook's WhatsApp Hits 800 Million Users -- 1 Billion By Year-End?

Toronto Raptors, GM Fined $60,000 For 'Obscene Language'

Masai Ujiri Raptors Fine

These Canadian Tech Specs Just Beat Google Glass To Market

Recon Jet
Recon Instruments

Roomba's Lawn Mowing Robot Has Some Explaining To Do

Westend61 via Getty Images

Canada Watching Closely As U.S. Congress Opens Up Free-Trade Debate

Ed Fast

CIBC Faces Human Rights Complaint For Closing Iranian's Account

Cibc Lehman Brothers

Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue Climb: Report

Greenhouse Gas
Shutterstock / pedrosala

Stripping Allowed For Charity Only Under Saskatchewan's New Rules

GeorgePeters via Getty Images


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Versailles-Inspired Toronto Mansion Fails To Sell At Auction

40 Park Lane Circle Toronto

This House Built Into Boulders Is Way Nicer Than The Flintstones Bungalow

Arizona Boulder House
Arizona Regional MLS

Internet Bills To Rise As Cable TV Heads Into ‘Veritable Bloodbath'

Dark Computer
Artur Debat via Getty Images

Wynne Can't Guarantee Rates Won't Rise With Hydro Sell-Off

Kathleen Wynne

BoC Pegs Economic Growth At Zero

Canada Economy

Ashley Madison Is Going Public, But Not In Prudish Toronto

Ashley Madison
JUNG YEON-JE via Getty Images

Bell Faces $750M Lawsuit For Tracking Customer Usage

Bell Canada

The Canada-U.S. Price Gap Is Gone

Canada Usa Border

What Criminal Charges? Feds Choose SNC-Lavalin For Bridge Project

Real Estate Market Has Officially Hit A Soft Landing: Royal LePage

Sold Sign On House
Andy Dean via Getty Images

Canadian Wheat Board Privatized With Sale To U.S., Saudi Companies

Tetra Images - John Kelly via Getty Images

Toyota Moves Corolla Manufacturing From Canada To Mexico

GEOFF ROBINS via Getty Images

This? Just A River Running Through A B.C. Mansion

River House Vancouver Island
Luxury BC Homes

Can People Who Don't Have $1 Million Stay In Vancouver?


Hillary Blasts CEO Pay, Hedge Fund Managers In Campaign Kickoff

Hillary Clinton

Condo-Crazed Toronto A Renter's Dream

CEO Slashes $1 Million Salary To Give Lowest-Paid Workers A Raise

Dan Price
Gravity Payments

Canada's New Worst Housing Market