May 24, 2015

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Billionaires Fund Ambitious Quests for 100 Per Cent Renewable Power

Larry Ellison TORU YAMANAKA via Getty Images

Hawaii set an ambitious goal in May this year; to be the first state to be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy by 2045. The conversion will be phased in; 30 per cent renewable by the end of 2020, 70 per cent by the end of 2040 to 100 per cent by the end of 2045. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will play a pivotal role in Hawaii's quest for 100 per cent renewables.

The 10 Jobs Canadian Employers Have The Hardest Time Filling


RBC Backtracks On Fee Changes After Hearing From Customers

Bloomberg via Getty Images

BlackBerry CEO Sees Pay Drop 96%

John Chen Blackberry

200 Billion Barrels Of Oil Under Northwest Territories

Bakken Shale Oil
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Wal-Mart Makes A Big Move On Animal Rights

Mercy For Animals

CFIA Issues Recall After Nails Found In Potato Products

Farmers Market Russet Potatoes

This Ottawa Startup Just Rocked Wall Street

Tobias Lutke Shopify

Inflation Takes A Vacation

Canada Dollar
Yana Bukharova via Getty Images

Hackers Steal Up To 4 Million User Profiles From Dating Site: Report


Massive Drop In Canadian Online Piracy Under New Law

Web Pirates
Thomas Imo via Getty Images

Coach Quietly Lays Off Its Canadian Part-Time Workers

Coach Store
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Oilsands Are Dying, Canada Should Become Food Superpower: Rubin

Jeff Rubin
Penguin Random House

Canada Pension Plan Has Its Best Year Ever

Canada Pension Plan

Read This Before Borrowing To Buy A Cottage

Cottage Ontario
Robert Chiasson via Getty Images

Canada Post Swings To Profit, Despite Carrying Less Mail

Canada Post 1 Billion Losses

Best Buy Suffers On Canadian Sales Weakness

Best Buy Logo
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Canadian EI Claims Up For 1st Time In 5 Years

Employment Insurance Canada

Canada's Interest Rates May Drop To Zero

Stephen Poloz

Is Job Security A Thing Of The Past?

Help Wanted Ads

Here's What 'Breastaurants' Really Think Of Their Customers

Eastern Ontario Cities Lose CBC As Affiliates Switch To CTV

Timeline: The Biggest Layoffs To Hit Alberta's Oilpatch

Women Need To Listen To This Advice Given To Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer


Why Canadian Cities Likely Won't See A $15 Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

NDP Vows To Restore Home Mail Delivery

Canada Post
Oleksiy Maksymenko via Getty Images

Canadian Spies Target Mobile Phones, App Stores To Implant Spyware

Mobile Phone

Canada's Most And Least Affordable Housing Markets

House For Sale
Andre Kudyusov via Getty Images

Things Just Keep Getting Worse For Sears Canada

Sears Canada
Carlos Osorio via Getty Images


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Self-Driving Trucks Are Going To Hit Us Like A Human-Driven Truck

Look: Brian Mulroney's Westmount Mansion Finally Finds A Buyer

Mulroney House For Sale
Mellor Group

Air Canada About To Get Tougher With Carry-On Baggage

Air Canada

PKP Effect Is Already Bad News For Quebec Investments, Politician Warns


B.C. Signs $36-Billion LNG Agreement With Malaysian Energy Giant

No Need To Worry About Debt, Fraser Institute Says

Debt Canada
Alex Slobodkin via Getty Images

This Tour Company Needs A Newfoundland Geography Lesson. Stat.

Newfoundland Map
Anderson Vacations

Four Big Banks Plead Guilty To Rigging Global Currency Markets


Tim Hortons Shuts U.S. Headquarters

Tim Hortons

20 Ways You're Wasting Money At The Grocery Store

Are Supermarket Flyers Going Extinct?

Eric La Fleche Metro

LOOK: House From ‘Mean Girls' For Sale In Toronto

Mean Girls

Bad Sign: Canadian Consumer Insolvencies Are On The Rise

Credit Card Debt

Oil Price Collapse Could Mean 185,000 Jobs Lost In Canada: Study

Oil Worker
Roger Milley via Getty Images

Prostitute Pleads Guilty In Overdose Death Of Google Exec

Alix Tichelman

Colonel Sanders RESURRECTION

Colonel Sanders

Crisis Looming As Affordable Housing Disappears: Report

Bionic Lenses Could Make Glasses, Contacts A Thing Of The Past

Michele Catanla/flickr