September 5, 2015

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Provincial Protectionism Hinders Trade Within Canada

Canada Map Eduardo Luzzatti BuyA via Getty Images

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has long been vocal about the limitations of these inter-provincial initiatives. We ask premiers to continue to show leadership on this file by renewing their commitment to deliver a modern, simple and effective AIT for Canadian small businesses by the end of 2016.

...And Stock Markets Tank Again

Dow Jones Stock Market
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Tories Proud Of Canada's Job Numbers, But May Not Be For Long

Tony Clement

Canadian Mining Company Defends African Operations As Locals Flee

Bisha Mine

Look: Disney Unleashes 'Force Friday' Ahead Of New Star Wars Movie

Force Friday
Invision for Disney Consumer Products

Canadians' Debt Likely Hit All-Time High This Year: RBC

Mortgage Debt Canada

U.S. Economy Adds 173,000 Jobs; Unemployment Falls To 5.1 Percent

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ecuadoreans Taking On Chevron Can Fight It Out In Canada: Supreme Court

Chevron Ecuador
RODRIGO BUENDIA via Getty Images

The Numbers Are In, And Canada Is No Longer A Petro-State

Auto Plant Canada

Tech CEO Who Quit To Be A Better Dad Just Got A New Job

Max Schireson
Max Schireson

One Good Reason Canadians Should Be Jealous Of Australia

Sydney Australia
Peter Muller

The Oilsands Glut Is About To Get A Lot Bigger


SkyGreece Files For Protection

Did Harper Really Run 8 Straight Deficits?

Stephen Harper

Canada's Labour Activists Angry Over 'On-Call' Workers

Retail Workers
DreamPictures via Getty Images

Bill Nye Toured The Oilsands.. And Didn't Like What He Saw

Bill Nye
Jun Sato via Getty Images

A College Degree Is Increasingly Likely To Land You In Low-Wage Work

2015052015john Fallontexas Southmost Collegespring
AP Images for Pearson

Canadian Newspapers, Local TV Could Be Gone By 2025: Analyst

Newspapers Canada

Canada Lags World On Research, Innovation, Study Finds

Getty Images/OJO Images RF

Even These Big Fossil Fuel Companies Support An International Climate Agreement

Athena Image

5 Myths You Should Be Aware Of About Student Loans

Student Loan Debt
murat sarica via Getty Images

Here's One Succinct Takedown Of Donald Trump's Management Style

Athena Image
Jason Davis via Getty Images

Canada Post Sued Over Community Mailboxes

Canada Post Community Mailbox

The Internet's Founder Never Thought It Would Get This Bad

Athena Image

McDonald's Launches All-Day Breakfast, But Not In Canada


Take 'Star Wars' Home With The Painfully Cute BB-8 Droid

Star Wars Bb8

Fox News Anchor Sues Hasbro Over Toy Hamster With Her Name

Harris Faulkner
Monica Schipper via Getty Images

Air Canada Sued After Cancelling 10-Flights-For-$800 Deal

Air Canada
Peter Mintz via Getty Images

Airbnb Wants To Tackle Income Inequality And Climate Change

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

It's Official: Canada In Recession

Financial Crisis

SkyGreece Apologizes For 'Very, Very, Very Bad' Delay

Alberta Forecasts Record Deficit, Shrinking Provincial Economy

Alberta Deficit


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Here's When Tesla's Affordable Model 3 Is Coming Out

Athena Image

Canadian Emissions From Electricity Plunge 22% (Thanks, Ontario!)

Ontario Power Generation

Here's Apple's Plan To Control The News You Consume

Apple News App
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Look: ‘Not Liveable' Toronto House Goes For $1 Million, Way Over Asking

Not Liveable Toronto House
Wright Sisters Group

Chipotle Sued For Misleading GMO Claims

America Americas North Americusa Us Usa West Weste
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Adult Kids Draining Parents' Retirement Funds: CIBC

Seniors Retirement
Shutterstock / Dubova

This Is How PayPal Is Taking On Canada's Big Banks


Sears Canada Says It Has Reached A 'Turning Point'

Sears Canada

Quebecor Locks Out Workers At Newspaper Printing Plant

Quebecor Videotron Wireless Spectrum

Journalist Reportedly 'Confesses' To Instigating Chinese Stock Market Plunge

Athena Image

Canada Faces ‘One Of The Strangest Recessions Ever'

Up Down

CanJet Suspends Operations Effective Immediately

More Than Half Of Canadians Have Less Than $10K Set Aside For Emergencies: BMO

Voyagerix via Getty Images

Look What You Have To Do To Buy A House These Days

House For Sale Sign
Chris So via Getty Images

The Economist Declares Southern Ontario ‘The New Rust Belt'

Ashley Madison Says It's Growing, Denies 'Fake Women' Claim

Ashley Madison
EVA HAMBACH via Getty Images

Canada To Get More Aggressive Collecting Student Loans

Student Loans

Look: The World's Most Amazing Future Condo Developments

Suites In The Skai