Colin Kenny

Trump Risks Repeating Smoot-Hawley's Misguided Folly With NAFTA

Colin Kenny | February 24, 2017 | Canada Politics
In re-opening NAFTA, President Trump runs the risk of falling into the same kind of black hole created by Smoot-Hawley 87 years ago. Millions of Americans eventually lost everything after having been sucked in by their government's predictions of prosperity -- much in the same way as they are being sucked in today.
Melody McKinnon

Abusing LinkedIn Endorsements Can Backfire If You're Not Careful

Melody McKinnon | February 23, 2017 | Canada Business
LinkedIn is being corroded by the abuse of this feature. It's not intended to be used as nonchalantly as Facebook likes. Its purpose is to provide a professional, legitimate endorsement of someone for whom you would actually write a recommendation letter.
Jerry Dias

Bob White Was An Inspirational Leader With A Vision To Follow

Jerry Dias | February 23, 2017 | Canada Business
News that Bob White, founding president of the Canadian Auto Workers, one of the founding unions of Unifor, had died on Sunday made headlines across the country, and shook me and many others involved in the labour movement and social justice causes to our core.
Bruce Mayhew

What Is The ROI From Email Etiquette Training?

Bruce Mayhew | February 23, 2017 | Canada Business
Studies demonstrate the average business professional spends approximately 90% of their time writing and reading business email. I've seen first-hand that learning to write better emails helps participants get more done in less time, and it helps organizations and individuals improve their reputation.
Rhonda Scharf

How To Limit Distractions When You Need To Focus

Rhonda Scharf | February 22, 2017 | Canada Business
I occasionally suffer from "bright shiny object" syndrome, or like a dog who suddenly veers off when he spots a squirrel. When I'm working on one thing, something else will grab my attention; I drop the thing I'm working on and jump to the other. I know that isn't efficient, yet I sometimes don't realize how distracted I have become.
Tyler Hamilton

Canada Is Surging Ahead In Clean Technologies

Tyler Hamilton | February 22, 2017 | Canada Business
Clean technologies are increasingly being viewed as a future driver for the Canadian economy, creating well-paid jobs and export revenues. The recently released Global Cleantech 100, a rigorously researched list of the world's most promising clean technology ventures, reveals why: Of the 100 companies listed, 11 were Canadian.
Daniel Tencer

If Trudeau Really Blames Corporate Elites, Why Did He Sign CETA?

Daniel Tencer | February 22, 2017 | Canada Business
The Trudeau government has been calling CETA the "most progressive" free trade deal ever. But the deal does not require the payment of living wages; it does not mandate a crackdown on tax evasion; and it certainly does not try to guarantee the "peace of mind ... that come[s] with stable, full-time contracts."
Joanna Track

How To Be A Serial Entrepreneur

Joanna Track | February 22, 2017 | Canada Business
More than a decade ago, I made the life-changing (aka turned upside down) transition from the corporate world to the realm of self-employment. Being able to set my own schedule, control my income, follow my passion and be my own boss has been equal parts rewarding and terrifying, and it's something I think everyone should experience.
Douglas Hoyes

Minor Tweaks Won't Solve The Payday Loan Crisis

Douglas Hoyes | February 22, 2017 | Canada Business
Payday loans are a problem, because as all astute readers will have already surmised, "$18 on a hundred" isn't as good as it sounds. If you borrow and repay every two weeks, it is the equivalent of an annual interest rate of 468%. How does that impact borrowers?
Nick Fillmore

Take The Fight Directly To Canada's Fossil-Fuel Companies

Nick Fillmore | February 21, 2017 | Canada Politics
I contend that divestment activities are not effective enough, particularly because it is likely to take many years for the campaigns to have meaningful impact - in the meantime, the climate will be damaged beyond repair.
Avraham Byers

These Retail Tricks Are Designed To Make You Spend More

Avraham Byers | February 21, 2017 | Canada Business
Retail marketing scientists have mastered the art of seduction. They make a living by influencing your purchasing decisions and, on occasion, roping you into buying something you really don't need.

What Your Handshake Says About You

Workopolis | February 21, 2017 | Canada Business
What does your handshake say about you? Does it proclaim to the world that you're confident and bold? Or does it mumble and look away, letting everyone know that you're shy and neurotic? The good news is, if you don't like what your handshake says about you, you can change the conversation.
Vanessa Routley

Why Investor Immigrants Are Choosing Canada Over U.S.

Vanessa Routley | February 20, 2017 | Canada Business
The price of a U.S. Green Card held steady for the past 27 years at $500,000 USD, under an investment immigration program known as EB-5. That will almost certainly change this year, when the U.S. Congress votes on raising the investor's Green Card minimum to $1.3 million. So what is a millionaire to do when the U.S. tells them to take their money elsewhere?
Brett Caron

Why Bill Gates Thinks We Should Tax Robots

Brett Caron | February 20, 2017 | Canada Business
As the founder of Microsoft, there are few people on the planet who have helped to guide technological progression (at least in the realm of computing) as much as Gates over the course of his 42-year career. The thrust of his argument is this: if robots replace human workers whose pay would otherwise be taxed, why then should the labour of the robots not also be subject to taxation?
Vitaly Pecherskiy

The Future Of Media Trading Is No Trading At All

Vitaly Pecherskiy | February 17, 2017 | Canada Business
Current advertising and media trading platforms are designed to allow buyers ultimate flexibility. While this sounds like an effective strategy, users run into issues when these platforms inevitably fail to understand the brand's business model and therefore fail to provide true value. In the attempts to accommodate everyone, they accommodate no one, and audience discovery methods remain primitive at best.
Jerry Dias

Bombardier Loan A Smart Investment In Canada's Future

Jerry Dias | February 16, 2017 | Canada Business
To say that Bombardier should be allowed to "crash and burn," as some have, is not only heartless for the thousands of workers and their families who would be left in desperate straits as a result, it is bad economic policy. It is important to remember that Bombardier is one of Canada's largest employers.
Cleo Hamel

Everything That's Different About Your Tax Return This Year

Cleo Hamel | February 16, 2017 | Canada Business
Every year there are changes to your tax return, and the 2016 tax period is no different. Several credits have either been removed or are being phased out as a result of last year's federal budget, and there are new credits available.
Julie Blais Comeau

Sticky Situation: A Lesson In Handshaking For The Trumps Among Us

Julie Blais Comeau | February 16, 2017 | Canada Living
With direct eye contact and a confident handshake, Trudeau firmly placed his left hand on his host's right shoulder to quickly define "his bubble." We almost heard him say, "This, is my border Mr. President." Trump's handshake talks. Trudeau's does, too. And yours, do you know what it says about you?
Barbara Morris-Blake

3 Ways To Build Morale And Performance Like A Leader

Barbara Morris-Blake | February 16, 2017 | Canada Business
Let's face it, every organization goes through highs and lows, especially in startup mode. While milestones are often celebrated, there are the inevitable tough times all leaders need to face. These are the moments that you least want to start attempting to build morale and performance.
Jeff Wheeldon

Trump's Anti-Immigrant Stance Could Give Canada's Economy An Edge

Jeff Wheeldon | February 15, 2017 | Canada Business
President Trump's vilification of immigrants, including a restriction on their movements in the form of a travel ban for people from seven Muslim-majority nations, leaves many genius researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs feeling unwelcome in the U.S. even if they are allowed in.
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