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Chief Shining Turtle has been the Chief of Whitefish River First Nation for 11 years and is family man with a strong desire to help his Community move forward. As an Engineer by trade, the Chief has helped his Community secure over 30-million dollars in new infrastructure funding; his drive and determination is extraordinary. Chief Shining Turtle’s education includes Bachelor of Engineering from Lakehead University, Diploma of Technology from Seneca College, a Technical Leadership Certificate from the University of Florida, and a Water Systems Supply Certificate from California State University.

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Idle No More: An Open Letter to My Non-Aboriginal Neighbours

(76) Comments | Posted January 25, 2013 | 12:24 PM

Join Me in the Circle of Respect to Idle No More
An Open Letter to My Non-Aboriginal Neighbours

Aanii, hello, to all my non Aboriginal relations. Greetings from your neighbours at Whitefish River First Nation.

I am Chief Shining Turtle of the Sturgeon clan, of Whitefish River First Nation...

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