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11:34 PM on 11/24/2011
This isn't about the unfairness of the American justice system. It is all that (unfair that is), but this is about its alleged unfairness to Black. He writes under the guise of caring, but had he not gone to jail himself, does anyone seriously believe that he would care one bit about how it treats others or that he does now for that matter? Yeah, about as much as he cared about the pensioners he robbed. It's always about poor Conrad, Little Lord Pity Me.
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07:44 PM on 11/24/2011
I find many of the concerns expressed by Conrad have their counterparts in the Canadian system of "Justice". It is unfortunate for him, but fortunate perhaps for those of us with less means, that he has been given the opportunity to experience the shortcomings and comment on them so cogently. If only that were enough...
Truth matters.
07:11 PM on 11/24/2011
Yes, Mr. Black. The US legal system is about the careers of the lawyers. The advancing and protecting of them. Notice I used the word "legal" instead of "justice" system. Defendants are considered guilty until proven innocent and getting it right (justice), is often an afterthought. And the worst thing about it is, many of those lawyers go on to be politicians and end up drafting more laws like the ones they used to make their careers.

Perhaps you could counsel Stephen Harper against using the American example for the Canadian prison system, as he appears so determined to do.
river walker
06:35 PM on 11/24/2011
well put about the us justice system. Wish our country would presume innocence before sentencing more.
10:31 AM on 11/25/2011
Well, actually, the presumption of innocence should theoretically be in play at all times until sentencing. But I think you sentiments are correct.
Independent Cuss
10:48 AM on 11/25/2011
12:50 AM on 11/27/2011
krone5: no one is sentenced until found guilty.
river walker
06:30 PM on 11/24/2011
Very insightful on our justice system. so much for the US being competitive. I do my best to presume innocence before trial, and saddened non witnesses can not do that.
04:56 PM on 11/24/2011
Pride is very attractive, Mr. Black.
Excessive pride, though - well, you get where I'm going with this...
For you, as a wealthy man, not to "afford" justice, surely there must have been something to the story than you are willing to concede.

People just don't mess with "power" without reason - and a very convincing reason at that.
10:37 AM on 11/25/2011
Oh, if only that were true. Though I agree, it is usually the lower levels of power who take the heat. No, he's actually a perfect target. For one he doesn't have an American passport. And two, prior to this, while I don't know the man, I can tell you he's not sympathetic to jurors, the vast majority of who start out with the same biases as you apparently.

If anything he left things out. I admire him for his courage, but notice he didn't draw attention to the unconstitutional practice of solitary confinement.
10:29 PM on 11/25/2011
Fine - let's say he is the perfect target, as you say.
But don't they still have to start with something valid? And more importantly, can you just convict someone with nothing?

Is the American legal system that wack?
01:10 PM on 11/24/2011
My interest has been piqued by the peculiar pattern of penmanship; it’s pontifically penned from a pen and promulgated like a prodigious penny-a-liner.
Independent Cuss
10:48 AM on 11/25/2011
Say what?
12:33 PM on 11/25/2011
Black’s writing style is clumsy and archaic. It may appeal to lonely old people who have nothing more to do with their time than to wade through a plethora of words that were out-of-date during Napoleon’s time.

Here is a person who is currently in jail and using the limited freedom that he has, together with the charitable email facilities provided to him at the taxpayers’ expense, to not only caustically criticize the hand that currently feeds him, but to make veiled and not so subtle legal threats towards anyone who might slight his feelings.

If Black cannot make a more positive and constructive use of the facilities and equipment provided to him, then I for one would vote that he sit out his time in peace and quiet until the British House of Lords decides whether or not he is welcome to use his title as a crown of approval while he continues to hurl insults far and wide.
The Canadian
Stop Harper
12:58 PM on 11/24/2011
So Mr. Black, are you going to be this vigorous in denouncing Prime Minister Harper's new crime bill, which will bring this sort of US madness to Canada?
12:54 PM on 11/24/2011
I am beyond surprised to find that after reading this piece, my sympathies reside with the author, and I find his conclusion regarding our legal system to be, though damning without resort to faint praise, persuasive and conclusive.
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Wait... what?
12:48 PM on 11/24/2011
what's that scratching, squeaking sound coming from somewhere in the Florida panhandle? Oh nevermind, it's only inmate zero.