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08:18 PM on 02/22/2012
I would like to know what the Minister feels is the most effective way that Canada controls it's wolf population in it's effort to protect other species? The lower 48 could use some tips~
08:08 PM on 02/23/2012
Why is the solution always to 'control/manage' the predetor populations? The predators are doing what they have always done...the reason the 'other' species are at risk is is not because the wolves are out of control it is because we have infringed on their habitat. Maybe we should ook at more creative ways of managing populations than culling and enclosing.
08:14 PM on 02/22/2012
Parks Canada does nothing to prevent Sunshine Village Ski Area's overflow parking operation that contravenes the lease agreement and the 2006 Parks Canada Ski Area Management Guidelines. Why does Parks Canada permit this breach and how can we trust that the Glacier Discovery Walk will be any diffrent?
08:04 PM on 02/22/2012
I would like to see Environment Canada release results from an independent investigation into Enbridge's safety/process safety failures that resulted in leaks over the last 10 years. This government is advocating a westerly or southerly pipeline, and I would like to see why Environment Canada believes Enbridge can do it safely and leak free. The information released on the Northern Gateway website does not publicly disclose investigations into Enbridge's past failures.
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07:36 PM on 02/22/2012
My question to Peter Kent is..........what kind of legacy are you going to leave behind if you don't act now to protect Canada's very PRECIOUS and PRICELESS wildlife species??? How can you sleep at night knowing that millions of Canadians are so deeply concerned and disappointed by how you are handling this very serious issue. I don't want the polar bears all killed off by trophy hunters from Asia and Europe. I don't want cougars, bears, wolves, shot by "conservation" officers who should be "saving" and protecting them. I don't want Asians coming here and profilerating wildlife body parts for sale on the ILLEGAL black market. Enough is enough......these atrocities keep me up at night. I don't want Canada to end up like other countries with hardly any wildlife left. We will "die" as a nation if we are not connected to nature. I urge you to act now!
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06:51 PM on 02/22/2012
How about; "why the fork can't you run a pipeline through you own freakin' country"?
Or, how about: "how can you sleep at night calling yourself the 'enviroment minister' when you allow the tar sands to exsist"?
Or how about; "what exactly are you administering to the enviroment, it's destruction"?
06:18 PM on 02/22/2012
In 1984, Peter Kent anchored a documentary on climate change in which his position was clear: climate change is a big threat and needs to be dealt with. My question is this: Clearly, by his recent actions- or severe lack thereof, we can assume that he doesn't believe so anymore. What made him change his mind?
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11:16 PM on 02/22/2012
You want to ask a question we already know the answer to? Money and power changed his mind; like most politicians, he'll say whatever is expedient.
06:10 PM on 02/22/2012
You were a journalist for your whole career prior to politics. If you were still a journalist now how would you report on the lack of action on climate change issues at the national government level? What do you think of this government's record of the flow of information to the media? How does Canada's position on climate change appear in the foreign press, and thus world stage, these days?
06:00 PM on 02/22/2012
My question; How is it that you are the Environment Minister when you are clearly unqualified for the position?
04:48 PM on 02/22/2012

Given that Canada is allowing expansion of Alberta Oil Sands development will the government be investing in, or requiring Oil Sands investors to pursue Carbon Containment technology in order to protect the atmosphere from the byproducts of bitumen extraction?

Further, will the plan to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline in order to ship bitumen to China come with any guarantees from the Chinese government that Canadian government environmental standards will be applied to the process in China?
04:36 PM on 02/22/2012
Thank God Canada got out of Koyota. Now what's next for a real national energy program that would help stabalize gas costs and protect our consumption from a determined terrorist attack. I am from Northern Ontario. Without gas for my car and heating my house I would have to tear out my walls and burn them to keep warm! I really don't feel very safe. And if energy and gasoline costs go up in the South, my costs go up three times theirs! I am on a pension. How am I to afford that!
05:03 PM on 02/22/2012
People in the south (aka: Toronto) don't really care about you and your ability to stay warm or how your going to get to work. You see, a man named Gore has instilled an irrational fear of the future (even though it hasn't been invented yet) in people. Irrational because this man as well as many others live the carbon high life while suggesting that you should buy carbon credits (as they claim they do) or buy a windmill or solar panel or two (as they haven't) So suck it up! There are millions of future children waiting to die because of your choices.
06:07 PM on 02/22/2012
Such blind ignorance leaves me speechless.
06:05 PM on 02/22/2012
Perhaps taking some of that pension money and learning to spell might be a step in the right direction. If you are on a pension, my guess is that you won't be around to witness the results of the disastrous decision to pull out of the 'Koyota' (Kyoto) accord. For those of us with a bit more future ahead, handing the environment over to multi-national corporations so that you can save a few pennies at the pump just doesn't cut it.
09:21 PM on 02/22/2012
Such blind ignorance leaves me speechless.
04:13 PM on 02/22/2012
Mr. Kent,
With the recent comments by members of the Harper government demonizing environmentalists and organizations, is it not your job to defend them and the environment from your colleagues? This stance by the government is further pushing Canada backwards when it comes to environmental issues and policies, what is your plan to help move us forward instead?
03:42 PM on 02/22/2012
I'd ask him two questions:

1. Many people say the costs of slowing or preventing climate change or halting development of the oil sands is too great particularly during this time of global economic fragility.
What do you think of this reasoning in light of the anticipated future costs of dealing with the consequences of climate change? (Perhaps someone with access to free journal articles or a member of the editorial board could look up some stats on this. I know they're out there.)
Even if we had no innate appreciation of nature does it not make economic sense to plan for the long-term? What is better for our country and our future, Mr. Kent; short-term gain or long-term enormous costs caused in trying to adapt to climate change?

2. Do you support your government's increasing ignorance of science and research, not just in the environment but in health (asbestos exports) and justice (incarcerating more people, ramping up the drug war, and cutting rehabilitation programs)?
What policy informer is more important than science?
04:13 PM on 02/22/2012
You know of stats on future events?? Wow, I have a triactor at Woodbine I'd like you to consult on.
05:10 PM on 02/22/2012
I see what you're getting at williamjgc.
What I should say is that these are predicted future costs. They could be high, they could be low, they could be off by billions! Who knows!
But this gets back to my second point. Maybe these predictions are wrong but these predictions at least were made by science and the whole point of science is to correct any of our existing beliefs that may be wrong.
Science isn't perfect by any means but what have we got that's better?
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03:36 PM on 02/22/2012
Maybe I'm naive, but I would ask "When did the job of the Environment Minister turn from protecting the environment to one of supporting the destruction of it through other ministries?" I would think that a minister in charge of the environment would be doing all s/he can to protect our animal species, ensure clean water, and work with other ministries to accomplish their goals without impacting the environment!!
12:09 AM on 02/24/2012
I recall meeting with Christine Stewart, former federal Liberal Environment Canada Minister about draconian cuts to environmental program during Chretien's first term. She blew me, and other professors right off, raising irrelevant issues for 45 of the 60 minutes we had with her. A complete and utter sellout. I hope Kent will prove better, though so far I am troubled by cuts to energy retrofits for homes, staff layoffs and gagging of their scientists. This ministry has been abused for a long time.
03:10 PM on 02/22/2012
Mr. Kent,

Because there has never been any scientific evidence to support or prove the hypothesis that humanity's CO2 emissions are altering the climate, when will your government come clean and demand such proof before moving ahead with any initiatives?
06:15 PM on 02/22/2012
There is proof. You just have to read it. Stop watching SunTV 'News' and Fox 'News' and educate yourself on the issues before posting specious comments.
09:36 PM on 02/22/2012
Post the repeatable experimentation that led to the proving of the hypothesis' of global warming and climate change. That way we can repeat the science in any lab around the world. Then and only then will we deniers have nothing to say.
...and stop commenting on my education level without know anything about it. Oh yes. I forgot. That's the modus operandi of all AGW zealots...sorry, carry on...job well done.
02:56 PM on 02/22/2012
Can we ask why he is a member of honestreporting