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12:37 PM on 02/22/2012
Mr. Kent

Do you support current scientific theories that state the planet is undergoing "Global Warming" and that it is in part caused by us.
12:28 PM on 02/22/2012
What is the Harper government's long-term strategy for managing Canada's non-renewable oil resources and how will all Canadians including future generations benefit from the rapid liquidation of this national asset? What are the financial costs of remediation and what proportion of this will future generations be burdened with?
12:11 PM on 02/22/2012
Eviro. Minister or Oil Minion? Talk about the wolf guarding the hen house. What has this guy done other than dance on the end of his corporate puppet-master's strings? 80% of the Canadians independently polled oppose these Pipe Dreams, perhaps they all have more sense than our "environment minister" Perhaps his position was concocted in the same room as "Ethical Oil". PFT. I am sooo ashamed of where our current administration is taking our beloved Canada.
12:02 PM on 02/22/2012
Stepping away from Tar Sands for a moment:

Why is Environment Canada cutting back on monitoring air pollution? What exactly are these "other priorities" that are more important than the air we breathe?
11:57 AM on 02/22/2012
Given that burning fossil fuels causes dangerous and irreparable climate change and global warming, why is Canada so insistent on quickly developing and exporting fossil fuels?
11:52 AM on 02/22/2012
Also, why do you think (or at least act like you think) that bureaucrats, who often have no scientific background, are better arbiters of what scientific work is valid than the scientists who are currently doing that work? Why are bureaucrats acting as gatekeepers to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, rather than letting the scientific community speak for itself?
11:48 AM on 02/22/2012
Can you honestly say that the average Canadians' quality of life is higher due to your governments' approval of tar sands projects and the taxes that come with it, as compared to the quality of life of the average Canadian 20 years ago? If you can't say "Yes. 100%. [Your] life, today, is better because of these projects", then don't we have a responsibility to say NO to these projects and to search for industries and jobs that can drive our economy AND improve quality of life without contaminating rivers, destroying the world's largest intact forest and sickening First Nation communities?
11:44 AM on 02/22/2012
What is ozone, and what role does it play in the environment?
11:39 AM on 02/22/2012
I would like to know about the muzzling of Canadian scientists.
11:36 AM on 02/22/2012
Does the Ministry of Environment condone back room deals with polluters? Please follow this link, it's a local activist's blog. He recently uncovered documents signed by the Ministry of Environment and a local polluter.. Releasing the polluter of all wrong doings.. Meanwhile they released a public work order demanding the polluter complete the clean up.. The new Mayor of this township didn't realize such a deal had been struck. He actually released all documents a week ago.. Please link to Mr. Marshall's blog site.
He posts the entire story, including copies of the documents the Ministry of Environment entered into.
11:25 AM on 02/22/2012
Why is your government pushing to export bitumin while we are still importing foreign oil for eastern Canada. Should we not use our stable supply of oil to make ourselves self sufficient before helping an oppressive foreign country. Canada first.
Heaven is a gift, not a reward
12:08 PM on 02/22/2012
Geography and oil type are the roadblocks. The population is largely on the east coast but the oil is out west. A big pipeline to the east coast is needed.

But then, what would the east coast do with the oil? The refineries there can't generally handle that type of oil

They need to build a huge pipeline and new refineries.
Kristopher Leang
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12:49 PM on 02/22/2012
i agree we need refineries, or i think even the canadain public would be mad about why we arent making it here. however a pipeline?? we do have trucks that transport oil? if we are getting them by oil tanker from overseas anyways so it seems about the same.
07:48 PM on 02/22/2012
Building upgraders in Alberta equals jobs, refining upgraded bitumin in Alberta equals jobs, refitting refineries in the east equals jobs. Secondary industries would be created around refineries and upgraders creating jobs. We could use a new refinery in western Canada because every time Scotford has a major shutdown you have a diesel shortage. Some could be exported to help Americans out but building a freeway to China for our oil should be out. Supplying refineries in the US would even create jobs here. We have what most countries only dream of. We are rich in resources and have a reasonably stable government but we are giving this away to make profit for multinationals. Once our resources are gone do you the multis will do any thing for us.
11:24 AM on 02/22/2012
As one of the largest consumers of energy, and with such a low population, Canada has an obligation to reform its use of resources. Shipping resources to another nation to increase Canada's carbon-footprint abroad has implications that you are responsible for. How does this relate to your plans going forward?
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Make Peace in Our Time
11:05 AM on 02/22/2012
what is "ethical oil " and why ?
11:03 AM on 02/22/2012
How can he justify the muzzling of publicly funded environmental scientists while the federal government has a clear agenda of assisting polluting companies expand. Does this not seem that your party is undermining the very integrity of your office by having such a clear anti-envoronmental agenda.

Also, how does a person without a scientific background get to be a head of a ministry designed to study the environment by algorithms set out in the scientific method then base regulations on those findings? It seems counter productive to have a journalist in charge of scientific findings unless the government was looking for different ways to tell the story of the environment. I would support you for minister in the realm of your expertise (journalism) but how can you be qualified for Minister of a scientific ministry?
10:59 AM on 02/22/2012
Dear Minister Kent,

Last month, troubling accusations were made that your Government and the Prime Minister's Office have made "backroom" threats to remove the charitable status of environmental protection organizations in an attempt to stymie the voices of Canadians who oppose pipeline development from the Alberta oil sands. Do you agree that, if these accusations are true (as represented in Andrew Frank's affadavit from 23 January 2012), it is an affront to Canadian democracy and the processes that protect our nation's common interest?
Will you go on the record, stating that environmental protection & conservation groups are not enemies of the state, nor of the Government of Canada, by virtue of their opposition to any development plan or industrial endeavour?

Many thanks,
Marc Cameron
Toronto, ON