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11:42 AM on 03/28/2012
HIlarious really. All this whining about an individual mandate in health care and most citizens happily roll over like a puppy getting his tummy rubbed when the government presumes to dictate what substances they can ingest for recreation.

It really is an Alice in Wonderland country we live in.
11:29 AM on 03/28/2012
Certain drugs are "illegal" because this is the last non taxable industry left for the rich.
Also, flow of drugs also coincides with the flow of arms and the sex/slave trade.
The US obviously wants to open up a new conduit through Canada, with the one in
Afghanistan possibly being throttled by the imminent pullout there.
11:25 AM on 03/28/2012
It's time for a "war on Pentagon budgets".
11:20 AM on 03/28/2012
What a waste of money and lives!!! I can't believe our Conservative government was elected by US!!! (well, not by me).

Drugs are a health issue. Get rid of the crime by decriminalization and then treat the problem. How many more years do we have to waste on a War on Drugs until we finally admit that it's not working?
01:08 PM on 03/28/2012
We now have the REPUBLICAN Party of Canada. Harper is well on is way to making us Americanized. We need to get this message out so some of the idiots that voted for these Radical Reformers can realise the damage that is being done.

Remember, its not Conservative anymore, its REPUBLICAN.
Andy Svoboda
Left, Right, Up, Down, Sheep
11:13 AM on 03/28/2012
Thanks eh
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"Change is a constant fact of life"
11:09 AM on 03/28/2012
What the ‘War on Drugs’ really means is a protection racket for the drug dealers who sell tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical mind-altering drugs, and a complete loss of control over the markets for most other mind-altering drugs. Effectively this means that people are led to suffer the ill effects of alcohol and tobacco, sometimes denied safer alternative, and have no consumer protection with all other drugs. Policy is thus a disaster for drug users on both sides of the artificial divide. What is lost is beyond measure – not only the health and lives of all types of drug users, but the whole potential for society to realise the benefits of a rational drug policy, and to be able to access a wide range of safe and effective recreational and mind-expanding drugs.
11:06 AM on 03/28/2012
Lmao America is the biggest drug dealer the world has ever known!
11:06 AM on 03/28/2012
Yes, Canada can become just like the United States! Under the guise of preventing drug addiction it can expand its use of imprisonment to punish rather than rehabilitate people. Canada can use its military to determine what is allowable public speech and by inference, allowable private thought while policing its citizens.

For Canadian politicians this will be a real boon! Once in office Canadian politicians will have access to unlimited anti-drug funds to reward their friends and punish their enemies. Canadian politicians will enjoy the kind of power that their U.S. counter parts have, to be able to say anything and remain unchallenged!

Lastly, Canada will enjoy the fruits of perpetual war! Its military contractors and suppliers, its retired military personnel, and its political voices will make out like bandits. Their joining the War on Drugs will benefit everyone in the military or a position of power.

Yes Canada has a great chance to become just like the U.S.A. It can take an individual's medical problem and turn it into a great boon for all the rest of Canada. While increasing the power of politicians, police, and the military, Canada will silence all discussion of the changes to Canadian Society: using imprisonment as a cure for all social problems, relying on the military to keep order in society, and the loss of any and all freedoms Canadians now enjoy.

Yes Canada can become just like the freedom loving U.S.A. without seeking statehood!
11:04 AM on 03/28/2012
Double down on a failed policy? Sounds conservative to me! It's so sad when liberals adopt failed conservative policies! The light moves further down the tunnel!
Life's too short, be happy..
10:59 AM on 03/28/2012
Oh hell no.....last thing we need is to be dragged into other countries for nonsense like this...
We WERE PEACEKEEPER, not sidekicks to the WORLD POLICE....
What I've seen over the last three decades is making me want to move in with the Inuit up North...
Raymond Madore
10:58 AM on 03/28/2012
this is madness. legalize pot. I don't want our military involved here at all. PERIOD
Ed Baker
All Hail Big Mother
10:56 AM on 03/28/2012
Oh Canada - I always thought you were our smarter little brother to the north.

Don't join in on our nonsense.
no comment
11:00 AM on 03/28/2012
big pharma money talks
Mr Woo
Your micro-bio is half-empty
12:58 PM on 03/28/2012
No, the pinhead Canadians who voted for this American-wannabe ideologue is the reason why we are in this situation. In a way, I'm hoping his idiocy continues ... it might sway enough people to change their votes next election. If we arent the 52nd state by then that is.
10:55 AM on 03/28/2012
Does this do anything but increase prices and crime, creating dangerous drug lords made wealthy by the scarcity of their product? Focus all that money on education and immediate, free treatment for those who have had enough.
progress is a process not an end result
10:52 AM on 03/28/2012
Come on Canada I know you're much better than this......prohibition is not the answer, history has shown that time after time.
10:51 AM on 03/28/2012
Those that are educated enough, realize the major solution to this War is to End it completely. The thing is even though 50% of the nation supports MJ, there are still many doubters. The reason being is that they are just going by their brainwashed ways, doing as the government says. Those people need to look deeper into it and see for themselves. The ones that already know this, well just keep talking. Keep bringing the issue up with people. Eventually, even if they may not agree now, they will when they start piecing the puzzle together. Words are our ultimate weapon, so lets utilize them and bring change about now. I am sick of living in a country filled with so much hypocrocity that the things that ARE legal, are the things ruining this country when something as little as a plant, can bring about a major economical reform.
11:30 AM on 03/28/2012
Stand up, fight for your Rights! Fight for sanity!