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Concerned Citizen
06:37 PM on 05/03/2012
She has all the money in the world. Kind of acting like an idiot. Her parents must be thrilled. Looks like she want attention.
Chicago Uptown
11:40 PM on 05/03/2012
All the money in the world? Maybe she could pay China back all the money we owe them
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05:40 PM on 05/03/2012
You would think that at 23 this would have been out of her system already..She acting like an 18 year old .. I guess this spoiled girl with money will be handful for her parents for a couple of more years. If they are lucky, she will grow out of it otherwise, cut her off..That will sober her up quickly!!
05:25 PM on 05/03/2012
Obviously, a very troubled girl!
06:18 PM on 05/03/2012
Although she is 23, and who cares, why would she want her parents to see something like this? At her age I would have been beyond mortified by pics of me partying like a psycho.
Seems like there is a bit of vengefulness in her for reasons unknown.... it must suck to be her mom and pop right now. They seem like nice peeps.
07:17 PM on 05/03/2012
hockey teams are very family oriented. lots of player family involvement. think of how far reaching this humiliation of her parents goes.
07:19 PM on 05/03/2012
forgot to write my point. i think she chose this beccause it would be the most mortifying to her father.
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10:12 AM on 05/04/2012
"girl"? You mean "woman'?
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04:10 PM on 05/03/2012
Meh. I'm ok with this.
William A
Oh Lord, save me from your followers!
04:05 PM on 05/03/2012
Who cares?

Except for people who have no life of their own, I mean.
03:48 PM on 05/03/2012
Time to get McSorley out of retirement.
02:41 PM on 05/03/2012
She's a grown woman, let her live!
02:39 PM on 05/03/2012
Just like the average British teenager's weekend - cheap and nasty.
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02:12 PM on 05/03/2012
Papa Wayne needs to give someone a slapshot.
Lynn Maxwell
02:01 PM on 05/03/2012
Dad must really be upset now.
12:56 PM on 05/03/2012
jst so sad and pathetic on so many levels!
12:47 PM on 05/03/2012
Clearly she has a problem
01:04 PM on 05/03/2012
& with that name ... YOU don't??? (>^_^
12:33 PM on 05/03/2012
Whose hand is that on her stomach in the last picture? Seriously, look closely, it's not Captain America's.
01:05 PM on 05/03/2012
lmfao ... I swear to god i was looking at that too & wondering the same thing! :~P
My micro bio is empty
01:14 PM on 05/03/2012
I think it's hers.
01:40 PM on 05/03/2012
You're right, my mistake- her hand sure is masculine.
travel all over the world
12:31 PM on 05/03/2012
Wayne and his wife should cut her off financially. This girl is really out tere. It seems as though she is trying to embarrass them on purpose.
12:13 PM on 05/03/2012
We're really surprised at this? Parents in this country stopped teaching honor and dignity to their sons, and modesty to their daughters, and instead wanted to be their childs friend instead of their parent, then say when they have a grandchild from the 13 year old daughter; "Well, you know, kids have to find their own way in their own time." Trust me parents; we will stand accountable for allowing this. The boundaries have all been removed from our society, and there is nothing sacred anymore. Just listen to some of the responses to this truth!
12:18 PM on 05/03/2012
I agree with you. These are the times in which we live; the only thing that can be done is that parents teach their children that everything a person does, must be accounted for. Whether good or bad, all actions garner REactions. Whilst a person can control THEIR OWN actions, the reactions might be less than favorable. In all things, prepare for backlash.
travel all over the world
12:39 PM on 05/03/2012
Wayne Gretsky is Canadian.