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your opinion is as valid as mine
08:49 PM on 05/02/2012
She has learned from our culture, Paris, Kim and others, post trashy, porn, get a reality show make millions.
08:44 PM on 05/02/2012
Wow. Stay classy. She's apparently still immature enough to think posing like that makes her original or an adult. It just makes her look like a cheap little girl.
08:23 PM on 05/02/2012
It must be fun waking up and having no financial responsibilities or,,, responsibilities for that matter.
08:05 PM on 05/02/2012
Oh oh, better close your eyes America ... It's going to be too sexy for your ...
07:57 PM on 05/02/2012
i remember meeting this little girl years ago cannot believe the change.
K White
Sashays, flips hair, and throws glitter.
07:39 PM on 05/02/2012
Wayne Gretzky = Hockey legend
Paulina Gretzky = Instagram legend

How fitting.

I don't know what to think about the youth these days. Many of them seem to have no problem posting provocative photos online. Who wants their dad and family to see them like that? Not me. And the adults that post these sort of pictures, like Weiner and that secret service guy, really need help. Oh, well. Still love those Red Wings.
GQ 336
07:25 PM on 05/02/2012
I see a double standard.
07:13 PM on 05/02/2012
I understand who her father is but she is an adult! I know that this is probably embarrassing for parents but we can only guide our children, that doesn't mean their going to listen to us!
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07:09 PM on 05/02/2012
She's a narcissitic exhibitionist but, c'mon, there's much worse than that out there. Wayne must be so proud.
06:54 PM on 05/02/2012
Anyone who thinks this is bad apparently has never seen a spring break photo album.
06:39 PM on 05/02/2012
I'm guessing a few guys are going to get called for high sticking or pulling the goalie on this one.
Knowledge is power be powerful....
06:30 PM on 05/02/2012
She's quite the little hottie I especially like pics 4&5...
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08:58 PM on 05/02/2012
Seems like we're the odd ones out on this post ;)
06:30 PM on 05/02/2012
Is it me or do these pics like scarily similar to the ones that Karla Homolka used to take ?? Just saying...
07:28 PM on 05/02/2012
It's you.
10:34 PM on 05/02/2012
There are some photos of Homolka you can Google and she looks like P.G. In any case, Wayne and Janet must be mortified..especially the vajay-jay shot.
Not Just Right, but Correct
06:25 PM on 05/02/2012
These photos didn't seem that bad right on par with some of mine. My friends and I are card carrying Republicans save 1 or 2 that are Dems. Maybe America's Hat just is a little bit touchy about the Great Ones daughter.
08:02 PM on 05/02/2012
Most Democrats dont care about little miss great one showing her body, it just reflects negatively on her father whether she ment to or not. Republicans are shouting at the tops of their lungs that this is soft-porn and she should report to the nearest priest and confess her sins. Americans love their sport hereos, even if Wayne came from Canada, and his daughter is adding a chapter to her fathers legacy that we as sports fans dont care to have written. I am sure she is a sweet young lady just havin fun, but remeber who your father was and still is to many people, a role-model and hero.
10:11 PM on 05/02/2012
Yeah, most of my Republican friends are much more sexually promiscuous than my Democratic friends. Democrats are tolerant, but may still behave conservatively themselves.
06:23 PM on 05/02/2012
Seriously? I do not understand why any of this is a problem or concern. Why is this even news. Young people have fun, sex, and frivolity, NEWS at 11.