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Stardust, temporarily human.
05:12 PM on 05/04/2012
"Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is a heretic. He is a false messiah who claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ."

Translation: He's not the magic wizard sky man, somebody else is, duh!!
Ph.D anthro and behavioural sciences
07:59 PM on 05/03/2012
this guy was in bill mahers religilous....i swear he works at a used car lot
04:33 PM on 05/03/2012
The apocolyptic race is on. Who will win. May 28, June 30 or December 21. I am surprised that there are not more dates in 2012 for the end of time. There has to be more morons on Earth who can make up the last day of the human race. I challenge all of these forward thinkers to come up with a more unique way to kill us all off. In fact, there are earthquakes hitting the Earth every day. I hope that there will be Magnetude 12 earthquakes that occur under the feet of these three experts on the occult. I doubt the second coming is going to happen any time soon.
04:17 PM on 05/03/2012
You know I just love all of these yahoos who truly believe they are God/Jesus and will be able to do all these strange and miraculous things, just the simple fact (like Y2K) that when their predicated days have come and gone and nothing and I mean NOTHING happens what fools they will look like. Hope the poh-poh will be standing by to lock up their crazy asses. I'm a christian and believe in God's Word and when He says no man including the Son no not the time, year or day of that appointment then I'm going to believe him!!! As far as I'm concerned I've got dreams and wishes to be fulfilled and believe I will get that alotted time just like the rest of the world. God bless us all and lock up the ones that try to lead astray and scare the rest.
Patrick Flannery
Editor, nerd, dad.
02:09 PM on 05/03/2012
It's funny, right? But other believers should ask themselves just what it is that separates their beliefs from this wacko's, and on what basis they can claim to be right and him wrong.
10:24 PM on 05/03/2012
Scripture. 2000 years ago a man lived who claimed to be God. He worked miracles beyond belief, more than can be documented. He also was crucified by the Romans and three days later appeared for forty days showing himself to be the resurrected Christ. At one time more than 500 people saw and heard this resurrected Christ. He was indeed GOD. And he told us that his coming here in the flesh was to present to us the Truth and a final sacrifice for all our transgressions. His resurrection sets him apart from all the other freaks out there.
Patrick Flannery
Editor, nerd, dad.
08:28 AM on 05/04/2012
LOL!...Oh,'re serious?

Look at the gibberish you just posted and pretend for a minute that you never heard of any of this stuff before. It is actually significantly crazier than any of the Apocalypse priest's stuff. All he claims is to be able to know something he can't. You are claiming that some 2,000-year-old documents of dubious pedigree should count as evidence that a man once worked magic, rose from the dead, actually was God, and sacrificed himself to himself thereby somehow impacting the moral status of people walking around today.

Self-awareness is in aisle three.
01:15 AM on 05/05/2012
And none of what you just posted is historically documented. None.

You'd think that if someone was running around making the claims Jesus was, and doing the things he did...There would be record of it. After all, the Romans often killed people who claimed to be royalty among the Jews.

Yet there is no historical evidence of the man Jesus Christ.

And most of the bible is questionable. The closest written book in the New Testament time-wise was over a century after Jesus' supposed death.

The facts go on. The point is, the bible is not a factual account.
Most geniuses are conceited...I'm the exception.
12:48 PM on 05/03/2012
How come some people get away with this kind of, shall we say, prognostication while others who march through crowded streets with sandwich boards declaring 'the end is nigh' or something to that effect are deemed kooks and weirdos?
03:55 PM on 05/03/2012
Very good question indeed.
10:15 PM on 05/03/2012
How come? Simply put, God is in control and these freaks are pawns in a plan that has already been disclosed. There will be false profits declaring the end of time. It was prophesied by Christ himself. They are not only going to be here, but they are going to have a large following. It breaks my heart to see this happening and at the same time I rejoice in Gods words coming to pass. I find comfort in knowing that Christ knew and knows all things through the Father. I also know that when the Lord Christ does come, it will be on his terms and the Fathers timing.
12:19 PM on 05/03/2012
Talk about people drinking the kool-aid. This guy is a lousy speaker to be honest and this kind of deception has nothing to do with charisma....he has none. Also he couldn't teach his way out of a wet paper bag. It has to be a demonic deception because neither natural ability, nor the Spirit of God have anything to do with this guy and his ability to get followers.
12:10 PM on 05/03/2012
Some people will believe anything
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11:46 AM on 05/03/2012
i'm still unpacking my bags from the last apocalypse. gonna have to skip this one i think.
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Gag Halfront
Zaphod's just this guy, you know.
11:30 AM on 05/03/2012
Yeah! June 30. End of the world, finally. It's tiring waiting around for the end of the world: sitting around in my blue sweat suit and Nikes (missed that one) while my Kool-Aid evaporates watching Kim Kardashian declare her political aspirations (now that is a good indication that the world will end). At least I get one last birthday.
11:06 AM on 05/03/2012
This man is a poser! I have the ACTUAL knowledge of the apocalypse.

Read the evidence here and prepare:
Watching the Friend count drop ...
10:38 AM on 05/03/2012
Okay, um ... what the heck does an infant with "SSS" written in his head have to do with this? What am I missing here?
10:44 AM on 05/03/2012
Huffpo has a thing for misleading titles. I'm guessing they're paid by the number of hits their article gets. I fell for this one too.....yawn.
12:21 PM on 05/03/2012
You're missing the fact that his followers must be so stupid that they can't spell 3 numbers correctly or legibly.
Christian Cotroneo
05:48 PM on 05/03/2012
Or the caption.
Making people angry since 1980.
10:31 AM on 05/03/2012
Let him believe whatever. As long as he isn't hurting anyone.
11:55 AM on 05/03/2012
What about the people that believe him?
Crossing the line just because it's there.
10:03 AM on 05/03/2012
I would sooner don a pair of purple Nike's and bid the twins adieu, than believe anything that falls out of the mouth of this fraud.
Retired NASA engineer
10:02 AM on 05/03/2012
I think that Romney should choose this guy for vice president candidate. Though the election may not happen now that the world is ending. Miranda could be a big boost for the Republicans. He might not be radical enough for the right wing.