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04:58 PM on 09/10/2012
The housing bubble in the USA and the collapse was because of fraud and manipulation and total deregulation - Canada is nowhere near like the USA was in those aspects. Has there been robosigning in Vancouver? Are they processing loans without documentation? Allowing you to buy a 500k house with no money down and no income verification? The list goes on - the expert can invest where he chooses - to say Vancouver is a bubble and looks like California did - I would disagree having lived there when the whole thing collapsed.
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06:58 PM on 09/10/2012
are you for real?? Vancouver is the worst place for corruption and manipulation then all of Canada...and the best place to buy a house with no money down...the bubble is already bursting...
07:23 PM on 09/10/2012
Vancouver housing market is so bizarre as to defy understanding however the bubble that is bursting is because of Chinese nationals gobbling up homes for obscene amounts of money. it's creating serious housing crisis there.
04:50 PM on 09/10/2012
Ah yes, yet another "bubble" article and yet another "sky is falling" post by stopgeorge/chicken little.....nice
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05:06 PM on 09/10/2012
When people live well beyond the comfortable debt threshold due to insanely low mortgage rates, reality comes knocking at the door eventually.

$600k+ for a shack in Coquitlam? That is a "bubble" price.
05:31 PM on 09/10/2012
Agree. How is spending 91% of pre-tax income to service the debt on a house (combined cost of mortgage payments, utilities and property taxes) not a bubble?
06:20 PM on 09/10/2012
It's called "supply and demand".  Economics about it. 

And while you're at it, look up "Schadenfreude" seem to have a really bad case of it.
03:38 PM on 09/10/2012
There is nothing to "pop" the hypothetical bubble. It comes down to supply and demand. Vancouver has more demand than supply. Will the prices always be so high? Hopefully not. Should they be now? Yes, if someone will pay it.

As long as people aren't taking risky loans on speculative binges, the market will continue. No one with $400,000 in the market is going to sell if things get iffy, but lots would bailout if they have not equity (a la California).
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03:52 PM on 09/10/2012
In case you didn't notice, housing sales are the lowest in more than 12 years in Vancouver.

Also, with the low mortgage rates, people have been taking on more debt than they can chew.

There is a big bubble in Vancouver, and it WILL burst. It's a question of when (and I predict it is coming soon).
03:56 PM on 09/10/2012
You mean like False Creek ...that has finally started selling after two years and a 30% haircut in values?
You may think no one will sell with 400k in the market if things get iffy but all it takes is one person in trouble and drops their pants and the bar gets lowered for everyone else in the area. You are not different than California.
04:45 PM on 09/10/2012
The difference is that people will move out and sell in an orderly manner. 25% of Vancouver will not default over 3 years. It will not pop like a bubble, it will depreciate.
Revenant Guy
03:35 PM on 09/10/2012
Another 'expert'....!