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12:21 AM on 10/04/2012
OMG ... a very privileged white man is calling two very privileged white men names?? Please. The most offensive part of this is that he says they "haven't done the work to be leaders"!! Wow. He couldn't be more wrong as he speaks from his stool in Hollywood where he does movies and protests and runs off his mouth. Now THAT'S work, huh?
There is no way to peace; peace is the way.--Muste
12:41 AM on 10/04/2012
Movies are job creators and yes, it is real work. Romney does nothing but offshore jobs-- he's a jobs destroyer.
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12:43 AM on 10/04/2012
You don't know your facts so don't bother to comment ...
02:31 AM on 10/04/2012
actually martin sheen is not really white he is a latino who changed his name to seem more white to the Hollywood elite.
06:54 AM on 10/04/2012
Didn't change his name exactly. Used his mother's maiden name.
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08:18 AM on 10/04/2012
Oh please ... Sheen, who changed his name to Martin Sheen to play in a WHITE world. Get serious.
12:10 AM on 10/04/2012
What I really want to know is why they are talking about this in Canada lol!
01:09 AM on 10/04/2012
why wouldn't we comment on one of the best comedy acts running?
11:05 AM on 10/04/2012
The speech was in Toronto
Military Spending Killing America
12:09 AM on 10/04/2012
Nothing has changed in American these last 10 years except the rich have gotten RICHER...
01:25 AM on 10/04/2012
That would be 20 years.
07:20 AM on 10/04/2012
That would be 30 years.
12:05 AM on 10/04/2012
Race, while it sticks in the crawl of the right wing over who is in the white house and congress, isn't what you should focus on. Its really a class struggle between the rich and the rich special interests against the peasant working classes. The more aggressive among us are the rich and they want your lunch and feel entitled to it. That is what to focus on.
06:21 AM on 10/04/2012
Sounds just like the big bully at school. And the only way to squash a bully is to band together.
11:40 PM on 10/03/2012
Fave if you recognized Jesse Tyler Ferguson in the back or recognized Jesse Tyler Ferguson and said NO MY GOD or SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN
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02:17 AM on 10/04/2012
Did you recognize that the still was from Prop 8?
...but you are Blanche! You are....
10:31 PM on 10/03/2012
I am no fan of Romney and I WILL VOTE FOR OBAMA but, I resent celebrities throwing their two cents into the ring. I don't believe they are any smarter than the rest of us and those who are so easily influenced strike me as stupid. "I heard somewhere that Selena Gomez likes Obama so I do too. Go Obama!!" Give me a break.
Cafe Con Leche Party
10:54 PM on 10/03/2012
Do you resent the celebrities throwing their two cents; or do you resent their ability to express themselves nationally and in the spot light.

In HP we are able to express ourselves and so should celebrities, but I don't that many people will actually be convincingly swayed by one celebrity or another, unless they make a valid and convincing argument. Though, whatever Sofia Vergara tells me to do, I will do it...twice.
...but you are Blanche! You are....
10:55 PM on 10/03/2012
and that's why I shop at K-Mart. LOL.
Angie Daniels
PFLAG and dog rescuer.
11:12 PM on 10/03/2012
Celebrities are people too. And Martin (who is actually Hispanic) has been a politically active citizen for a long time.
...but you are Blanche! You are....
11:40 PM on 10/03/2012
I know his nationality but, I don't know the reason you broutght that up.
01:26 AM on 10/04/2012
Politically active...and very wrong.
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Love-child of the ghosts of FDR and Napoleon
10:22 PM on 10/03/2012
Mr. President I have always been and will always be a supporter, repeal the 22nd Amendment Bartlett 2012!
Trust women; protect choice.
09:49 PM on 10/03/2012
I still wish Jed Bartlett could be President.
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08:58 PM on 10/03/2012
Enough already! This is nothing more than reverse racism for Sheen to assume that by being the color white everything that you earned was not deserved. Bottom line is Pres. Obama's legacy will not be one of leadership and certainly not one of an uniter. It is time to stop covering up for his negatives by using race as an excuse for his failings or using race as an excuse or reason for stating the obvious. We are witnessing a failed presidency that is gleefully being ignored by the pop culture pundits and media. No reason to continue to go after the messengers when the message is obvious.
09:12 PM on 10/03/2012
Oh stop it..Obama spent the first two years of his tenure as President trying to work with Republicans who rebuffed him at every turn. Obama's supporters were very upset with him for his continued effort to get Republicans to collaborate with him on our devastating economic condition. Race? Hell he is half white....There is no failed Presidency here. There is a failed Republican congress whose vanity and self indulgent pride would have them destroy this country rather than work with this 1/2 black democrat. You lost and there was not a man among Congressional Republicans who would man up and deal with the loss of the Presidency. Republicans have nominated the worst and last white guy standing in the Republican primary and he is the least adequate and most inept candidate to run for President in generations.
09:28 PM on 10/03/2012
Well said anghiari. The sad thing is that the right wingers now believe they would have had a better chance with Newt or Rick. Ha. They would be even further behind. It's the message, not the messenger, regardless of how much a believer he is.
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02:21 AM on 10/04/2012
Gabriel Oakes
09:26 PM on 10/03/2012
Can we please stop saying "reverse racism" when referring to racism against white people? It implies that white people invented racism. Also, I don't think he assumes that Romney and Ryan don't deserve what they have because they are white. He think they don't deserve what they have because they were handed it by obscenely rich parents and haven't got the tiniest concept of what actual work is.
Long on the tooth
08:55 PM on 10/03/2012
This tape has been around a long time. But, as the election draws near, it is as good time as any to revive it. The fact that many, including Bush, declared that discrimination played a part in some of the distribution of services, like police, was unsettling for many around the country. When it was mentioned by Obama, it struck a nerve in the white community that did not translate to understanding and acceptance but denial and anger. And we are still there today. That is the sad state of our American conscience.
08:54 PM on 10/03/2012
Thank you Martin Sheen
Find and fulfill your destiny
08:52 PM on 10/03/2012
Republicans don`t give a damn about this country or the middle class,
they only care about the rich and themselves nothing else.
Failure plus excuses doesn't equal success.
09:27 PM on 10/03/2012
The problem with you democrats is that eventually you will run out of other people's money to spend. You care about the middle class and the poor . . . as long as someone else pays for it. How do you say democrat - Hand Out.
09:41 PM on 10/03/2012
"You will run out of other prople's money to spend."

Sounds like you remembered the cons talking points.
10:24 PM on 10/03/2012
Did George Bush run out of Republican money when he was in office? ..... He must have because he left a massive debt for all Americans to pay.
08:51 PM on 10/03/2012
I doubt Martin Sheen would like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc. You know our founding fathers, because they unfortunately were "white, very, very over privileged" men as Martin said. It is predicted that whites will be a minority in twenty years in our country. At that time I hope the race card will not be used against minority whites that want to run for office. Anyway, it should always be about who is the best man/woman for an office and leave race out of it. Many whites voted for Obama last time and if some of us are no longer voting for him, that does not mean we are racist.
09:02 PM on 10/03/2012
Oh, give it a rest...first whites will never call themselves a minority though that may be factually true in the future...What in the hell is the race card? Holding slaves and treating them like animals for years is a reality and is probably the real and only RACE CARD that can be considerate legisitmate in this country...It is such a manipulative statement. No one said you were racist...they said your candidates were racist, because they are not above asserting the most repulsive racist lies, fullye expecting their supporters to believe it.. Obama is as white as he is black...but for some reason white folks of a certain racist bent never deal with that reality!
Patience is the mother of a beautiful child.
10:34 PM on 10/03/2012