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Droid Noir
Graphic Designer, Writer.
05:44 PM on 10/08/2012
Tetsuro, the way culture is policed would make you think that we are all equal and yet, as you have sharply pointed out, there is only a semblance of equality - even at that, perhaps it is a pseudo-semblance. I'm yet to see Asian actors set as sexual objects, the predominance of the white male in this regard in unchallenged. Still, I would wonder if you had more to say beyond your critique, I have begun to think that perhaps we should just give up, it feels so hopeless - and I was hoping that you article could delve into signs that the industry was changing or perhaps to point to a change.
As an Independent, I despise both parties equally!
05:26 PM on 10/08/2012
One has to be fair and balanced (sorry if I reminded you of Faux News). I see the writer's point, but we are not going to resolve these feelings by willing them so. Native Americans feel excluded, African Americans feel excluded, Latinos feel excluded, Asians feel excluded, Indians, Pakistani, Jews, Muslims... The list goes on and on. There was a time in America when Irish, Italians and Poles felt excluded and some still feel the exclusion. Just visit Boston sometime and see the division of neighborhoods firsthand. Ever hear the latest Polish joke? How about African Americans discriminating against people of lighter or darker skin living next to them, on the same flat? How about African Dominicans telling themselves they aren't African at all? The best revenge for perceiving yourself equal is Education. As far as they perceiving you equal, well, ultimately, the important thing is that you feel equal, rather that they You. Get Educated and the sting doesn't hurt quite as much. After all, who cares if Rain or Hung do not get to kiss the white girl? There are plenty of other European, Latino, Pacific Oceanic and African Women of every shade and color lusting after Asians now. And, haven't you heard? Nerds are certainly getting the Girls now... Intelligence and Humor are high commodities among Women and Girls.
06:35 PM on 10/08/2012
I really do think you're missing the point. It's about respresentation more than anything else. Hollywood has not jived well with the demographic of America. Asian (Pakitanian, Indians...etc) represents a ver large portion of the cultural fabric of America, while "we" love Asian food, why can't we love asian men/women on screen? Demographic should be respresented equally through every aspect of society, academic, media, politics.. it makes sense, doesn't it?
As an Independent, I despise both parties equally!
08:07 PM on 10/08/2012
It makes sense in a make-believe-world.  Not this one.  Representation is impossible in a Society where the opposition holds its first African/European president as an error committed by its own population through the vote.  Goorge Clooney and Brad Pitt will never be replaced by an Asian or a Latino or an African, and that's just in Movies, which is usually fiction.  In how many movies have you seen Denzel or Rick Yune or Kal Penn kissing a White Woman?  Non-Whites as heads of Industry?  Forget it.  Politics? Only in their neighborhoods. Academia, maybe, but only if it serves their purpose and if the person serves primarily people of his/her own race.  Please, give it up. We are light years from anything like that.
Alex Goncharenko
Insert a witty quote...
08:09 PM on 10/08/2012
I think the whole "we" is a huge exaggeration. Do we have a choice really? Hardly any movie HAS ethnic actors anymore, and those few that do relegate those actors into stereotypes. I don't even know if I would like an asian actor in a mainstream hollywood movie simply because I've never seen one.
Conscious Black Man
06:47 PM on 10/08/2012
You missed the point and the deeper analysis. Obviously in denial.
Ph.D., Immunology; Solar power @ home; Green Party
04:57 PM on 10/08/2012
"... the next K-pop star to come along. If he looks less like a shumai pork dumpling, and a little more like me..."

I dunno, guy, you and Psy are both sporting the shades. :^)

You might pay Silicon Valley a visit. I know two Asian-male, white-female couples who are currently married, and I've met many others over the years. Among countless other combinations.

Meanwhile, over in my family, we have a white guy (me) married to an Asian woman who is more than a decade older than he is (move over, Helen Mirren!). I was introduced to William Hung by my all-Asian step-daughter from my wife's first marriage. She found him amusing, and told us that his biggest following was other Asian students at UC Berkeley. Go figure! I found William Hung to be embarrassing, myself.

I also felt the same way about Martin Yan's TV persona. My wife was the one who told me that it was an act, and that every Asian could tell (I felt stupid for thinking otherwise), and that it was OK to laugh (which I still couldn't do, even when I was in on the joke).

Relax, let's have a beer and enjoy the post-stereotype world that we are clumsily, but surely, building together. In the meantime, please feel free to laugh at the Tea Party. I never miss my chance!
04:40 PM on 10/08/2012
This is completely wrong, why is it that just because the song is written by a korean man there has to be some reason behind why people like it? If this is true that people only like the song because the man looks like William Hung, then how can you explain why people like it if they haven't seen the singer or watched the music video. Saying people only like him because he looks like William Hung is like saying that we only like ZZ top because we like Santa. Also the comment about men saying an older actress is good looking just so we can do the same about younger actresses sounds about as crazy as Sigmund Freuds Oedipal Complex. This article sounds more like opinions of how americans think rather than facts or findings from studies. If this is anything but opinion please show some sources or studies done to prove your statements.
Subvert the dominant paradigm
04:29 PM on 10/08/2012 find our amusement with Psy and Gangnam as somehow oppressive and stereotype affirming...Asian please!
04:28 PM on 10/08/2012
Part 4:
I also have an issue with Tetsuro’s simplifying of Ken Jeong. Yes, his character in the Hangover movies suck and sometimes he comes off too cartoony, but he also represents the pinnacle achievement of any actor of color, dramatic diversity. Ken Jeong has a variety of dramatic roles in highly distributed TV and movies (Spanish teacher, funny doctor, LARP king, and vampire?!). Granted, they’re not Oscar nominated movies, but they’re a step in the right direction as opposed to Tetsuro’s idea for countering stereotypes. If there was a wave of Asian male entertainers who got all the bling and all the chicks all the time, they too would become a stereotype (see Spike Lee’s opinion of black rappers, or just see “Bamboozled”). Yes, it would be good to have more macho Asian male roles, but the true goal is dramatic diversity, and all actors of color experience this problem, not just Asians. Ken Jeong has done well for himself on this regard. Also, Ken Jeong ruined the Korean/tiger mother’s dream by giving up being a doctor in order to become a comedian! How ground breaking is that! More Asian-Americans need to follow this example and follow their own dreams, not their mother’s.
04:27 PM on 10/08/2012
Part 5:
For all the Psy posing I see on Youtube, the videos are fun without racial animosity. Who would have thought an NFL punt returner would perform a dance after scoring an 85 yard touchdown invented and made famous by a Korean rapper? Is there anything wrong with this and all the videos like it?:
Haiti lives.
04:10 PM on 10/08/2012
I get your point and it is a valid one. I do love Psy and the whole Gangnam Style kitch but not so I can laugh at him, he is COOL in his way and nothing like William Hung who was nothing more than made fun of. That is shameful and I agree that you have reason to be insulted by his popularity. I don't think Psy is like that but maybe some people think it's silly. However! Rain is hot hot hot, but not not not for me, I'm a 65 year old woman and that's too creepy for me. I guess I'm saying I'd love to watch him in a movie, white love interest or not but will not be lusting for him, if you please. I don't feel that way about Psy, he may not be hot but he is very cool and has the confidence women like. Don't be surprised if he gets real lucky!
03:21 PM on 10/08/2012
"Asians" feel like this ... "White people" feel like that ... "White people" are racist against "Asians" because ...

The first, and most ridiculous, problem with this article is you are basing all this talk on your own personal observations of this video, and pop music in general. POP MUSIC! As in the bubble gum music mostly popular with pre-teens and teenagers. How old are you?? Maybe Justin Bieber could give you some tips on International Politics?

The second, and uglier, problem with this article is that you purport to judge others for there use of stereotypes by, um, judging them as stereotypes. Honestly, this article is more about you than anyone else.

It's obvious you are insecure about being "Asian" in an "non-Asian" (probably white) culture. That sucks. Cause not everyone looks over and thinks you're "the Asian guy," even if you feel like that sometimes. We all feel that way sometimes. Hopefully you read this and come with a little more mature perspective next time. Because you may well be an interesting person if you can get over the fact that some of us are "non-Asians."
A television producer in Hawaii
03:14 PM on 10/08/2012
I think you're reading way too much into this -- then again I live in Hawaii where being Asian is the norm, and nobody really thinks about it much.

Maybe being in the minority, wherever you are, affects your thinking.
02:55 PM on 10/08/2012
Making the observation that Asian men can be attractive to women of all ethnicities, as many posters here have done, misses the point. From my own personal dating and marriage history, I know this is true.

But Mr. Shigematsu was commenting upon the portrayal of Asian men in popular media. In that realm, Asian men historically and predominantly have been depicted as either subservient and devoid of masculinity (Hop Sing in "Bonanza," Peter Tong in "Bachelor Father") or evil villains (Ming the Merciless, Dr. Fu Manchu).

When ad copywriters and scriptwriters concoct Asian-white, mixed-race couples, the pairing invariably consists of a white man and an Asian woman. Is it going out on a limb to speculate that these writers are predominantly white men? Or that a good many of them harbor China-doll, me-love-you-long-time fantasies about Asian women?

Consequently, the suspension of disbelief these writers would have to summon to even fathom the idea of a white woman being attracted to an Asian man is too overwhelming for them.
02:43 PM on 10/08/2012
This is absurd. When asians make the movies, the outcome is however they want -- now if a non-asian makes a movie, is he supposed to be catering to asians? This argument is a logical fallacy. To say that he's not attractive and therefore it makes you weary of the hit, i.e.: why isn't he an attractive asian? why do we always get the short end of the attraction stick?, is not only preposterous, but a sign of inferiority in part of your racial identity rather than a claim to superiority from the other side.
This is where we make the doughnuts.
02:41 PM on 10/08/2012
Jeez. Talk about insecurity.
02:40 PM on 10/08/2012
haha good grief. "Me so angsty!"
I am too stupid to insult!
02:39 PM on 10/08/2012
What utter nonsense... I hate hip hop (now don't start that I am a racist!!! I hate country too!!!) but even I found Gangnam style very funny.. It is obviously a parody and sometimes we need to stop taking ourselves very seriously...
As for Rain, yeah, I hate him and would not like him on airwaves...(or any body else who has abs chiseled in stone.. they set a bad precedent for flabby couch potatoes like me!!!)
Dude, stop making everything about race, and just enjoy.. Gangnam style!!!