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truth can't be bought, but lies sure can be sold..
07:21 AM on 10/08/2012
Uh.....Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Tony Jaa......which era of cultural insecurity-cum-resentment did you crawl out of anyway?

I'm surprised you didn't mention Peter Sellers' Fu Manchu parody........but it's not like Asian cinema, or Asian pop, doesn't have stereotypes of Westerners in operation, and nearly all negative......

If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, as a Western saying goes......why don't you start scrutinizing your own culture instead of someone else's because you THINK that anything they like is a sign of something more sinister?

I note you're Japanese and not Korean; last night I watched a video of 80,000 Koreans dancing and singing along to Gangnam Style, they seemed to have no issues with a perceived resemblance (on your part) to William Hung.

The case of Japanese actors and directors who "get respect" in the west, some of them even as sex symbols, is too lengthy to begin writing.

I suggested you wipe the jaundice out of your eyes and get out a bit more.....