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10:31 AM on 10/14/2012
Bullying is rampant. Even Mitt Romney, candidate for President of the US allegedly once led a group of his prep-school cohorts in forcibly cutting the hair of a fellow student, apparently because they suspected he was gay. Presumably, Mitt Romney had conscientious parenting and certainly enjoyed a privileged upbringing. As depicted in Lord of the Flies, the Human species at best sports a thin veneer of civilization concealing an underlying, fundamental savagery.
Tragic for this girl and her family. Even the perpetrators will eventually mature and come to realization of the burden of guilt that they must carry with them life long.
11:27 AM on 10/14/2012
agreed %100. great comment.
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04:40 PM on 10/14/2012
Sociopaths are without guilt. Some of those kids may never mature properly.
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Tatiana Peddington
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09:39 AM on 10/14/2012
Maybe we missing the point. Sure the lack of single parenting and peer pressure etc. play a major role but I would put on trial the social websites like FACEBOOK! They are irresponsible and it's a free for all! There is no policing to speak of! You might as well give kids guns put a bulls eye on some of their backs and send them out on a deserted highway. The results might be the same. We know what mob mentality does. But at least we have somewhat of a "bullying" awareness in this country as of late. Let's hope it is not too late! Oh yes let's get off the train that blames the "gun". We are a gun culture and it is here to stay. Cry for the two female British police officers that where massacred recently! They didn't have a gun!
11:49 AM on 10/14/2012
Blaming the entity is not going to help the problem. That's like blaming suicide on a rock song, Oh wait, someone did try and do that!
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04:41 PM on 10/14/2012
Take a close look at the parents of the bullies. Why did those kids not know better?
Pete Gerasia
If you can't think logically, don't talk to me.
07:12 AM on 10/14/2012
How did she get the gun in the first place?
07:37 AM on 10/14/2012
When someone wishes to end their life they will find the means to do so. This is America, you can get a gun almost anywhere or anytime from anyone.
08:18 AM on 10/14/2012
This is America, but she was in Canada
It's like bizzaro Fox
11:49 AM on 10/14/2012
Lol, nice try, but it's Canada
07:38 AM on 10/14/2012
Eviidently Canada is the same as America....
06:48 AM on 10/14/2012
I'm glad that this story is staying so alive still, that it's still very prominent on HP. This is so touching and impacting.
I'm glad more and more people are witnessing Amanda Todd's story.
06:28 AM on 10/14/2012
Canada has always had a big problem with bullying in school. And the schools there don't do anything about it. The friendly neighbor to the north might not be so friendly.
07:59 AM on 10/14/2012
This is a problem in all Western countries. Schools, and society in general, have been slow to recognize bullying as a form of terribly harmful harassment.
11:57 AM on 10/14/2012
Western countries? Maybe around the world. You get stoned to death in the middle east and it's not even a crime.
Ayesha Harrison
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09:24 AM on 10/14/2012
Friendly neighbor? Please, I was just in Canada (Ottawa) and the people there were sooooo rude, NYC has nothing on those people.
11:02 AM on 10/14/2012
after traveling to numerous other countries, the rudest customs official i've ever encountered was in canada
05:14 AM on 10/14/2012
Ummm, NO mention of her parents until things had gotten way out of hand? When the police came at 4am, was she home alone? Where were her parents? She moved, changed schools to escape harassment, yet she continued doing the things that eventually caught up with her. I mean, first she flashes strangers on a webcam in 7th grade. Then, she's theatened to do it again, put on "a show", or the FIRST flash pictures will be circulated. What does she do? She complies! Then, this boy shows interest. His GF is away and he invites her to his place since the GF is away. They have sex. It is very sad that a young girl should be so bereft of any sense of morality, and then feels compelled to share her pain on youtube to elicit sympathy from all the libs out there.
Well, I'm not buying it. Children need to be PARENTED by their mother and their father, even if they've divorced. To me, the saddest part of this tragedy is that society has deteriorated to the point that pre-teens have no reservations about sexting parts of their body to strangers on the internet. She NEVER expressed shame for any of the things she did...she only blamed OTHERS for tormenting her. Sad story on so many levels.
06:13 AM on 10/14/2012
So you're saying that it's her fault they bullied her to death because she was different. While it may not be acceptable to flash someone or hook up with someones significant other, i don't think that's grounds to be bullied to death. Obviously, she was not in her right state of mind it states she had a lot of problems so how the hell could you expect her to comply with what is acceptable. She was mentally unstable and that is a good enough excuse why she did what she did. No matter how good of parents people could be phyological issues are beyond normal parenting.
06:23 AM on 10/14/2012
you have some of your facts mixed up.. the photo she flashed is the one that was then circulated; there's nothing that said she complied with the blackmailer's demands.. the boy she slept with may not have been the blackmailer, and after he had sex with her, that's when the girlfriend assaulted her..

I agree kids need to be parented, not "befriended" by Mom and Dad, but I disagree with the point that she pointed fingers, and accepted no resposibility for what she did! she owned her part, and in making that video, she just may save another young person from traveling that same path.. we all knew in school who the "weak" ones were, and despite her changing towns AND schools, these bullies continued their assault.. how on Earth was that HER fault?! the "blame the victim" mebtality is why so many crimes go unreported; who wants to be victimized for trying to stop someone from continuing to hurt them??
Sandi K H H
05:02 AM on 10/14/2012
Bullies learn to be bullies, usually FROM a parent, and those parents obviously see nothing wrong with it.
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03:37 AM on 10/14/2012
I'm a teacher. It IS so hard to deal with bullying today. When my generation was young, you'd get it at school, you'd get it on the bus, and then you'd get a rest from it at, you turn on your computer and whatever is being said at school by one small group everyone now knows because of the Internet. It never stops, it never goes away. Cell phones are the number one way kids get ammunition to use against the kid being bullied: texts, pictures, and videos. Our school developed a BFF program (Bully free facility) which the kids write about, make posters and videos for, and are told about every morning. I think it culls it a little, but we still have bullies. Monitoring the kid could be a full time job, even for the most diligent of parents. The sneaky kid has two FBs (one is secret) and puts the phone on airplane mode to hide incoming texts when the parent is around. The kids also know the shortcut to switch between two screens quickly on a computer as a parent walks by. There needs to be laws put in place and legal ramifictions to extreme bullying. Maybe then, it won't get to the point this child's bullying got to. Parents, teach your kids that whatever (private conversations, provocative poses, etc.) they put out there digitally can follow them forever. They just don't quite believe it, until it happens.
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03:38 PM on 10/14/2012
Why don't teachers increase after school involvement to provide kids with an outlet other than the internet?
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06:50 PM on 10/14/2012
One, our afterschool program is massive, 20+ different clubs for kids to belong to. I run an after school club and am paid 2.50 an hour, so what we make most people wouldn't bother with. If our levy doesn't pass, the clubs will disappear. After school involvment lasts for about three hours. What about after that? Who should be responsible then, do you think?
02:44 AM on 10/14/2012
Where to put the blame? Society, internet, school system, other kids, bullying, alcohol & drug abuse, or simply bad parenting. The girl apparently had a problem that NO ONE from the list of above could help her. Depression is also a bully. Instead of blaming why can we recognize the problem first. NO, we run away instead.
02:15 AM on 10/14/2012
This is so sad. A young girl makes a poor decision that comes back to haunt her. Some mean spirited person used that mistake to torture this girl to death. Whoever it is, I pray they are caught and brought to justice. When they are put in prison, let every inmate there know what this person did. Let nature take its course.
come on with that stuff
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09:32 AM on 10/14/2012
Unfortunately I doubt that there is any law that could result in someone being charged for causing this tragedy.
12:40 AM on 10/15/2012
Distribution of child pornography is a crime. The problem is finding the perp.
09:21 PM on 10/19/2012
I'm not a legal guy, but stalking, assault and extorsion all come to mind
02:06 AM on 10/14/2012
It is very difficult raising kids in today's society. You constantly worry, are you over protecting, are you not doing enough?...there is a fine line between letting a child tough it out and protecting the same child. Technology and the internet make situations much more dramatic, and intense, as well as well as immediate. I often times wonder how we made it through childhood without this technology, yet stories like this remind me of how much more simple life was. This poor girls' life seems to have simply spiraled out of control due to some poor many have mentioned, it's best that parents open up and are simply honest about the old phrase that still sticks: Every single action has an equal or stronger reaction, all decisions have consequences.....RIP, My Condolences.
We are all one
01:43 AM on 10/14/2012
Bullying has become a huge problem now that we have the internet. I think there always was bulliying, but it has gotten much more serious and wide spread now thet we have cyber bullying. Somehow people feel free to be vicious and cruel while hiding behind their keyboard, and do not see the damage it does.
B continues
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01:22 AM on 10/14/2012
To all of the parents out there, please, please have an honest look at your child and ask "is my kid a bully?" That would never be enough to catch all bullies, because some bullies are simply raised by bullies. For everyone else, please, have an honest look at your child. Don't just assume because you love them that they are not little jerks or bullies. You are doing your child a grave disservice to simply let those instincts or habits become solidified in their personality.
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03:41 AM on 10/14/2012
You would be shocked at how many parents defend that kind of behavior. They see it. I absolutely believe that they do. They just think it's kids being kids. If a bully gets time out of school for hitting another child, then the parent blames the school.
06:29 AM on 10/14/2012
right! as long as their kid doesn't get beaten up, then it's okay with a lot of these parents for their kid(s) to bully! I've never understood the bully mentality; they pick on someone they know won't or can't fight back, thinking it makes them look tough.. it actually makes them look weak because you KNOW they won't step to someone that WILL fight back!
12:33 AM on 10/14/2012
Bullying of any kind is wrong, but I think that the BIGGEST lesson to be learned here is about why teens should not be revealing themselves or engaging in sexual behavior on camera. Once it's on the Internet, you can't take it back and the consequences can be life altering. You can't completely eliminate bullying, but you CAN make wise decisions for yourself that can prevent situations like this. It is a tragedy, but I hope that some people can learn from this. This is at least as much an issue of teaching your kids to be responsible and smart as it is about "cyber-bullying."
12:30 AM on 10/14/2012
This is truly so sad! Couldn't legal action been taken after the guy who was posting the video of her? She was underage, isnt it illegal to post nude pictures of minors? This makes me so mad!