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Amazingly, thinking can solve most problems
08:17 PM on 10/11/2012
Absolutely heart breaking.
02:05 PM on 10/12/2012
Come on Christians...go seek, find and save these lost teenage souls who choose to engage in bullying and other destructive activity. Otherwise, they'll live their days thinking of only themselves and never knowing the pure joy of ALWAYS thinking of others before ones' self. I hope and pray Amanda knew Jesus Christ and she'll dwell peacefully with HIM forever. God loves you and so do I....
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Don't breed or buy while homeless animals die!
08:05 PM on 10/11/2012
Someone really failed this girl - her parents, siblings, friends, teachers or counselors. This should not have been allowed to go on for this long and culminated in such a terrible end. Not much makes me cry anymore, but looking at this beautiful girl tears at my heartstrings.
08:03 PM on 10/11/2012
The 'male' should have been hunted down and charged with child pornography. Nothing like a life at minimum wage to help learn a lesson.

This deeply saddens me, and more, maddens me. When will the law step up to help?
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Trashcan Man
Luck does not reduce risk even when it seems to.
09:28 PM on 10/11/2012
"A few months later, police arrived to tell her that the explicit photo was sent to "everyone." "

Sounds like the police were on the side of the male who posted the images. They gave him exactly what he wanted.

By the time the law gets involved the situation has degraded to such a level that recovery becomes increasingly difficult.
I am... and proud of it.
08:01 PM on 10/11/2012
Such a sad and tragic way for this young girl to come to her fatal decision. Her pain has ended and now it begins for her family and friends. R.I.P. Amanda. I'm sorry you weren't strong enough to deal with the senseless and relentless cruelty of your peers. I hope they can feel some sense of remorse for what they did and truly grieve for you. @}-,-`-
07:55 PM on 10/11/2012
This news is so heartbreaking.

I am disappointed in Premier Christy Clark. She posted a short YouTube video in response to Todd's death on Thursday, stating that no one deserves to be bullied, and all kids should feel safe in school.

Dismally lazy and lame words from the Premier. Stating the obvious with no words of action or hope for change. Talk is cheap. What happened to this gentle and precious girl is significantly worth more effort than that!
Watson Richardson
09:16 PM on 10/11/2012
Blame the Teachers Union and the young offenders act. Clark has been in power for a cup of coffee.
Stoicism: It's not just for knights anymore.
12:11 PM on 10/12/2012
In what way do you think this has anything to do with the Teacher's Union?

Seems like you are exploiting this girl's story to take a cheap shot at unions as if they had any power over what happened here at all.
Adopt, don't shop
07:45 PM on 10/11/2012
I don't know what to say. I was bullied like this in school. I feel like posting the name of the school and the bullies. RIP Amanda; you endured longer than most people would have across a few different schools and cities it seems like. I do believe that the sins of the mother/father are revisted on the children, and lately I've wondered if the children/grandchildren of my tormenters were bullied anywhere near as bad as I was. I sincerely hope not. I just want an end to it.
07:37 PM on 10/11/2012
We have a society that is entrenched in youth, beauty and money - no wonder people are killing themselves. Time to re-access what is happening and to understand the underlying devils that promote the narcissim so prevalent today.
07:25 PM on 10/16/2012
This tragic event has been playing out for generations. The sad horrific story of this beautiful tormented soul is just another in a long saga of human cruelty this time amplified by the internet.

If anyone cares about all those who have lived throught this and perhaps survived, start doing
something actively to help all those silent suffering voices who cannot reach out and be heard.
Start using your intuition and hear them...they were, are and will be everywhere if you listen
with your heart...
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07:34 PM on 10/11/2012
this is one of the saddest things ive ever seen.
i have a son and i shudder to think what i would do if i ever felt he was being treated like this poor girl.

RIP amanda
08:07 PM on 10/11/2012
The video was heartbreaking. I'm not stereotyping your son or anything so please don't take this the wrong way. If you truly want to make a difference, talk to him about how important it is to respect others. Parents are often very concerned about whether their kid is being bullied, very rarely do I see as much concern given if their children are doing the bullying.
10:26 PM on 10/11/2012
Absolutely! F&F!
07:30 PM on 10/11/2012
only can hope the people involved in this poor girl's demise have as much public shaming and outrage directed towards them as possible...there is no return for this young gal...her young life is now totally going's that for a devastating heartache for all who loved her and wanted to get her out of her dark place.
07:29 PM on 10/11/2012
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07:25 PM on 10/11/2012
But of course the parents of these bullies could and never would discipline their children... It could hurt their self esteem. Even if they were distributing child pornography or committing assault... It's probably Amanda's fault somehow.

What really sickens me is that these bullies are probably going to make a big deal out of the "friend" they lost, seek therapy for all the trauma this has caused them etc. These self centered - delusional little brats who care about nothing but themselves are a cancer to our society. I'm sick and tired of all this pampering. Kids need to be told when they screw up. They need to learn to respect others.
Steve Lives
The Venus Project ... look it up
09:09 PM on 10/11/2012
Where do you think these "self centered - delusional little brats" got this behavior? Have a close look at the society you live in. Have a close look at the messages hammered into your brain every friggen day. Understand human behavior and how it is shaped. We live in a profoundly sick society. World wide. And what is the common thread that promotes this sickness? Again, world wide. Do you know what it is?
My heart goes out to this girl, and her family, and your family, and everyone else on this planet. And when I look for the cause, I dig a little deeper than a bunch of misguided kids.....
Sorry, don't mean to take it out on you. It just drives me nuts when I realize how little most people understand.
09:28 PM on 10/11/2012
More often than permissive parents, it's a case of abusive parents. Children who bully are often victims of abuse and neglect at home.
04:39 AM on 11/04/2012
I disagree , not all Bully's are victims of abuse or neglect. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that in this day both parents work or no longer together and so their child(ren) are being raised without the same values that were instilled on generations past . Instead daycare, day homes, nannies and the like are looking after these children and it is not there job to do anymore than provide basic necessities and keep children safe and entertained till there parents arrive . In this time parents in many cases rarely see let alone know whats going on in their child(ren)'s lives In the case of Amanda Todd it is painfully obvious that she had know sense of her own self worth, when she states that she "hooked up" with a guy because she thought he liked her even though she knew he was seeing someone else, she couldn't see the folly in what she was doing and how it may effect her. Society is also to blame when we say all are blameless , bully's included. Children need set rules , values and such to help guide them through life however at some point we need to acknowledge that children are not stupid and know that when they are doing something such as bullying that it is wrong and make hold them accountable for their actions.
Eddie Munster2525
People Should WORK For Their Money.
07:22 PM on 10/11/2012
If I were being bullied to the point of killing myself, I believe I would go take care of the tormenters first. Nothing to lose.
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Political parties are better-dressed streetgangs.
07:21 PM on 10/11/2012
Isn't cyberbullying a crime? Why are we not dealing with the "male" who blackmailed her?
05:04 PM on 10/13/2012
I completely agree! Something has to be done about this!
01:51 PM on 10/14/2012
I completely agree with you. I think everyone involved in this bullying needs to be charged. Once a bully always a bully. The people involved in it will go on in life always treating others this way. Action needs to be taken immediately. I read this story and I cried. I was bullied in school. I had to quit and go to another school. I went through the depression and anxiety. I feel for her and I understand how she felt towards the end. I wish I could have been there for her and knew her. I cant believe how cruel and inhumane some people can really be. I have learned that these people are not human. I hope that there will be more posted about what charges will be brought against the people who caused Amanda to end her life. Just remember something Bullies, the universe aligns and you will be assigned accordingly.
07:06 PM on 10/11/2012
This poor girl needed to speak with an adult who was bullied throughout life and continues to be "bullied" by adults. Some of those adults are in very high places of power. I wish to God I had the chance to talk with her. But that's one of the problems...the laws regarding minor's and their mental health care, at least in PA, are ABSURD.
04:53 AM on 11/04/2012
????? How as a grown adult are you bullied, If I personally learned anything as a young adult being bullied it is you can choose to be a victim or you can stand your ground. I understand how a young person may feel that this is how it will always be,as things always seem that way when your young everything is magnified and the school years seem to go on forever, but as an adult I know that's not so. And I don't think telling a young person who is being bullied that , you where bullied as a child/young person and still are as an adult any way would make things better. Amanda Todd obviously wasn't raised to see her own value and self worth. Her parent(s) are also to blame for allowing her to be in a situation that she ultimately compromised herself . she should never been left alone were she might put herself in that type of situation.