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10:37 PM on 10/30/2012
Sleep well in the bed you made.
04:08 PM on 10/30/2012
In stead of being angry at everybody else why not consider at these issues and try to understand it from the other perspective. If you do, you will go from anger to - well maybe we could modify our own behavior and policies to reduce the hatred.

First of all. Go back to the very beginning. Israel was a state that was carved out of Palestinian territories WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. Try doing that in ANY country and you will create a multi-generation hatred. Secondly, Palestinians are treated as less than second class citizens in their own countries. Try being an Arab citizen of the West bank and watch your own home being bulldozed down by an occupying force and extremist Zionists being housed in your place. Thirdly, Gaza is under virtual embargo by Israel. Food, medicine and supplies are being denied to citizens of Gaza because Israel deems their government to be ``illegitimate terrorists``. I think if I were subject to such conditions of overcrowding, poverty, and the denial of basic human rights to medicines I too would be wanting to fire off hundreds of rockets at my oppressors. I would also be angry if I were an American and witnessed the arrogant impudence of a country that my country supports with vast amounts of Aid and military expenditures be lectured by that country`s Prime Minister to engage in a reckless war with Iran. Do you get the point?
06:01 AM on 11/03/2012
I would like to respond to all the accusations you make but there is only room for one at a time. I'll start with:
"Israel was a state that was carved out of Palestinian territories WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT".

Well, welcome to the history of the entire world! As sad as it may be, most modern countries were at one time taken over by an invading army. The hapless citizens had to suck it up and adjust. Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan were all taken from the Ottoman Empire (I'm sure without their permission). What is unusual about the creation of these four countries is that they all had legal sanction from the League of Nations.

It should also be noted that the people claiming to have lost their territory (which wasn't theirs politically...I concede they were living there as a majority in relatively small numbers: mid-19th century figures show 350,000 people for the entire area) belong to a notorious group who have conquered massive amounts of land from other peoples without their permission.

If we map out the territories that currently belong to Arab Muslims, we come up with 22 countries that calculate to be 640 times the size of Israel. Tiny Israel is the only country in the world that is called a Jewish homeland.

So the question of interest is: Why is there such an inordinate amount of attention being given to this one place on the map?
01:37 PM on 11/03/2012
I don't disagree with what you say.  However, the original poster was outraged that the world wouldn't blindly stand behind Israel.  My response is, "well, its kind of naive to expect the Arab world to love you under the circumstances." 

Moreover, the inordinate amount of attention is a direct result of Israel's demand that America to stand behind it, no matter how it treats the Arab populations of the occupied territories.  The Arab world believes (and rightly so) that its interests are treated with contempt and indifference by America.  America has made it abundantly clear that the only importance the Arab world is to them is a source of oil.  Why then, are Americans so surprised that so much hatred directed at them from the Arab world? 

If America dealt with the Arab/Israeli issue in a fair and even handed manner there would not be so much anger and hatred directed at America.

Of course, I don't expect you to understand this.
09:00 AM on 11/04/2012
Your basic premise is flawed. The territory known a Palestine was first divided in 1917 into Transjordan for the Arabs and cis-Jordan for the Jews. Then Transjordan conquered half of cis-Jordan. None of this was "Palestinian territory," but the Partition Plan expected the Arabs to form a state in the rermaiing half of Palestine. But the Arab states did not accept that and attacked the tiny state of Israel, calling to throw the Jews into the sea. Fortunately, the Jews defeated them, and now we have a Jewish state after 2000 years of Exile.
02:00 PM on 11/04/2012
OK, no problem then, the land was vacant didn't belong to anybody.  Hmmm, wonder what the Arabs are pissed about?

"but the Partition Plan expected the Arabs to form a state in the rermaiing half of Palestine"

You're right.  What was I thinking?  The Arabs aught to realize that when white people tell them what to do that that's the end of the discussion.

 "now we have a Jewish state after 2000 years of Exile"

Yes, I forgot, the Arabs have been occupying Jewish land for 2,000 years.
Lewis Bartholomew
Executive Director - HMCS Alberni Museum
01:08 PM on 10/30/2012
This has been going on for so long people have forgotten who started this. So naturally the who did what to whom because of why has gotten boring to most of the world by now. I am 59 and this war has been going on almost my entire life.
10:03 PM on 11/04/2012
EXACTLY. By the time this conflict will even go down to a simmer, how many more decades would have passed?

At the rate things are going, it's not going to resolve itself anytime soon. For every treaty there's a traitor.
05:06 PM on 10/29/2012
Yes, I care. I just sent a gift to Israel to help them build bomb shelters where needed.
04:16 PM on 11/17/2012
Thank you Garfield! May you be blessed for this!
12:25 PM on 10/29/2012
Your government put the people firing most of the rockets at your country on the launching platform. You elected your government. What do we want the world to do? Are you complaining to the wrong audience maybe?
12:20 PM on 10/29/2012
The left organizes several 100 thousand people to protest for social justice while the right releases a thousand captured convicted terrorists. Frustrating, I know.

Elections coming up. What's more important this year - the price of cottage cheese or stopping the rain of rockets, safety of communities and defense?

I'm listening.
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01:39 AM on 10/29/2012
Yeah, lots of people on both sides are "outraged" why would you expect your outrage to be special ?
07:10 AM on 10/29/2012
Only because the outrage of the Palestinians is acknowledged over and over again at the UN and in much of Western media but almost no acknowledgement is given to the outrage of the Israelis.

Fair and balanced?
02:28 PM on 10/29/2012
And yet the Palestinians are still under more than half a century old military occupation...Funny that.
06:01 PM on 10/30/2012
The world - especially America - panders to Israel way more than Palestine.

That's why the foreign aid to Israel is literally 100x greater than the foreign aid to Palestine.
11:55 PM on 10/30/2012
Amen to that.
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06:28 AM on 10/29/2012
Sudan is attacked, does anyone care?
06:00 PM on 10/29/2012
Sudanese weapons to be delivered to Hamas terrorists have been destroyed. How disappointing for some.
07:46 PM on 10/28/2012
a note to Arsen Ostrovsky; your so called country never existed pre 1948. i.e since Palestine was stolen
01:48 AM on 10/29/2012
No nation known as "Palestine" ever existed.

From 1917 - 1948 it was a British Mandate.
From 1516 - 1917 it was part of the Ottoman Empire.
From 1260 - 1516 it was part of the Mamluk Sultunate
From 1187 - 1260 it was controlled by the Ayyubids.
From 1099 - 1187 it was controlled by the Crusaders.
In 1098 the Fatimids controlled it for a year
From 1073 - 1098 it was part of the Great Seljuk Empire.
From 970 - 1073 it was controlled by the Fatimids.
From 878 - 970 it was controlled by Egypt.
From 750 - 878 it was controlled by the Abbasids.
From 634 - 750 it was controlled by the Umayyads.
From 628 - 634 it was part of the Byzantine Empire.
From 614 - 628 it was controlled by the Sassanids.
From 272 - 614 it was part of the Roman Empire.
From 259 - 272 it was part of the Palmyrene Empire.
From 63 BCE - 259 it was part of the Roman Empire.
Before 63 BCE, it was known as Israel.

Learn your history. If something never existed it cannot be stolen.
12:26 PM on 10/30/2012
Who inhabited the fertile crescent before Moses, through force and military strength, defeated the tibes/kingdom of?
06:08 PM on 10/30/2012
To be fair, it has always been called palestine in some form or another, regardless of who "controlled" it.

Hong Kong was always Hong Kong, regardless of when it was controlled by the British Empire - or would you claim that Hong Kong only came into existence in 1997?
07:09 AM on 10/29/2012
JH Poster is correct. In addition, prior to 1917 along with Palestine, the following countries were also a part of the Ottoman Empire: Lebanon, Jordan and Syria - they also didn't exist as independent countries. In fact, what is now Jordan was originally promised to the Jewish people as part of their homeland in the San Remo Conference in 1922. No one is accusing Lebanon, Syria and Jordan of having stolen land. No one is trying to drive them into the sea.

Look it up...this is historical fact.
02:36 PM on 10/28/2012
Let Israel buy up New Jersey, settle the Israelis there and forget about the Middle East. Problem solved.
01:29 PM on 10/28/2012
It is outrageous that innocent Israelis are killed. It is outrageous that innocent Palestinians are killed.

It is outrageous to me, as a Canadian, that there is NO debate whatsoever in Canada over this and if someone asks for it the are assumed to be an anti-Semite.
06:59 AM on 10/29/2012
I would love to have a debate with you...I can't find anyone from your side of the debate who can answer the difficult questions and respond without vitriol and hatred.

The accusation of 'anti-semite' does not come from a legitimate discussion of Israel's faults and comes from disproportionate and unbalanced attention to demonizing Israel while virtually ignoring the unbelievably atrocious acts being committed by nasty regimes in other countries. Where are the flotillas sailing to Syria? It comes from exactly what Arsen writes about above...concern for the lives and suffering of Palestinians (completely valid) but absolutely no concern for the suffering of Jews. Thank you for acknowledging that it is outrageous that innocent Israelis are killed...most don't.

There is another side of the story. I haven't found too many who are open to hearing it. Are you? Then I would certainly welcome a debate. If your mind is closed, there is no point.
10:06 PM on 11/04/2012
...the same way that people such as you and I, debating here on Internet forums, result in no change nor difference in the conflict at hand.

You and I can go through endless hypothetical negotiations, what would possibly resolve the war once and far, what would be "fair" for all side considered, how we would get everyone to lay down their guns.

It's just not gonna happen. The war goes on.
09:01 AM on 11/03/2012
Exactly, have you ever heard palestinians demonizing critics as anti-palestinians ever?
my imagination hasn't created any gods
12:57 PM on 10/28/2012
It would have been a lot easier if they would have turned Arizona or New Mexico into the new Jewish Homeland.
Jung Gehr
Apôtre de la liberté d'expression
11:38 AM on 10/28/2012
The long and whining road....
11:48 PM on 10/27/2012
Jesus, so much one-sidedness on this issue. It's like people don't realize that both sides are to some extent at fault, and that we have to both sympathize with and condemn both sides in this atrocious war, for one side is not the only perpetrator.
06:58 PM on 10/28/2012
One-sidedness? Jews have been getting attacked & killed for no good reason througout Greater Palestine since the 19'th Century. Was it because they won their defensive war in 1967? Because Gaza was taken over by bunch of thugs in this century? Or perhaps because the Islamic leaders are bloodthirsty, violent autocrats who have a clearly stated malicious agenda which they pursue at all costs?

If a mugger confronts you, are you contributing to the problem if you defend yourself? If someone shoots at you, are you guilty of "one-sidedness" if you shoot back and protest the violent attack against you? Because if you think that's one-sided, then you need a lesson in logic.
12:09 AM on 10/29/2012
But there is an occupier and occupied. Ordinary Israelis and ordinary Palestinians deserve to and want to live in peace, with justice, without fear and with the ability to thrive. Israelis have this for the most part--and a powerful military. Plus economic might and technological might. It is asymmetrical warfare and collective punishment on Palestinians. That is why the casualty rate is 10to 1.
07:19 AM on 10/29/2012
The reason why the casualty rate is higher on the Palestinian side is for the following :
1. Israelis take care of their citizens...they have built bomb shelters and early warning and defense systems
2. Palestinian terrorists don't seem to care much about their own people...they actually hide behind their citizens, using them as human shields, because they know that Israelis will hesitate to fire or bomb if there are going to be civilian casualties. They also know that if Israel decides to fire or bomb anyway, they will have great propaganda to give to the world on how the horrible Israelis killed innocent civilians.

Is anyone out there aware of the fact that Israel warns Palestinian civilians of impending attacks by telephoning thousands and dropping leaflets from planes asking them to evacuate the area? Not great strategy for military success but definitely concern for human life.