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Everyone is entitled to my opinion
10:46 AM on 11/05/2012
I don't know, seems like a bit of a strech.

I mean seriously, where would we find an asian Jim Sturgess.
09:54 AM on 11/05/2012
Hmmm...If the character were Asian 100% of the time I would understand the outrage, but this movie deals with reincarnation as different kinds of people. I actually think it's the opposite of being racist.
08:42 AM on 11/05/2012
Bae Doona also played a white woman in make-up that gave her freckles. The point of using ethnically incorrect actors in a variety of ethnic roles in the film was to connect characters in different eras and cultures who were the same reincarnated soul. When Jim Sturges appears in "yellowface" it is not because they producers didn't want to hire an Asia actor to play the Asian character but because they wanted you to connect the character to the many other Caucasian characters that soul incarnated into through the centuries.
Bae Doona andseveral other Asian actors are in the film, and her main role is a fairly central one.
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03:34 AM on 11/05/2012
All societies are racist and xenophobic - it's part of the nature: you cannot trust people who are foreign, who look differently and talk differently. I think that the level of racism and xenophobia will be lower in a century due to globalization, but on the other hand, economic crisis propagates extreme views, so this may not be the case.
12:33 AM on 11/05/2012
I have ginger hair and apart from the kid from "spy kids" where are the gingers in Hollywood?

This constant hatred of ginger people has taken me to ther point accepting that Hollywood will never see ginger people are box office winners, we are merely freaks to be left on the side.

I spoke with a ginger girls and she said her audition usually ended when she took her hat off and they all screamed " oh no not a ginger, she will not sell over seas".

Well if Hollywood wants to treat us gingers like that then we simply won't watch their films and refuse to cheer their actors when they tell us Castro is misunderstood or that Obama is a genius and people need to accept all he needs is another 4 years and another $8 trillion.
07:31 PM on 11/04/2012
Oh stop it.

Just stop it.
06:59 PM on 11/04/2012
Is it also racist for Halle Berry to play an Asian man in the film? Should the filmmakers have hired an Asian woman in her place because 1 in 6 of her characters was to be Asian? Was it racist for her to play a white German woman as another 1 in 6 of her characters? Is it racist for Korean woman Bae Doo Na to play an English Victorian woman with red curls?
06:28 PM on 11/04/2012
I think your concern about the treatment of race in Hollywood is great and very important, but I think you might have missed the point a little regarding Cloud Atlas. I saw the movie a week or so ago; to me, it was pretty clear that Jim Sturgess wasn't supposed to be Korean. That portion of the movie was set in the far future, the idea being that race as we know it today will have changed and the racial boundaries we're familiar with will no longer be valid (think metis vs. caucasian vs. native american, that's a racial boundary that exists today but didn't in the past). So, the point wasn't to make Jim Sturgess Korean, the point was the reflect racial blending in the far future. The appropriation of simple "asian" characteristics onto a caucasian face wasn't the awful stereotyping of asian features you're presenting it as. Rather, it was the artists' best guess at how different people could look hundreds of years from now. If you have the time, I'd love to hear back from you on this. I thought your argument was really great, but I'd be interested to see what you think of my interpretation of the film.
04:24 PM on 11/04/2012
One of the reason's I can't stand America, all American's think about is race..
This was a great movie..
03:58 PM on 11/04/2012
(I was looking for positive feedback, not this) .. It's obvious Alden Habecon found the movie unintelligible.
I wasn't even focused on recognition of race. I simply liked the movie. Bae Doona played a white lady during 1849..
05:33 PM on 11/04/2012
Bae Doona also played the Mexican woman in the part called "Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery." Also Hugh Grant's white wife in the part called "The Ghastly Ordeals of Cavendish" looked like Halle Berry with a fabricated nose..
05:58 PM on 11/04/2012
Bae Doona also played that Mexican Woman in the part of the movie called " Half-Lives: The Luisa Rey Mystery". And in the part called "The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish" I could of swore Hugh Grants wife was Halle Berry as a white lady.
01:11 PM on 11/04/2012
This avid movie lover has walked out on only two movies in 58 years..."in cold blood" and this disgusting excuse for gratutious blood letting(regardless of racism) !

Yuck...had to hurry home to shower!
10:25 PM on 11/04/2012
Quite the strangest reaction to this movie that I've read so far.

Including this article.
11:04 AM on 11/04/2012
spread the #love and forgive ignorance.
10:32 AM on 11/04/2012
I was only creeped out by the Asian actress put in whiteface. Just based on her alone, your accusations are ridiculous. You do realize there isn't a necessary connection between your anger and reality don't you?
You're with humanity or you're not.
10:27 AM on 11/04/2012
Hollywood is only concerned with it's own ethnic group while putting down others in the process. Halle Berry, Sidney Pottie (sp) and Denzel Washington are only a few who have broken the racial barrier in Lotusland.

Hollywood is going to do a real live verison of 'Akira' based on a famous Japanese anime movie. It will be starring Justin Tiberlake as Kaenda.

The current trend is so have more films with an Asian actors/producers since China is growing in economic power. However, Hollywood will be the last to jump on the bandwagon.
09:50 AM on 11/04/2012
This is what happens when the world labels popular entertainment as relevant discourse. People are living on the streets and this is what we're worried about?