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01:35 PM on 11/20/2012
We focus on the concept of "jobs" far too much.
When people think outside of the expected paradigms and approach things in a more innovative fashion, previous generations, their parents, etc, put all of their effort into calling them lazy, telling them to jump into education debt and get a "real job".

We have pushed kids through like square pegs through round holes for far too long. The world isn't the same anymore and generations that were used to walking out of school to a well-paid job and working 9-to-5 and having all the trappings of the american dream through both good times and bad cannot expect the same results from their children today, at least not with the same approach.

We need to all stop labelling everyone and think about things from a wider perspective.
01:26 PM on 11/20/2012
First world problems.
A starry-eyed idealist with too much time
02:23 PM on 11/20/2012
And which of them are serious problems?
02:28 PM on 11/20/2012
Climate change, the economic meltdown, war, starvation. Take your pick.
01:17 PM on 11/20/2012
Ah...quit whining and get a Government is good and getting better!

Right out of Waterloo Co-op and into $76,000...for LIFE baby!.....Pensions and Bennys

Oh, if there aren't any Government Jobs.....definitely get a Union and decent negotiation power ......sure only 17% are Union jobs anymore...but hey....

Borrow $200,000 from Dad's pension and buy a Tim Hortonss...if they will sell you one.....GOLD MINE!

Ok OK....Retail......$10,85/hr and all you can steal.......

.........when you look at it my way.......The Future SUX........Bummer...
01:27 PM on 11/20/2012
Get a commission-only job and rely on your own talents and abilities...oops, sorry.
01:34 PM on 11/20/2012
RIGHT ON!...EVERY job should depend on what the "Boss" feels like paying you at the end of the day....he can decide all by himself what your own talents and abilities are worth to him that day.......oops...sorry..
predominantly exasperated
01:59 PM on 11/20/2012
Nice scam for the 'employer" trying to dodge stautory payments.
A Progressive Moderate
01:12 PM on 11/20/2012
Every generation has their hurdles, and mine is no different... This narrative that Gen Y is so screwed couldn't be farther from the truth. Maybe the spoiled kids are growing up to expect a hand-out or easy job, but the majority of us are working hard like the rest of Canada and we're being educated to work in the 21st century economy.. I also see a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners in my generation. I really hope Justin Trudeau can harness some of our energy and lead us to a Canada that reflects the ambitions and aspirations of my generation.
What is life without dessert?
01:36 PM on 11/20/2012
I couldn't agree with you more, fellow Gen Y'er! My fiance and I both went to university and we both work hard at our jobs. Neither of us expect hand outs, and my parents definitely weren't the type of parents who told me I could be anything I wanted to be (they were supportive, but they are practical realists). I credit any work ethic I might have to growing up on a farm. While my friends had the summer off during summer break in school, I was shoveling manure out of the barn haha. I hated it then but appreciate it now. Unforunately sometimes the lazy Gen Y stereotype is true. Sad to say I do have a couple of friends who slack off at life and wonder why their lives aren't going anywhere, and expect handsout to be a "success" at life. But honestly, I think this goes across all generations, not just ours.
A Progressive Moderate
02:02 PM on 11/20/2012
Exactly, I think we all know at least one or two people like that...
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12:56 PM on 11/20/2012
Instead of blame, the Gen Y population needs guidance. All the stereotypical traits are the logical result of a number of generations. Those who grew up during the Great Depression and lived through WWII raised baby boomers whom they raised to give them everything they didn't have growing up. The Boomers did the same to Gen Xers with a healthy dose of laisse-faire parenting (parents as friends and not parents) added on top. The Gen Xers brought all the previous threads of narcissism and giving children everything you never had together to raise Gen Y kids with no concept of what they needed to survive the real world. They aren't lazy, they don't know what is expected of them because they have never had to face the consequences of their actions nor have they been challenged to fulfill their full potential. The whole concept of "self-esteem" being the be all and end all is a sympton of this. That being said, Gen Y kids who I have worked with, if given challenges and mentorship and consequences often rise to the occasion.
07:58 PM on 11/20/2012
Perceptive and broadly encompassing comment. Thanks.
12:44 PM on 11/20/2012
Watch the series Dust Bowl on PBS. Generation X, Y, and Z do not know what tough times are all about. Not even close.
Likes common sense and being a silly goose
12:42 PM on 11/20/2012
I'm from generation z and I say this comment is unacceptable
Just tryin' to have a good time.
12:38 PM on 11/20/2012
Oh, God help me. I spent my life listening to the media go on endlessly about the trials and tribulations of the "me generation", the Boomers, and now I have to hear about the trials and tribulations of their whining, disillusioned children, Gen Y. Where's my Prozac?
12:12 PM on 11/20/2012
A comprehensive subject matter written in a precise succinct manner.
Their parents & todays mantra, should of read
"One can achieve anything with hard work"
Having said that a new leadership (I notice J.Trudeau in the vid) could harness this demographic group with incentives to pay off student loans with matching $$$ to be used for new business & entrepreneurial pursuits, student loans should be interest free.
Less emphasis should be on university & more on apprenticeships in the trades, more hands on, manufacturing etc. leaving school at 15 to gain a skill within 3-4 years, but most of all our Federal goverment should continuously promote, advertise & expand products MADE in CANADA.
This which is the solution will result in more jobs to quash the present dilema for us all and future generations. Take pride BUY CANADIAN
IGNORANCE has used up its quota of TOLERANCE
12:12 PM on 11/20/2012
I think we have done this generation a disservice. Follow your bliss they were told. So they get that performing art degree. Big surprise, no jobs. They whine, we coddle, but they sure are nice people. We raised really nice people, wonderful human beings. They just can't take of themselves.
12:03 PM on 11/20/2012
If you can't keep up, at least get out of the way of those in our younger generation who want to succeed.
Liban CZ
Straight as an arrow.
12:12 PM on 11/20/2012
NOW you are talking, Harley.
Mad Hatter 1
11:49 AM on 11/20/2012
As prices go up and the prospect of jobs are less and less.

What does one expect will happen, this will be solved by the puppet masters?

Sorry not in their game plan.
Mr e MaN
Political Atheist
11:45 AM on 11/20/2012
The failure of free trade to live up to its promise of wealth and prosperity globalization is the same too many jobs sent overseas or out of the country. Manufacturing is the backbone of a healthy country. Name one successful 'comsumer' society.
11:57 AM on 11/20/2012
Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, and a few others.
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12:20 PM on 11/20/2012
All built and sustained by Petro-Dollars.
Not really a consumer society. More Third World economies, in that they simply sell off natural resources. Kind of like hitting the Geographical Lottery.
12:22 PM on 11/20/2012
Are you joking? Countries listed uniformity run on oil money and myths, repression and slave labour.
Liban CZ
Straight as an arrow.
12:28 PM on 11/20/2012
Canada,was never very big in manufacturing, but still, nearly all is gone.
I bought a brush with real bristle (yesterday for sauna) MADE IN CANADA.
12:51 PM on 11/20/2012
Come on, Liban.

Manufactured goods accounted for nearly 40% of our export dollars in 2011, not exactly "nearly all is gone".
11:29 AM on 11/20/2012
Stop forcing me to play your stupid videos!!