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Seamus OMalley
My micro-bio is no longer empty.
07:07 AM on 11/20/2012
Mr. Moran's future might look brighter if he didn't go out of his way to look like a hobo.
07:19 AM on 11/20/2012
He should at least respect the fact that how he dresses is important for job prospects - and that his choices will create his outcomes.
09:32 AM on 11/20/2012
Oh they don't seem to get that, they think the work place is a place for personal expression and that to curtail that is an infringement on their rights. Phooey
01:48 PM on 11/20/2012
I do respect this, but why the assumption that i need to go out and look for work with somebody else?
06:57 AM on 11/20/2012
They were told they could achieve anything, perhaps their parents forgot to tell them that achieving great things is extremely hard, and requires intense dedication, passion, perseverance, faith & spirit ... that nothing in this world is free or easy, and that it's usually 99% 'perspiration'?
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06:50 AM on 11/20/2012
I think one key aspect to the millennial generation's voter turnout is out political system itself. We have an archaic first past the post system that does not resonate with young voters. Many of our generation feel that our vote just doesn't count, especially when we live in a riding that has always voted the same way for many many years.

Political Parties always seem to ignore the young vote..we see most parties still catering to the baby boomer generation with little to no recognition of the younger generation. It has been very disheartening to see people my age around the lack of political discourse.

Me and my group of friends are the exception..I was very disappointed when I missed turning 18 for the federal election by just a few months, political discussion are a daily occurrence. Lets just say that I am extremely excited to exercise my right to vote in the next election..unfortunately too few people my age are.
Christian Cotroneo
07:26 AM on 11/20/2012
Great comment. Thanks Witty.
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08:26 AM on 11/20/2012
its not just single college age kids who aren't turning out to vote, when I canvassed in the last election it was mostly young parents who said they were unlikely to vote and were not following politics whatsoever, under 30 with 1 or 2 kids under 5. This totally blew me away because sooo much of the last provincial election was about education and none of them had any interest!
Mark D Webster
06:08 AM on 11/20/2012
"A dismal 38.8 per cent of voters aged 18-24 cast a ballot in the last federal election, despite the fact that 74 per cent of millennials polled by HuffPost said regular voting in elections is “very important” to being a good citizen."

The current Federal Government's agenda reflects the lack of importance that this age group places on its own participation. Hate to say it, but as a 50-year-old, left-leaning voter, I have marginal empathy and no sympathy for a generation that fails to exercise its own rights.

I have even less tolerance for the subsequent whining once the federal government formulates its policies around those who did exercise their right to vote. Maybe next time this willowing generation will... well.... grow up.
08:36 AM on 11/20/2012
While I totally agree that we all should vote, I do believe that the government in power has an obligation to govern for EVERYONE.
Mark D Webster
09:21 AM on 11/20/2012
In principal, I completely agree with you.  In practice, governments represent their voting constituents - particularly where a government has run on a platform.
05:54 AM on 11/20/2012
Finally getting around to hire someone to am engineering position. Took a few dozen interviews to find some "kid" who didn't think he should start with a management position and $120,000 per year. Before the flame war starts, this is an entry level job and I am starting him at $55K. Not bad I think. The sense of entitlement of this generation is off the scale.
06:59 AM on 11/20/2012
Reality will be their new master.

She is a much harder life instructor than their parents and teachers, and she weeds out the best.
09:59 AM on 11/20/2012
You sound like the older man on the bus the other day trying to lecture me and my a couple of my colleagues about how we'll get a reality check when we have to work 40 hour weeks, make sacrifices and pay bills. He went on for a good half an hour. I personally can't wait until I can afford to work a meagre 40 hour work week.
09:53 AM on 11/20/2012
I don't know where the heck you are finding these candidates. My university told us flat out a good salary to start with was $28,000-$45,000.