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Marg Wood
05:57 PM on 11/08/2012
Why was this mentally disturbed child in the prison system? Throwing crab apples at a postal worker?? How insane was it to arrest her for that! She needed help not jail, instead of getting her psychiatric evaluation and or counseling they threw her in jail and submitted her to abuse!
What kind of a society are we to allow this to happen! We need to be educated about emotional and mentel problems. They used to lock children away who were retarded or deformed or just not "Normal" and people still make jokes about mentel illness it's not so funny if you know someone like that! Why would you put anyone in jail who has the mentel capasity of an 8 year old???
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Jude Arsenault
smart people have learned how to thrive without ex
07:57 PM on 11/08/2012
you are talking about a society that feeds and clothes etc itself on the torture and murder of animals and is in complete denial of it.the hidden violence is overwhelming.what people are not allowed to do to humans they are allowed to do to animals and they sure do.hello?? we live in a very sick society.
07:32 AM on 11/09/2012
We are not "torturing".we are eating.Life lives on life.Please feel free to argue that this statement isn't true,and you might as well try to convince what ever organisms are currently consuming you to go vegan amd leave you alone.
magnus gigas caput
08:19 PM on 11/08/2012
The mentally ill are on our streets and in our jails and all of it is a crime!

Under the conservative government I am ashamed to be Canadian.
Harper wants jail to be torture ...prison violence and incidents have gone way up.
All he's doing is creating future problems even Harper can't keep them there indefinitely.
This is how resistance is formed. His obvious move is to privatize then Canada becomes part of the slave trade. Private jails abuse, profit breeds cutting corners.

The new Canadian reality is evil walks among us .....mostly in Ottawa these days.
05:50 PM on 11/08/2012
I agree with Mr. Rae. I couldn't watch all of the videos as I found them too disturbing. She was arrested, charged, and sent to detention over I think the theft of a CD and throwing an apple core at someone (possibly a cop). She was reported to be very rebellious towards any type of authority. Nonetheless, she should have been given medical treatment for her psychological issues, not incarceration. This is truly a sad case and one that shows we the Canadian public need to know how our corrections system really works.
05:20 PM on 11/08/2012
One might want to go far enough back to question why this young girl was even in the system?
Above and beyond anything, she was a person and merely a child at that. The treatment in the videos is apalling and a full investigation into her whole history dating back to before she was in custody should happen to better understand how not to let it happen again.
I am all for punishment but punishment should fit the crime, and rehabilitation should be sought where appropriate. Having people in place to best determine this is a start.
Marg Wood
07:10 PM on 11/09/2012
Punishment does not work for people who do not understand why they are being punished!
11:47 AM on 11/15/2012
Kind of my point Marg in saying that rehabilitation should be sought where appropriate, and in this case I can't quite figure out why she was even in custody to begin with. It would have  been much better to rehabilitate her than to lock her up.