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shit happens life goes on
01:40 AM on 11/10/2012
government sponsored censorship, they should take it up with rob anders , he's into bathroom politics and the office of religious freedoms is in the next stall . second door on the left the third one is haprers birthplace
01:11 AM on 11/10/2012
So this is what we're getting for our tax dollars. 1400 Harper hacks monitoring a publication by the Mennonites who are less than 1 percent of Canada's population.

Apparently the Harpercons just discovered that Mennonites, unlike the war mongering Vic Toews are pacifists.
Adolf munk
01:01 AM on 11/10/2012
"It tells me that I need to be very careful on what I say about government policy and how I say it. That restricts me as a journalist and as a religious commentator."

Hardly. You are free to say anthing you like. You can even silict donations to help pay for it. You just can't issue as tax receipts for said donations. You are just like me and all other commentators here.

truth can't be bought, but lies sure can be sold..
12:12 AM on 11/10/2012
Does the Alliance Church have any publications?
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09:50 PM on 11/09/2012
Harper & his neo-cons better put a sock in Pastor Nasty & Father Siddon Mynee & their fetid flocks of religious extremists for supporting right wing so-con politicians and for promoting hatred towards women seeking legal medical procedures.

Including his Conservative MP who saw fit to award Jubilee Medals to criminal crones jailed repeatedly for terrorizing Canadian women.
I love raspberry pie, damn it.
11:40 PM on 11/09/2012
Could you supply links to what you are referring to please?
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12:10 AM on 11/10/2012
Congratulations on waking from your coma.

I'm sure someone can teach you how to Google.
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09:38 PM on 11/09/2012
As long as the Conservative’s waste more tax payers dollars buying favour from specific religions, I guess it leaves the Mennonites left with the balls to speak truth to power.

- $4.2 Million to the Newman Theological College
- $3.2 million to Youth for Christ in Winnipeg
- $192,000 to the world of Truth Christian Center
- $495,600 to Wycliffe Bible Translators
-$357,146 to Chakam School of the Bible Inc.
- $198,951 to National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith International Centre of Canada
- $84,110 to Eastside Church of God
- $2.9 million to Redeemer University College
- $2.614 million to TrinityWestern University
- $1.0 million to Global Kingdom Ministries Community Center, Toronto
09:32 PM on 11/09/2012
time to figure out who you really are
time to read and understand 6.5 in the(Not for profit incorparators hand book) You are now subject to the CORPARATIONS ACT (ontario canada )you have thrown the bible and your God given rights out the window when you become a chartable organization. Ontario and Canada are kind enought to warn you before you incroparate all recieted money is realy the Gov. money not yours
09:27 PM on 11/09/2012
I don't think the Mennonites are ready to "canonize" VicToews, if you'll pardon the expression.
09:10 AM on 11/10/2012
Twice in two days I've faved you.....what is the world coming too

"Dogs and cats sleeping together....mass hysteria!"
11:15 AM on 11/10/2012
"Hakuna Matata" and all that jazz.
09:15 PM on 11/09/2012
Not only do Harper's evangelical church friends have tax free status but he shovels mega tax dollars at them as well.

As long as religious organizations sing the "right" political hymn, they will have no letters from the CRA warning them about partisan politics while bigwig or is that big wig Steve's in power.
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Gotta send me a plastic Jesus
08:37 PM on 11/09/2012
There should be taxes on religious groups anyway.
09:29 PM on 11/09/2012
Can you be more specific?

What kind of taxes, exactly?
10:26 PM on 11/09/2012
To exist, most likely.
Adolf munk
01:03 AM on 11/10/2012
Income tax, property tax, sales tax and corporate tax. Did I miss any?
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08:17 PM on 11/09/2012
If any group is enjoying the benefits of 'feeding @ the government subsidized trough' then they must follow guidelines or forfeit their benefits to enjoy the freedom of speech protected by the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms. Seems reasonable to me.
08:24 PM on 11/09/2012
So is the Fraser Institute getting these letters??? a right wing charity that espouses many political beliefs, not really even charity worthy IMO since it is a 'think tank'

There is a difference between writing about ones beliefs, in this case pacifism, than saying vote for Joe
09:17 PM on 11/09/2012
I may be a Conservative, but I gotta agree with you on this one.
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02:21 AM on 11/10/2012
Sorry I don't get your point.
mr Lyons
views of an meat-eating socialist
07:59 PM on 11/09/2012
the fascists are watching your every move.
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My Canada Includes Everyone
07:43 PM on 11/09/2012
Non of what they said in their articles appear to be very political to me. They were making comments on things that were already in the open.
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06:36 PM on 11/09/2012
If you don't like it, start paying taxes like the rest of us.
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Liz Wilson 2
“a small group can change the world
05:50 AM on 11/10/2012
I am always surprised when someone is such a strong conservative that they cannot see past their own partisanship to the problem with the event under scrutiny. You should hang out with Harleyopenroad - he gets the problem with this and he didn't have to stop being a conservative to admit it.
03:16 PM on 11/10/2012
I vote NDP.