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02:37 PM on 11/09/2012
I think this is kind of funny. Duct tape > Violence. Duct tape is just so versatile! Nice work creative teacher!

At least these girls have the right to go to school. They are lucky. Someone should remind them of this... methinks it won't be the mother...

I hope this doesn't ruin the career of the teacher.
12:13 AM on 11/10/2012
You can't be serious. What if you boss duct taped you to a coworker you didn't get along with? You think that would have a positive effect on you? You think you're boss would get away with that sort of behaviour? So because some kids can't go to school in other countries we should let teachers who are unable to control a room let them duct tape kids together? Let's all race to the bottom.
The picture says it all....
02:33 PM on 11/09/2012
"I said, ‘You're kidding me right? There's no way a teacher would ever do this to a child,’” the mother said.

Funny Corrections Canada does? I think Red Green's ideas have just gone too far.
Simon Wagstaff
Friday the 13th comes on a Wednesday this month
03:17 PM on 11/09/2012
Not far enough, instead of paper towel the teacher should have used a terry cloth towel, no bruising...
01:45 PM on 11/09/2012
It's this mother who has the problem, not the teacher. Teachers used to be allowed to use innovative methods to teach their classes, and now the students run the show and teachers need to be afraid that any kid they discipline will run home to over-protective mommy. Now this girl is going to miss school, miss out on learning so much, unless this teacher is fired, ruining his career? Over what? And the parents of the other don't seem to care, so is it the teacher or this hyper-sensitive mother?
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02:26 PM on 11/09/2012
I have to agree that over protective parents don't help but taping kids together is not a really smart idea. Putting them into a situation of working and learning together might but forcing and binding them together? No I'm sorry but I would view that as just something to breed more dislike. You aren't allowed to tape employees together either.
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08:37 PM on 11/09/2012
Your kids are probably little spoiled hellions or else you don't have kids.
12:14 AM on 11/10/2012
Exactly what innovative method is duct tapping people together? If it's so effective perhaps we need to put it into the curriculum, or start using this method in the workplace.
01:30 PM on 11/09/2012
No-one was hurt and a valid lesson was taught. Duct tape the mother's face to a mirror so she can see who's really responsible for her daughter's behavior.
12:15 AM on 11/10/2012
What lesson was taught exactly? And when you have kids they will behave perfectly? If you have human children, I dare say they won't. The person who needs to learn a lesson is the teacher who clearly can't control his classroom.
01:27 PM on 11/09/2012
I'd like to be a fly on the wall at that high school reunion in 25 years. I do NOT approve of this method of discipline at all, but I am willing to be those two girls will laugh about it in a quarter century, and probably show up duct-taped together.
Wendy Stewart
01:22 PM on 11/09/2012
It didn't hurt these girls and maybe they will get along better.
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01:15 PM on 11/09/2012
This is one of those stories where you just shake your head and roll your eyeballs.
shimmer me timbers
Whadda ya mean, I can't post that!?
01:03 PM on 11/09/2012
Gads. So not ALL the crazy insane teachers are here in the States. Just 99.5% of em. To my Canadian friends, sorry one our crazy insane teachers slipped across your border.
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12:51 PM on 11/09/2012
There are teachers out there, I'm sure, who are irresponsible and have no right teaching children. This doesn't seem to be one of them.
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12:33 PM on 11/09/2012
How silly. You can't force two people to get along. If they don't get along, seat them apart. Simple.
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optimistically skeptical
11:43 AM on 11/09/2012
Interesting approach, I like it. Duct tape therapy!
11:34 AM on 11/09/2012
I like the solution.
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