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These are questions for wise men with skinny arms
10:09 AM on 11/13/2012
However it is spun, or tweaked, or legitimized, slavery is slavery.
09:22 AM on 11/13/2012
While I do agree that if a foreign worker gets hurt working in Canada they should be provided the same support system as any other worker in Canada, I cannot agree that just because they have signed a contract and come to work in our country they should automatically be granted the privilege of staying in Canada. Perhaps they could be put on a fast track through the process of applying for residency, but they need to follow the process just like any other person.

Having said that, let's get to the root of the problem and ask why we need to have migrant worker programs in the first place. There are lots of able bodied Canadians who can work at these jobs yet it is very difficult for our employers, especially in the agriculture and horticulture sectors, to find people willing to put in a hard day's work. It is too easy for many of these people to live off of social assistance for the same or more money.

Everybody says that we need more jobs in Canada. There are lots of jobs here, only if you're willing to get your hands dirty and put in an honest day's work.
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Safe from zombies until my 2nd cup of coffee
09:14 AM on 11/13/2012
You know, it's not like we don't have the space in this country. The people who whine about "foreigners taking our jobs" don't realize that having more people, more workers with good pay, creates jobs too. They need homes, they need food, they need services.

Sometimes, like my brother's neighbour who has a growing construction company, they provide jobs and training for young native-born Canadians. (BTW, the guy's company is doing so well because he got a rep within 2 years for old-fashioned high standards.)
09:00 AM on 11/13/2012
There have been numerous stories over the years about convicted criminals being deported and coming *back* to Canada. So there is obviously something wrong. I think biometric tracking of people coming and going would be a good start.
08:57 AM on 11/13/2012
The migrant worker program (particularly in agriculture) is often an abusive system . Latin American and Asian migrant workers are the primary targets of this abuse.
08:47 AM on 11/13/2012
Well the way I see it, it is called free-will. If migrant workers choose to come here and work temporarily that is their choice. If they can't work due to injury, after immediate treatment they should be sent home. Sorry, Canada owes you nothing. As for me, as a tax-payer I want an aggressive Canada Border Services Agency to deport those who fail to abide by the conditions and rules we make. Don't like it? Don't come here. It is your choice. The bleeding hearts aren't making this country a better place.
Syed Hussan
05:56 PM on 11/13/2012
Migrant workers pay employment insurance, income tax, hst, cpp, child tax benefits and more. Yet most of them don't get any of these benefits. There are about 300,000 temporary workers in Canada, and another 500,000 or so undocumented workers - they are paying taxes - but not getting services. If somehow, those people were all deported, the social services most Canadians enjoy - subsidized healthcare, electricity, roads, schools, etc, etc, - may just collapse. Think about that.
12:46 PM on 11/14/2012
What's an "undocumented worker" and why would they be paying taxes?
06:46 PM on 11/13/2012
It's also called hunger, desperation, and ambition, just some things that motivate humans, if we accept that foreign workers are indeed human.
08:44 AM on 11/13/2012
"I worked every day for eight months."


This guy works for 8 months, probably sends most of the money he makes home, and he EXPECTS to be treated the same as citizens who have been working and paying not just sales tax, but income tax, for their entire working lives?

Sorry - but I just can't feel sorry for this guy.
We should be getting rid of even more immigrants than we do now, before we end up like Greece, or any of the other countries who have uncontrolled immigration from countries where people seem to not be able to understand that there are ways to control your birth rate.
Funny how they can figure out how to get to other countries to work at jobs, but they can't figure out how to use a condom or birth control pills, or even that some forms of sex don't result in a baby, but can be just as gratifying as the baby making way.
06:58 PM on 11/13/2012
@Terry Blank man: Historically, countries have been using "new" territories to dump excess population. That those territories belonged to others DID NOT MATTER.
Now, many countries are doing the same -- exporting surplus labour and demands for service.
Those countries actually encourage their citizens to go "overseas" and work and remit $$$$.
Their governments count the remittances and factor them in their budgets, along with foreign aid monies -- like international welfare.
Many countries actually negotiate with labour short countries to take their temp. workers.
Some, though, spend the remittances back in the employing countries for education, paying all of it back in fees and living expenses, to OZ, NZ,UK, USA,etc.
Some do NOT have family planning -- by church edict, and keep producing more man power than they can use. So human export, the old story!