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I’m an atheist and I thank God for it.
05:18 PM on 11/13/2012
$900 million for Harper's EU legacy on account of big Pharma.
Compared with his "legacy" costs for the military (F35s), statesmanship (G8), business acumen (long term climate change costs), I can understand why the Conservatives would consider this a $900 million a bargain.
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05:16 PM on 11/13/2012
75% of the drugs Canadian's take they don't require anyway. If Canadian's would educate themselves & stop letting Doctor's act as drug pushers the EU trade deal will cost us nothing.
05:11 PM on 11/13/2012
The Council for Canadians also voices the following concerns "The EU trade deal could:

* Unfairly restrict how local governments spend money and ban “buy local” policiesCETA Myth-Busting Guide
* Add up to $3 billion to the price of drugs
* Increase Canada’s trade deficit with Europe, leading to significant job losses
* Empower European corporations to attack environmental and health measures
* Undermine protections for health care and culture in past trade deals
* Create pressure to increase privatization of local water systems, transit and energy
* Strip farmers of their rights to save seed "

Again no interest in public impute .
05:13 PM on 11/13/2012
Liz Wilson 2
“a small group can change the world
05:45 PM on 11/13/2012
Impute actually works too in an obscure sort of way :o)
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Add In Canadia
Egotism is a weakness
05:00 PM on 11/13/2012
Big pharma looms on the horizon, cause when you have something that improves the quality of life for the sick you clearly need to suck as much money from them as possible before they die.
The picture says it all....
09:20 PM on 11/13/2012
True but the end user won't be able to afford it.