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01:24 PM on 11/21/2012
Decriminalization? Wouldn't that leave the drug business intact and defeat the whole purpose of the effort? Legalize it, sell it in liquor stores and the Parliamentary cafeteria, and tax the heck out of it.
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06:25 PM on 11/21/2012
Tax it, but reasonably please. If it is overtaxed it will only encourage the criminal element anyway. That's what has happened with tobacco. Cigs now cost between $6 & $10 a pack on average. You can get 'em on the black market for $3 to $4 a pack. As long as an incentive like that is there, someone will fill it.
01:23 PM on 11/21/2012
surely someone has run the numbers on it, and for some influential people and groups involved in fighting the 'war' on drugs, prohibition is more profitable than legalization/regulation/taxation.

continuing the 'war' on drugs allows for more revenue for the private sector, where regulation/taxation means more revenue for government, which as we all know goes against the current 'conservative' mantra.

no way we will see it legalized /decriminalized.
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Harry Nuggets
Son of Mick Nuggets
01:19 PM on 11/21/2012
....Uh, what was I going to say.....Oh Yeah! Awesome.
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01:27 PM on 11/21/2012
Yeah man, people who are against this are missing the point...oh crud...I'm supposed to be at work...
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Harry Nuggets
Son of Mick Nuggets
01:33 PM on 11/21/2012
Take the day off dude, go get yourself a tub of Ben and Jerry's and things will be otay.
01:18 PM on 11/21/2012
the people who stand to lose revenue if marijuana were decriminalized/legalized are drug dealers, private defence and weapons contractors who supply goods to fight the 'war' on drugs, the private prison contractors, and with them the politicians they give kick backs to for passing legislation to benefit them all. collusion between ALL these groups is what is going to prevent marijuana legalization. sorry folks, but legalization is but a pipe dream. pun intended.
01:33 PM on 11/21/2012
I think you may have been right in the not so distant past...but a couple of U.S. states have already done it and anyone with any sense knows the so-called War on Drugs has been a dismal & expensive failure.
01:42 PM on 11/21/2012
state laws do not trump fed laws in the US.  citizens in the states can vote it legal till they're blue in the face, doesn't mean it will become law, as it hasn't yet in colo. and wash st.  the governor of colorado has already said he will veto any such passage of law.  i would love to see it legalized for obvious socio-economic reasons, but it simply ain't gonna happen. 
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01:05 PM on 11/21/2012
It is time for the Liberals to make the decriminalization or legalization of pot a major election plank in the same way that the reformacons used the gun registry to get votes. This would cause many Conservative voters to either not vote or not vote con. The threat to the con's voter base is so great that they would likely change their policy on pot, or risk losing losing seats in Alberta.
02:03 PM on 11/21/2012
I agree. Typically I don't vote for the Liberals in federal (or BC) elections, but if they got behind this issue to the extent that we could be convinced they actually intend to make good on election promises - I would vote for them.
12:50 PM on 11/21/2012
Ain't never gonna happen as long as the bible thumpers are running Ottawa.
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12:49 PM on 11/21/2012
Seems like a lot of potential revenue streams and you can still apply law in the same way we do with alcohol.
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12:46 PM on 11/21/2012
People that think Cannabis should be illegal are totally misinformed, and have been subject to a lifetime of Propaganda. If you are one of those people. Its time to start asking yourself some serious questions.
01:13 PM on 11/21/2012
Like . . . .
12:45 PM on 11/21/2012
The only "health issue" with pot is that it isn't being further researched and utilized for its many health benefits. Such as:
- The slowing of tumor growth in cancer patients
- Antisoasmodic qualities, effective for treatment of seizures
- Migraine relief
- Highly effective Glaucoma treatment
- Multiple Sclerosis, MJ works to stop neurological effects and muscle spasms
- Slows tics for Tourette's and those with OCD
- ADD & ADHD, MJ is an effective alternative to Ritalin, minus the side effects
- Help with symptoms of Crohn's disease
- THC found in MJ works to prevent Alzheimer's by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the disease
- Prementrual Syndrom relief
+ Many potential benefits that are still being researched despite legality issues, treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in war veterens, for one.

Why deny anybody this benign herb when they say that it helps them is the real health issue here.
01:09 PM on 11/21/2012
There have been some studies that show teenagers who smoke pot on a regular basis do have lower iq's. Also frequent users have memory loss.
But seriously.... the pros WAY out way the cons.
Besides, if you juice the marijuana, you get all the cannabinoids in the plant which is 50x healthier for you than smoking it. Heating it up causes the psychoactive effects of 'getting high'. Therefore, if you don't heat it, it's healthy and you don't get high, but if you smoke it, it kills pain.
Cancer cure? marijuana.
juice kills cancer, smoke kills pain.
What more could one ask for??
01:26 PM on 11/21/2012
i can see that you guys are professional scientists eh? what a bunch of doohicky.

first of all the chemical in cannabis which stop the spread of cancer exist in a very very small portion. too small to really have an effect if only smoked. they're starting to extract it in labs so they can get pure forms of it.

weed helps ADD/ADHD? that's just plain bullshit everyone knows that people with ADD have a low attention span. have you ever smoked weed? havn't you noticed that you have less of an attention span when your high? yes. weed will make add/adhd worse.

your other symptoms are legit for as much as i know.

damn now i wish i had some tetrahydrocannibinol to stick into my receptors all over my nervious system. =(
02:31 PM on 11/21/2012
Legalization will help restrict access to teenagers through government regulation, and keep those same teens who smoke on a regular basis in school instead. I'm aware of this study from New Zealand, the results are interesting yet the findings are extremely preliminary and not definitive. Short-term memory loss does occur, mind you this is while under the influence.
In terms of ingesting THC orally, the effects are much the same as smoking, just intensified over a longer period of time. The only way I am aware of activating the THC without heat is to bind it with alcohol. Otherwise, THC is fat soluble and should be combined and heated with butter, lard, oil etc. in order to release the THC and bind it to the lipid molecules.
The psychoactive vs. pain relief effects are really dependent on the strain. Sativa strains tend to be more of a mental, cerebral high whereas Indica dominant strains produce more body numbing relaxing highs.
Hope that clarifies things a bit.
12:39 PM on 11/21/2012
If we really were concerned about health issues and productivity , alcohol would be illegal. I think there would be a period of trouble in the short term but through education things would settle down much like the alcohol issues. Not go away , just level out.
12:37 PM on 11/21/2012
Legalizing it would be amazing!

Clinics would test the quality and base the price that their results.
People can be educated on which strain is more beneficial to them!

Let's vote in a representative that would take the interest of Canadians to heart and do this.
Mad Hatter 1
12:28 PM on 11/21/2012
The optimum word is... "MOST"... Canadians.

Time to listen to the voice of the people, and not the select few, who wish to keep their self imposed control over the populous intact.
predominantly exasperated
12:27 PM on 11/21/2012
I've never smoked pot, or cigarettes for that matter. I don't see the point. However, I am in favour of legalizing marijuana. We legalized alcohol, which is apparently far worse. We legalized tobacco, which causes cancer. Marijuana apparently has medical benefits, so why not legalize it and sell it in the liquor stores with taxes. Revenue into the coffers, kids don't get busted, grow-ops eliminated, policing directed to actual crime...seems like an excellent idea.
01:10 PM on 11/21/2012
Completely agree. Stuff gives me a splitting headache just smelling the smoke from it, therefore never tried smoking it, and never will. But it should definitely be legalized.
02:15 PM on 11/21/2012
If smoking it gives you a headache might i suggest cooking with it. There are lots of recipes for cooking with marijuana that go beyond the brownie.
Film producer, activist
12:20 PM on 11/21/2012
Until the organ grinder, Washington, tells the monkey, Stephen Harper, what to do the status of marijuana and other drugs in Canada will remain as it is now or be made more restrictive.

The other deciding factor for most Harper and Conservative policy is what its donors want. Conservative policy is largely based on what pulls well in direct marketing fundraising appeals, little more. If the Conservative's donors are opposed to the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and other drugs they will remain illegal and people will be cruelly jailed--all to raise money.

Truly, understanding Harper's and the Conservative's policies is all about understanding what raises the most political donations from there many thousands of donors.