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11:58 AM on 11/21/2012
The war on drugs is a colossal waste of money and lives. We fill our prisons, we destroy lives, we keep the violence going on in Latin America, all for what?

Legalize, tax it, sell it in government stores even. It's no worse than alcohol, and actually less harmful. There's no reason to make possessing it a crime.
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12:11 PM on 11/21/2012
The war on people who do drugs other then the drugs you chug is only a waste of money for all those who don't profit from the war. Unfortunately the politicians/lawyers who make the laws and the police who enforce them are addicted to the power and money prohibition affords them.
Mad Hatter 1
12:28 PM on 11/21/2012
75% of all police activity in Canada is pot related.
Lou on Vancouver Island
Allin, Lou: Mystery Author
07:30 PM on 11/21/2012
Prisons or pot. That's some choice. Put the tax revenue towards better schools.
11:57 AM on 11/21/2012
Legalize cannabis:

1) Allow adults over the established drinking age to possess/consume an ounce on their person without sanction

2) Allow adults to grow their own for personal use or gifting to friends and family without sanction

3) Anybody who wants to commercially produce or market cannabis must apply for a license to do so and is subject to regular inspection, just like alcohol

4) Any commercial cannabis producer or distributor/shop caught selling to minors is subject to heavy fines, and repeat offenders lose their license to operate

5) Any commercial producer, distributor or shop must pay taxes, failure to do so jeopardizes their license and exposes them to audit and collection by CRA, same as any other business

6) Reinvest tax revenue into health care - particularly targeted addictions and harm-reduction strategies as well as outreach to at risk youth educating them about making adult choices with regards to cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

Stop making criminals out of fellow Canadians on the basis of moral proselytizing and strike a major economic blow to the violent drug cartels that infest our city.

The time has come to try a different approach. No prohibitionist can say with a straight-face that the "war on drugs" has realized a single objective benefit to our society. It has been an extremely costly failure through and through.
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11:55 AM on 11/21/2012
In what bizarre universe would the control and regulation of cannabis increase health issues and cause a productivity decline? The lies and garbage spewed by those who profit from cannabis prohibition;police,criminal lawyers,and politicians are reaching new levels of desperation.

To all of you who profit from the cash cow that is cannabis prohibition.

The Times They Are a-Changin'
11:39 AM on 11/21/2012
(Legalise it) The biggest benefit would be to allow Canadians usually students who had the audacity to get caught with over an ounce of Pot, would not have a criminal record that would stop them from being able to work at any bondable job for 10 years. How stupid I mean really can the RefoormCons be take healthy Canadians, educated and deliberately create an environment which basically forces them into a life of crime. Legalise it make money off of it and control it, to simple, to easy, and unfortunately for this government to intelligent to do.