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Offending InFoxtrination Sufferers With Facts.
10:33 PM on 11/22/2012
I'd say draconian or Machiavellian....

"Evil" is a little strong.
That title gets reserved for sociopaths like Cheney and Rumsfeld and ideologues like Bush.
People that cost countless others their lives and freedom...
......of course...that said...
Harpoon HAS continued to sell raw asbestos to impoverished people in Africa, surely condemning them to death.....
Marg Wood
06:38 PM on 11/24/2012
Romney owned a cigarette factory and sold cigarettes to Russia. Add him to the list.
Harper refused health care to a refugee claimant with cancer, who was not yet accepted for refugee status.
Offending InFoxtrination Sufferers With Facts.
10:40 PM on 11/24/2012
Myth Rmoney is about as soulless as Chancellor Cheney in my estimation.
09:32 PM on 11/22/2012
The hypocrisy here is astounding. Hits from the right? Does he not realize Canada's political history is mostly dominated by liberals -does he even know why the Canadian flag is RED? Guess who was in power when the flag was organized (the liberals). He supports people's rights only as long as they subscribe to his own doctrine? Shameful. Absolutely shameful, discriminatory, and blatantly hypocritical. He also keeps referring to this as 'war' or a 'fight' or uses violent imagery to promote a supposedly peaceful and compassionate cause.
And saying "he's an evil person, a bad person" -talk about stereotyping? This guy is preaching about fairness where he's so obviously making judgements and assumptions about the entirety of a person based off one faucet of their life/beliefs. Good job.
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11:43 PM on 11/22/2012
define liberal. no really. I'd like to know.
09:01 AM on 11/23/2012
At your age you don't know what 'liberal' means. .... You have been living in Denial Alberia too long.
01:07 PM on 11/23/2012
Liberal party? I thought it was fairly obvious
08:23 AM on 11/23/2012
which faucet --the hot or the cold?
01:08 PM on 11/23/2012
You're hilarious.