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Dum Spiro Spero - While I breath, I hope.
02:40 AM on 11/26/2012
I did enjoy Jepson and Lightfoot, Bieber... I listened to the first part of the song and he reminded me why I'm not a fan. May be fine for a NBA game or something, but football? I know they wanted to show the best of Canadian music past and present, so cudos on a nice try. I would have expected better from CFL fans than to boo him.
02:38 AM on 11/26/2012
Should have had rush , nelly furtado, etc..better than these guppies that can't sing..they use electronics to mask their inability to sing.
02:36 AM on 11/26/2012
Worse halftime I've seen..Gordon has lost it, but the other three were terrible with the beaver being the worst... Terrible and embarrassing.
02:09 AM on 11/26/2012
What do the three last acts have to do with 100 year old. Can anyone spell garbage
My Micro-Bio is empty? O noes!
08:24 AM on 11/26/2012
Apparently they were unavailable...
Ron Young1968
01:55 AM on 11/26/2012
I wanna meet the person who decided Justin Bieber should play half time at a football game.
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Mad Hatter 1
01:06 AM on 11/26/2012
Bad... put on Led Zeppelin new concert video from 2007... now that's a half time show.
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12:37 AM on 11/26/2012
Bad acts for the crowd. Get the Hip, get nickleback even. People want something that rocks, it's football. Like the NFL with Madonna and JT. Ridiculous. I thought they all performed well, but were put in a bad position. Cheerleaders liked it, and I like that.
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12:16 AM on 11/26/2012
I just switched the channel to watch NFL highlights, then back to the game when I was sure this fiasco was over.
11:52 PM on 11/25/2012
It seems Justin Bieber was the only adult, here. An 18-year old who remained gracious amid the abominable behaviour of a stadium full of purported grown-ups.

I'm not a Justin Bieber listener, myself, but I would have welcomed the lad, a fellow Canadian, with appropriate courtesy. What's he done to merit such animosity?

Lots of jealous folks out there, I guess.
Justified Ancient of Mu
12:02 AM on 11/26/2012
No they just don't like the obnoxious little punk.
01:28 AM on 11/26/2012
How is he any more obnoxious than any other pop singer out there today?  If anything, he makes an effort to be polite, this appearance a good example. There was no reason for this, other than jealousy, that I can see.
Je ne regrette rien, rien de rien
11:50 PM on 11/25/2012
If I had to produce a halftime show I would be an 18+ thing
11:32 PM on 11/25/2012
So, here I am a 61 yr old retiree watching the game. Obviously not really a fan of Justin Biebers music, but thought it was good of him to be taking part. I wonder what type of conversation went on amongst his management re this booking. He could have obviously made a lot more money if he were playing a regular gig on this night. Good on ya Justin, but lose the glove OK? Jepson was good enough and enjoyed Mariana Trench as well. Lightfoot was iconic as ever.
Forgot to mention I'm a Hamilton boy, so the real problem is Toronto's tight assedness. (Should be a real word if it isn't already)
Douglas Sinclair
01:01 AM on 11/26/2012
Good one!
11:32 PM on 11/25/2012
I don't think too many pre-teen girls are football fans, obviously Bieiber was the wrong choice for this demographic.
Runner, nurse, chess player
11:32 PM on 11/25/2012
I never did figure out in the article why Bieber was booed. I mean, I am no fan of his either and I grew up loving Gordon Lightfood. However, I don't know anything he did that diserves being booed. Has he done anything awful lately that I do not know about? He is also very talented in his genre. I am just not real fond of his genre.
Huggs Becky
11:30 PM on 11/25/2012
Although it was not a good choice for the half time show, booing is pretty ignorant and shows a real lack of respect - kind of of like the lack of respect the Biebs showed when wearing overalls and looking like a yee haw to receive his Jubilee Medal from the Prime Minister. Overall, an average show and I was really underwhelmed but her performance. Really not sure what all the fuss is about! But then again, I am not a 14 -year-old hormonal girl!